We all create our reality with our thoughts and feelings....literally from the Inside---out! Our feelings and thoughts manifest into what we call our "reality," in other words, our "life situations/experiences," or whatever you wish to call them. Sounds like a big responsibility, but whether you wish to realize this, or ignore it, it IS a choice, as is everything. If we relax into the knowing that we are responsible for our life, then we have the power to change it. Blame to others and to situations that cause problems only leaves us feeling powerless, and actually renders us powerless (as you cannot give away anything that you do not "own"). For, as said in the movie, "The Secret," by Rhonda Bryne, "Whether you think you can't or can...either way you are right."

By taking the initial step of consideration that our thoughts and feelings do indeed create our reality, you have begun to start the experience of a wonderful, joyful, abundant and happy life...that is, once you get the true "feeling" of understanding.

Our thoughts are unlimited, and hence, so are we. We are true reflections of God, which is Love...the Source of Everything, and the only "Real" and true Energy in the Universe....Life, Love, Truth, Abundance, Peace....all these things are God, and we are That. We, therefore, have that "creative" power to create our reality, and we do that simply, effortlessly, and oftentimes, without realization that we are creating our reality, literally all the time! We will create reactively and unconsciously, that is, until we don't; until we are conscious of that truth.

And this concept and realization is my reason for starting this blog. To inform, give to our community, to all of you, to uplift the planet's consciousness, to create a better Now....which is actually giving to myself, as we are all connected...truly there is only One Supreme Being sitting here, and our reality consists of that glorious Being manifested into individual units of Loving Energy, called "Souls," "Life Forms," etc.

We are all on this journey together, to discover this wonderful realization and then to manifest the most glorious experience of Life possible!

This, I know for sure.

Connecting to Source, realizations will occur....we can all do this, and we do...the only question is are we doing this consciously or unconsciously? The more awareness we place on what we feel and think, the more we will be able to create Consciously, rather than unconsciously, or reactively.

Join me to view some realizations that have literally occurred from "The Inside---Out!"

Many Blessings!

Ellen Angelica Pendergast

Jan 30


Searching on the internet, which appears to be the Source of All for mankind right now…that is how it appears looking at the “outside.”

Viewing information from all avenues; many are feeling confused. It appears that now anyone can ‘prove’ anything to be “TRUE or FALSE.” There is information on every subject imaginable, and also information that appears contradictory in nature to every idea, problem solved, and question asked or answered.

The other day I was searching to see if eggs were really good for humans to ingest. So many ‘authoritative sources,’ suggested both pro and con. What is the REAL TRUTH?

As I searched, and found so much conflicting information, I realized that the only AUTHORITATIVE SOURCE…..’ is ME!

Yes, the Truth is different for everyone! There is NO RIGHT AND WRONG….and that is the precise reason that some diets work for some, but not for others. There are so many different people, life styles, stressors, body chemistries, cultures, etc.

We all search for the one and only ANSWER…and it is a search that is in vain.

For the answer lies within US, for ourselves, and for no one else.

We are told that we know nothing. If we are ill, we are told to run to a health practitioner whether allopathic, alternative, or a healer on a Spiritual Level; we are told that the answer to our healing must and only can come from a source OUTSIDE of ourselves.

This is just not true! Why?

Because there is only YOU! Meaning there is only ONE..and that Truth, when we ask, will come to us for our own personal needs, from the Source of All, which is God/Universe/The Great I AM….in other words, the Unity we All Are. Diversity is what life is, and so are the answers to every problem.

Rest assured, you are that SOURCE. You are part of ALL THAT IS.

If you feel ill, meditate; connect to Spirit…and if you get the message to go to someone for help, then honor YOURSELF, but only yourself.

Not what you are told; not how you were raised; not what others think or feel…but only what YOU FEEL is right for YOU!

Keep fear out of it….if you feel afraid and making a choice from fear, then it is not TRUTH. Because TRUTH feels freeing, loving, and most certain. AND THERE IS NO FEAR WHEN YOU ARE MAKING A DECISION THAT FEELS GOOD.

Blessings to re-unite with YOU….that is all there really is..and it is ENOUGH.

We all deserve to live in happiness and good health; enjoy your life….WHY? Because you deserve it…not because you did anything special…but just because you BREATHE!

