Dec 18

How many have heard the expression, ‘lonely at the top? Seems that there are not many people who truly wish to see someone succeed; not that they are bad people; just jealous of the success of others.

Spiritual Masters have been stoned to death; dishonored, and even crucified if not physically, emotionally; for they tell the truth, and the truth is often painful to hear. It is even worse to feel, as they are somewhat feeling ‘forced’ to view their own life, just by that Master’s presence.

So many feel ‘not good enough,’ and sadly seeing someone prosper, or seeming to have answers, enrages the people who do not.

Those whom are not ‘awake’ spiritually will shun, dismiss, even attack that one who is peaceful, serene and calm. They cannot stand to watch someone seeming to ‘have it all,’ (and not even in the material sense) but if only to have a stillness and serenity seems too much for these people to handle.

So a Master will stand alone. Alone and serene in the peace that they are choosing to BE, regardless of persecution, calamity, indifference, and attack.

They come with a message, which is ‘what I can do, so can you…and you will do even greater things than this…’

We can only hope that those still spiritually ‘asleep’ will hear that message, and will awaken, but only ‘when they are ready.’

And then sadly, once that Master is gone, whether by being crucified or shunned, the one’s who did this to that Master will glorify and honor the Peaceful one, for such is the way it has been here on this Earth in the past.

This is a message to those whom are not comfortable with a Master’s teaching…be aware of this truth: ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears.’ Therefore, when a “Master’ shows up in your life/reality, let this be a signal that you are ready to BE that peace also; that state of perfection, for as the Master appears in such a serene and peaceful state of bliss, let it serve you to know that this state of consciousness is also coming attractions, so to speak, for YOU….for you also to be a Master that you really are.  The Christ Consciousness is that with which we are speaking when referring to Mastery.  There have also been others: Buddha, Allah, etc.

Embrace the love that is offered; the assistance…..for what you resist, will persist, but what you look at, disappears.

If you choose to look at the Masters and their teachings, you will see that this peace is yours is all just a matter of awareness and allowance.

If you resist, your uncomfortable feelings will persist. Surrender to God, which is your Highest Self, and the way will be shown.

Did they not call the Master Jesus Christ, the Way-Shower?

Many blessings for a most joyful and Merry Christmas, and a Happy and Allowing New Year, for all good to be yours for you and those you Love comes from awareness and allowing!

Jul 29


Our world is made up of Energy; frequencies vibrating at different speeds, each creating different outcomes based on our emotions, which match up to them as we think and feel.

Childhood trauma, abuse, neglect; all negative emotions arise from these states and situations. Anger, fear, grief, depression, anxiety; just a few negative emotions that can sit within our psyche for years..or our entire life, as a result of how we have been treated.

Many do not know what to do with these feelings; these negative life situations and emotions that produce feelings of not feeling good enough, worthlessness, repression, anxiety; we do our best to push them into a dormant state, until ‘provoked’ by someone’s words, actions, or innocent requests. And when this happens, sadly many will go into a state of repression, denial, and regression; they may act out, appearing immature, regressing back to the state of a 5 year old, even acting out with facial gestures that represent infancy in the form of exaggerated tears, frustration, rolling eyes, pouting, etc. Violence, physical and/or emotional abuse, can occur depending on what type of negative treatment they have experienced.

Many then become attracted to ways of ‘dealing with the pain.’ Alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, excessive, eating, etc., all are forms of a type of ‘self-medicating.

Alcohol and drugs, to name a few, vibrate at a very low frequency; when ingested, they lower our natural vibrational state of being, and we start to ‘match’ that frequency with our own childhood and past traumas; reason being, any abuse or negativity vibrates at a low frequency.

To make an example, suppose that physically being hit vibrates at a 3. Alcohol and drugs vibrating at that same #3 will ‘match’ that situation. The person then will no longer feel the pain of the past negative experience, but ‘becomes it.’ They will hit someone, abusing their spouse, child, or another who has ‘pushed that button.’ But they are only displaying those same characteristics as what was done to them, because using alcohol in this case, caused their vibrational frequency to lower, matches the memory of trauma in their psyche, and thus they display that behavior without having to feel the pain for that moment.

Hence, the sins of the father are brought to the Son, so to speak.

When one has trauma, and seeks out relief through alcohol, drugs, etc., their vibration is lowered, they match the trauma, and usually will act it out, until they are sober again, and of course, completely sorry and remorseful….until they use again, and continue the abusive/remorseful pattern, all over again.

Relationships die, families fall apart, and sadly so does that person’s health, both mentally and physically. When all it would take is a decision to seek to assist oneself to clear and heal, rather than to ‘mask’ that trauma.

When one has trauma, but seeks assistance to heal it, this will no longer happen.  

We all have our choices as to what we wish to be in RELATION to anything and everyone…that is why it is called a ‘relationship.’

Almost everyone has had some trauma; very few of us have not. However, what we decide to BE about it, is up to us.

Take a look at your life…decide what you wish to Be, and watch the results of your choices.

Either way, after everyone falls away, or runs away, you still are the one left to live the results of your choices, in your life.

One way is to seek outside help through a counselor or life coach that understands how emotions affect our need to self-medicate, and how we can be healed and free; healthy and strong

Many places can be sought out;  if you need help urgently, please call 9ll. If you are seeking outside help, or know someone who is, I highly recommend this one:

It is a SKYPE life coaching site that you can access from the comfort and security of your own home, from anywhere in the world.  Trained wellness coaches address all life situations.

Always know that there IS a way to heal.

Many Blessings,

Jul 10


Watching a video by Neale Donald Walsch, one of my most favorite Spiritual Authors, was so helpful and such an awakening for myself, that I had to share this information!

Mr. Walsch’s video portrayed 5 laws of the Universe that together, bring about manifesting. We all create our reality whether we realize this or not. He pointed out that many have heard of the ‘Law of Attraction,’ and that it has become so commonplace in our society, that too many have gotten the wrong information, or not the complete understanding; simply put, that the law of attraction is ONE part of manifesting, and not the ‘all in all’ to creating our reality. We must understand the other 4 in order to use the Law of Attraction for what it was intended to be used for….to manifest our reality into a wonderful life experience!

The 5 laws of Manifestation are listed as follows:

1. Law of Attraction – This law states that what we feel and think creates our reality; that we always get what we focus on, and there is nothing else but attraction, meaning that we attract everything we want and everything we do not want ,with our feelings and thoughts. Focusing on what we want is the most important part of this in order for our desires to materialize into our reality. Remember we get everything we focus on, good and bad, so it is stressed to do all you can to focus only on what you want, not what you don’t want.

2. Law of Opposites – This law states that in our ‘reality’ we must have the opposite of anything for the other to exist. As Neale states, ‘in the absence of what you are not, what you are cannot exist.’ An example would be, we must know cold to know hot; up to know down, here to know there, etc. Without an opposite, the other cannot exist in our relative world, as they relate to the other.

Therefore, when we desire something, many times the opposite of what we desire will show up first. In fact, this is where most become disappointed and give up their dreams, because when the opposite of what they want shows up, they often become discouraged, thinking they will not get what they desire, or do not deserve it, and sadly give up their grandest goals and desires.

It is so important to know this law because to understand it will allow one to accept when the opposite comes, and view it as a sign that what they wish for is on it’s way…because the opposite showed up first!

3. Law of Wisdom – This law allows us to make a good decision, and to discern that the law of opposites is working for us, and not against us. With this wisdom of the law of attraction and the law of opposites, we accept and allow our dreams to come to us, by staying focused on what we wish to have, despite what may temporarily show up as the opposite. Understanding this law helps us to keep on track, focusing only on what we still want, and not what we do not.

4. Joy/Wonder – The law of using joy and wonder helps us to stay on track with our desire, for it keeps us feeling good, and as the Law of attraction states, you get what you are focusing on. Therefore, by staying joyful, full of wonder, and feeling gratitude, etc., we are on the path of receiving what we desire, because our desires are something that makes us happy and joyful, and we must be on that same frequency, feeling joyful, to receive our desires!

5. Cycles – By understanding this law, we understand that everything goes around and comes around…a complete cycle/circle. This means that our truest desire and intentions will happen; we just must be patient, as everything eventually comes full circle back to us. Therefore, our truest and highest intention/desires WILL manifest; we must understand that it will come back to us as a life experience. This helps us realize eternity, and therefore, develop patience.

With many disappointed in the law of attraction, the information of realizing that these laws all work together to manifest our desires, and by using them and through the law of attraction, will help everyone to use the Law of Attraction as it was truly intended…to create the most highest, greatest, and grandest vision and version of yourself…and your life experience!

Many Blessings!

Jun 10


We live on a planet that no matter what color, creed, or culture, EVERYONE vents in some way, in some language, and to someone…we even do this to ourselves!

No matter who you are, what social status, what culture, or ethnicity, everyone speaks what they feel, and many times, in a negative way.

Another commonality is that anyone that IS speaking negatively does not realize that, as one “saith, so shall it is.”

Jesus The Christ told us as such, for we are THAT powerful! But not only do most not realize it, sadly far more do not believe it; even when we tell them not to think or say negative things (for it will come to you), most tend to push that truth away, continuing their negative talk, and then wonder why things are not getting better.

Why is it that they do not believe? Most likely because they do not see their thoughts, feelings, and words manifest immediately; for there is a ‘time delay’ on this planet, and therefore we do not experience the results of what we say, feel, and think right away.  We have not been taught to understand the laws of the Universe.  We also do not experience immediately what we visualize, whether a negative image or a positive one; therefore we are trained not to really give it much thought at all.

This is done in error and ignorance. We are all God, meaning that we are all Divine Spirits, manifested from one Source called Love/God/All that IS. When Jesus told us what you saith, so shall it is, he meant that quite literally;  that what you give a thought to (focusing on through your words, as well as your thoughts and feelings) will with time, manifest (be made real in your reality).

The truth is in the following statement: positive thoughts, emotions, and words, are much stronger than negative ones (thankfully). This was stated by Michael Beckwith in the movie, ‘The Secret,’ by Rhonda Bryne).

While we can have some positive thoughts, many immediately start focusing mainly on the negative aspects of a situation, and the one that is focused on most will eventually dominate and become our experience.

We often create a negative outcome by default, meaning it is not our intention. The problem is that we have a challenging time believing that ‘as you saith, so shall it is,”  so we say and allow our thoughts and feelings to go unchecked; in other words, we say and do whatever we feel, not realizing that we are bringing that outcome to us through our feelings, visualizations, thoughts, and words.

We also tend to think that if we complain or stress enough to ourselves or to others how miserable we are, then it will get better. We think that somehow our complaining will get the universe (or someone) to take care of it. But the truth is this: we are not babies, crying to be feed or changed. We are that Universe, and basically, what we ‘saith,’ so shall it is!

But WHY is this so?

It is because we ARE that Universe; just a smaller version. Whether we say what we don’t have or what we do, we have an effect on the molecules, protons, and electrons not ONLY in our bodies, but also in the space all around us, i.e., the universe, itself.  These aspects of the universe move towards each other to create,  and that will and does bring whatever we are focusing on, to us.

As Abraham-Hicks has written in many books, ‘tell it like you wish it to be, not like it is…’

Do you wish for more abundance? Then state, “I am financially successful and abundant now.”
Do you wish to continue your good health? Then state, “I am enjoying continuous good health now.” Are you ill and wish to be well? Then state, “I am well and in good health now.”

Saying “I want,” keeps you in a state of wanting., as in someone ‘wanting’ in good manners. It means they lack good manners.

Saying “I want to lose weight,” keeps you in the experience of wanting to lose weight (lacking to lose weight); keeping weight on so you have weight to lose.

Saying “I am not happy,” keeps you having experiences that make you NOT happy.

And saying “I want money,” will push out that ‘frequency’ to the universe, connecting to other forms of molecules, protons, electrons, etc.,  that bring the experience of a lack of money, so you continue to keep ‘wanting (lacking) money.’

It is as simple as that…..and that is the simple truth.

So tell it like you wish it to be, not like it is…and the Universe WILL bring to you what you say/feel/think; you are that Universe, and you are always creating your experience with your words, thoughts, and feelings.

The blessings in realizing this is that the current situation will disappear, replaced by what you focus on and desire.

How do I know this? Because I did it, and gratefully continue to; for, as you saith, so shall it is….
And what I can do, so can you…for we are all ONE!

Many Blessings!

May 30



This is a reality that is created by feelings….something we were never taught. I remember being told I was ‘too sensitive.’ The message was that I was feeling “too much.” How many children’s feelings are pushed aside and discounted, instead of encouraged to feel, and to take care of those feelings through positive support, influence, and problem solving skills?

Many parents are not taught those skills when THEY were children, and as the saying goes, “the sins of the father are passed unto the son.”

Money is an issue that is so easy to remedy, when one understands that it is feelings that create either a lack or an abundance of it.

We see a person whom we feel is not very loving or caring; unkind and/or selfish to others, and yet prospers with so much money…and does no good with it. We witness others whom are good people; kind and generous with whatever they have, and go through life struggling with their finances, feeling broken-hearted that they cannot do more to help others in need.

It seems so unfair, so many then question God, asking how can there be a just God when this happens so often? And the truth is that God has nothing to do with it.

We are given free will, meaning that we have the same creation power as God, because WE ARE GOD, expressed in physical form. We ALL are God, for that is what our Soul IS. And the truth is that we get what we wish for, and we get what we do not. Why? Because we get what we FEEL, and the universe has no preference as to if it’s negative or positive…it will just keep giving us what we FEEL about a situation, because WE ARE THAT universe, in physical form. We have the same creative power, and we can create ANYTHING, and do…it just depends what we are choosing to focus on!

As Jesus, the Christ stated, “I and my brethren are One.”
It is because we are all ‘made’ from the same ‘stuff;’ God/Love/Energy. And meaning we all have the same power to create…anything.

It just depends on what you consistently FEEL about something.

Therefore, as Jesus also stated, “as you ‘saith,'” so shall it is. Feelings are ‘saying it silently.’

When we feel lack or poor, we literally call that experience of being THAT to us….and that is the plain and simple truth. When we complain that we do not have money, or that we WANT money, we can never have it, because that statement is saying we do not have it now, and the Universe, which is a feeling universe, creates THAT outcome for us to experience…more things to complain about, and more wanting of money.

A simple change in our feelings, will bring on a change in our reality.

Yes, it IS THAT SIMPLE. But remember, the very thought that you doubt it, will stop the creation of money, because to doubt means that you are questioning it appearing; feeling that it may not, and so it doesn’t. It all depends how much doubt you have and how much you can feel better about your money situation….if you can, it will improve. And it also will depend on how much you can feel abundant.

This is true for EVERYTHING; whether it is money, health, relationships, career…any situation that you are involved. And that is why the Christ stated, “fear NOT!” For fear stops thoughts of good health, money; good outcomes of any kind, for it tells a lie about us; it states that a bad outcome is the only and most probable, and that we have no choice or power to change it… And that is because no one ever told us we ALWAYS have a choice, because we are that powerful!

Why? Because we ARE GOD, expressed.

Now you may feel you do not have a choice in how you feel. And that IS the challenge. But remember, if you truly do understand how the universe works, it will inspire you to do so. And it is quite easy when you remember WHO YOU REALLY ARE! You are Spirit/God/Source…having an experience as a human being…for a little while.

There are many ways to correct your negative lack thoughts and feelings. Even if you must shout out loud, “CANCEL,” and immediately replace it with what you wish for and how you wish the outcome to turn out; if you do that enough, you will experience the one outcome and experience you wish to happen, and not the one you do not.

An easy way to start feeling good and to change your feelings is to find as much as you can to be grateful for and why. The reason is that when you feel grateful, you cannot be in a state of lack, and once on course of feeling good, do all you can to stay there.

How do I know this? Because I have done this. And as the Christ stated, “What I can do, so can you; and you will do even greater things than I.”

Blessed Be!

Apr 16


How many times do we feel that we are treated poorly due to ‘someone else’s’ immaturity?

And how many times do we do something because of our own immaturity, blaming others and never realizing that a shift in our own attitude and behavior would have resulted in an entirely different outcome?

So often we may become angry and hurt, going about our lives filled with an underlying current of contempt for someone’s else behavior, when a shift in our own consciousness would erase those negative thoughts and feelings.

Taking a look at being hurt by someone else’s behavior; why IS it that we are hurt? It usually is because whatever they have done or said has brought out from within us a feeling of not being worthy, adequate, or appreciated.

We feel that somehow we elicited this response from them, rather than that they brought this behavior out from THEIR feelings of not feeling good enough, worthy, etc. …for why would someone wish to cause another pain, if not for they being in pain themselves?…in other words, not knowing who they REALLY ARE. Instead they continue demonstrating self-centeredness (thinking ONLY of Self) and not experiencing or being aware of the connection of ONENESS we all are; part of the same Whole….which is God manifested into  beautiful Souls, incarnated in a physical structure….for a little while.

We only find relief once we realize that this behavior towards us is always about THEM, and not US! It helps us to forgive and let go of negative feelings…. but how to do so?

How do we find that relief?

We must first realize that it has nothing to do with our behavior, even if it is negative, as everyone chooses what they wish to BE in RELATION to another. We can choose to be martyrs, victims, masters, etc., we always get to decide. However, it has everything to do with our behavior, in that how we respond is EVERYTHING!

When we blame others for how we feel, we are not taking responsibility for ourselves, and our feelings. The moment we DO  take responsibility, we reclaim our power. But HOW do we do THAT? How do we not let it ‘get to us,’ hurt us, or destroy our sense of self?

For it will hurt…until it does not.

Feelings of abandonment, self-doubt, worthlessness, etc., all stem from wounds we have suffered, in that we have allowed another to have us believe in a story THEY tell us about OURSELVES; and so, they not only ‘tell’ us who we are by what they say, but also by how they treat us.

When this happens, if we are not ‘awake’ (aware) of who we REALLY ARE, which is SPIRIT, we may fall into their story and BELIEVE it!  Hence the hurt continues, until it does not.

Therefore, the easiest way to stop anyone from hurting us is to remember that immaturity is the reason that we are being hurt and FEELING hurt. Yes, immaturity on BOTH  parts! Immaturity stems from ‘not knowing,’ and  both victim and perpetrator are suffering because of it, in different ways.

The ‘victim’ is immature and suffering because they are not remembering who they REALLY are; the ‘perpetrator’ is suffering for the same reason… because of immaturity. Both are being something in relation to the abuse, based on immaturity.

In the first situation, as being a victim, if one knew and was in full bloom of adulthood, one would not allow another to abuse them. And, one could not hurt another, if they would know that to do so is actually hurting themselves, as we are ALL ONE.So what IS the true definition of ‘immaturity?’ It is basically not knowing. What is the difference then between innocence and immaturity? It is what we humans look at as ‘time frame.’ If someone behaves without knowing, and is very young, it is called ‘innocence.’

However, as we develop chronologically, aging becomes a ‘reason’ that we MUST behave in a certain way, with usually more seriousness, determination, and manners. In other words, we must act and BE GROWN UP; matured into an ‘adult.’ If we do not fall into that mold, we are labeled ‘immature.’

Society will let us have our way of being immature, until we demonstrate  a negative trait.  Usually it’s when we cause a problem or hurt someone and it is always though a lack of awareness…..modern day definitions of ‘immaturity’ include ‘not completed growth, and/or something that has not ripened into full bloom.’

There are many different levels of immaturity; it is both immature to demonstrate victimization as well as being a perpetrator. In both situations there is a ‘not knowing.’

Life experiences are thought to push us into ‘maturity;’ but the truth is that we are already mature…we just have ‘forgotten.’

How to become mature? Simply cause another to become that, and it will also be done onto you. Why? Because we are All One, and what you do for another, you do for yourself.

The ultimate maturity is to Love. Love of another; Love of Self. Loving leads to understanding, and when we understand, we don’t even need to forgive, because we realize that we can never be wounded without our own permission.  We also will not hurt another, because we understand that we are all connected, and what you do to another, you do to Self.

Loving causes understanding, and with that, all is possible, including the freedom of being neither a victim nor a perpetrator.

And THAT is true Maturity.


Feb 19

So many have inquired about death.  I have decided to reprint this passage that originally is  printed from the “Conversation with God” website, which was answered by Neale Donald Walsch. I have printed it here with all credit due to that author, with the sole intention to inform and comfort those whom have experienced loss or wish to just understand this subject matter.

…’What happens if a Soul chooses to end it’s life, deliberately, in what we term “Suicide?” The question is huge, and the answer should not, and cannot, be offered in a few words in a way that does the response justice. Let me try here as hard as I can, in hopes that my response will drive you to the larger, far more comprehensive answer in HOME WITH GOD… necessarily was.

1. God does not  “punish” us for anything.
2. Death does not exist.
3. All ‘death’ is ‘suicide’ in the sense that no Soul dies (that is, ends a particular experience of physicalization) at a time or in a way that is against its Will. Such a thing is impossible, given Who You Really Are.
4. Individuations of Divinity (that is, “people”) who end their lives in the way that humans normally call “suicide” in every case simply choose, after their Life Review, to return to the physicality in the same form and time they just left, living their same life over again, encountering the same Choice Points, and then having an opportunity to make a different decision about them—including the decision to end that particular physical experience in the way that they did before.
5. Thus, there is no reason to terminate one’s present physical life through what we would call “suicide,” if what we imagine will be accomplished by such an action is an “escape” from any current circumstance or condition. We will simply choose, willfully and joyfully, to return to the same life in the same timeline under the same conditions, to bring ourselves the opportunity to express and experience, as Souls, exactly what we co-created those circumstances and conditions to allow us to express and experience. necessarily was….’

I have read the entire book by Neale Donald Walsch, “Home With God”, and highly recommend it to anyone whom has a curiosity about death, is in the process of ‘dying;’ and is or has contemplated suicide. This book will also help those whom has lost a loved one by suicide,  or death, or if  through an accident, murder, or ill health.

Whether you believe that this author is speaking with God, or just ‘making it up;’ there is no better way to live.

Death is another transition.  I know that atheists believe there is nothing, and agnostics aren’t sure; however, we all have come from ‘some place,’ and we will return to that place once again.

That I know for sure.

Many Blessings!

Jan 30


Searching on the internet, which appears to be the Source of All for mankind right now…that is how it appears looking at the “outside.”

Viewing information from all avenues; many are feeling confused. It appears that now anyone can ‘prove’ anything to be “TRUE or FALSE.” There is information on every subject imaginable, and also information that appears contradictory in nature to every idea, problem solved, and question asked or answered.

The other day I was searching to see if eggs were really good for humans to ingest. So many ‘authoritative sources,’ suggested both pro and con. What is the REAL TRUTH?

As I searched, and found so much conflicting information, I realized that the only AUTHORITATIVE SOURCE…..’ is ME!

Yes, the Truth is different for everyone! There is NO RIGHT AND WRONG….and that is the precise reason that some diets work for some, but not for others. There are so many different people, life styles, stressors, body chemistries, cultures, etc.

We all search for the one and only ANSWER…and it is a search that is in vain.

For the answer lies within US, for ourselves, and for no one else.

We are told that we know nothing. If we are ill, we are told to run to a health practitioner whether allopathic, alternative, or a healer on a Spiritual Level; we are told that the answer to our healing must and only can come from a source OUTSIDE of ourselves.

This is just not true! Why?

Because there is only YOU! Meaning there is only ONE..and that Truth, when we ask, will come to us for our own personal needs, from the Source of All, which is God/Universe/The Great I AM….in other words, the Unity we All Are. Diversity is what life is, and so are the answers to every problem.

Rest assured, you are that SOURCE. You are part of ALL THAT IS.

If you feel ill, meditate; connect to Spirit…and if you get the message to go to someone for help, then honor YOURSELF, but only yourself.

Not what you are told; not how you were raised; not what others think or feel…but only what YOU FEEL is right for YOU!

Keep fear out of it….if you feel afraid and making a choice from fear, then it is not TRUTH. Because TRUTH feels freeing, loving, and most certain. AND THERE IS NO FEAR WHEN YOU ARE MAKING A DECISION THAT FEELS GOOD.

Blessings to re-unite with YOU….that is all there really is..and it is ENOUGH.

We all deserve to live in happiness and good health; enjoy your life….WHY? Because you deserve it…not because you did anything special…but just because you BREATHE!

Many Blessings!

Dec 3

Hello Dear Spirit-Minded Friends!

I have been asked to be interviewed as ‘Honored Practitioner,’ for an energy summit webinar that will be aired this December! Please follow the link to view this informational presentation regarding Bio-Mapping…the ‘medicine of the future!’

Thank you, and many blessings! For more information including the dates and times, here is the link below:

Nov 22



All you need is Love…a message that has been around since the early 1960’s….most remember it from the Beatle’s song, but looking a bit deeper, the meaning becomes crystal clear, and more significant than every before!

We have been told, or the ‘message’ seems to have been saying, that we must give…that is the key to Love, and that is true, but not for the reason portrayed.

Giving Love is giving to Self…for we are all One; therefore, as The Christ had said, what you do to my brethren, you do to me.” It is because there is only One Energy here, called God, split into countless units of Energy, called Souls.

When we Love another, we are Loving Self; that energy is enhanced, and therefore, so is the One whom gives Love to the other. Of course, the one receiving the Love/Energy is enhanced, but the GIVER of that Loving Energy is enhanced as well!

Both are enhanced….hence, the message of “All you need is Love,” in it’s deepest sense is about giving to Self!

This is NOT about being Selfish, in only caring about Self; that term means to be Self-centered (which is ONLY caring about Self and no one else). But this term of being Selfish, means to take care of Self, (to ‘fish’ for oneself, so to speak); consequently, in the strongest and deepest sense, Loving another IS loving Self.

Therefore the saying of “All You Need is Love,” certainly takes on a more advanced and complete meaning; the term, ‘Love is all you need,’ is for both the other and Self….we are All One, and that Realization can and does both heal, cleanse, and help us all live ‘Heaven On Earth,’….both the Giver and the Receiver!

For there is Only One….God…and …..we are ALL THAT!

Many Blessings!

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