Many Blessings!

Dec 3

Hello Dear Spirit-Minded Friends!

I have been asked to be interviewed as ‘Honored Practitioner,’ for an energy summit webinar that will be aired this December! Please follow the link to view this informational presentation regarding Bio-Mapping…the ‘medicine of the future!’

Thank you, and many blessings! For more information including the dates and times, here is the link below:


Nov 22



All you need is Love…a message that has been around since the early 1960’s….most remember it from the Beatle’s song, but looking a bit deeper, the meaning becomes crystal clear, and more significant than every before!

We have been told, or the ‘message’ seems to have been saying, that we must give…that is the key to Love, and that is true, but not for the reason portrayed.

Giving Love is giving to Self…for we are all One; therefore, as The Christ had said, what you do to my brethren, you do to me.” It is because there is only One Energy here, called God, split into countless units of Energy, called Souls.

When we Love another, we are Loving Self; that energy is enhanced, and therefore, so is the One whom gives Love to the other. Of course, the one receiving the Love/Energy is enhanced, but the GIVER of that Loving Energy is enhanced as well!

Both are enhanced….hence, the message of “All you need is Love,” in it’s deepest sense is about giving to Self!

This is NOT about being Selfish, in only caring about Self; that term means to be Self-centered (which is ONLY caring about Self and no one else). But this term of being Selfish, means to take care of Self, (to ‘fish’ for oneself, so to speak); consequently, in the strongest and deepest sense, Loving another IS loving Self.

Therefore the saying of “All You Need is Love,” certainly takes on a more advanced and complete meaning; the term, ‘Love is all you need,’ is for both the other and Self….we are All One, and that Realization can and does both heal, cleanse, and help us all live ‘Heaven On Earth,’….both the Giver and the Receiver!

For there is Only One….God…and …..we are ALL THAT!

Many Blessings!

Sep 19






So much information on the human body and how to heal it. Our society looks upon the human body as separate from US, in that it has nothing to do with our Soul.

The error in this thought is that we are 3 in 1; we are Mind, Body, and Spirit, and according to what has been written in a book called ‘Conversations with God, Book 1,’ by Neale Donald Walsch, the Soul sits idly by, allowing the Mind and Body to ‘have their way;’ reason being, that the Mind and Body are temporary, whereas the Soul, is eternal. Therefore, the Soul allows this, because it knows that it realistically has all ‘the time in the world,’ (that is, IF there really was anything such as time that existed!), but the mind and body will someday come to an end, so it allows them to have their way…for a time, a life-time.

What has this got to do with sickness and death? Everything! It has now been proven by science that if the body is left to itself, free of harmful drugs/medications, exercised, and free of poisons disguised as ‘food,’ such as GMO’s pesticides, etc., the body will heal itself; it has that ability.

When someone is sick with a disease, it is because that individual has been carrying an emotion (energy in motion) that has caused an imbalance and a blockage in the energy centers of the body, called Chakras. Once they are out of balance for a time, the energy blockage will start an affect on the body that causes illness.

Once the body has fallen ill, good nutrition will help it survive while it is repairing. However, if the body is instead, filled with harmful drugs that our allopathic doctors call ‘medicine,’ the body will weaken, making it much more difficult to heal. And even if the body does heal, it will return to illness if the emotion that caused it is not corrected.

Combining poor nutrition, medicine, and not changing the emotions or thoughts that caused the disease in the first place, will make it almost impossible to recover. Instead, most often, merely a delay to death is all that is achieved with this method.

There is however a better way. Amazingly so, even IF the body is riddled with poisonous substances, found in medicine, and given a poor diet without any exercise, the body will still do what it can to keep that person alive! Such is the miracle of God!

The inevitable outcome to all this is that after so much suffering (as the person is just not feeling well enough to enjoy life), they will quietly decide, within their own private thoughts, whether it is consciously chosen, or subconsciously, to end the pain and poor quality of life, and they give up. We are not speaking of suicide, although that option and choice has occurred in many. However, at this writing we are speaking of the will to live declining to a point that brings death.

They may say they wish to live, and that is true; they wish to live in a healthy state; in a healthy body. And when they feel this is no longer possible, their thoughts of wanting it to end, causes the body to give up; to stop healing, and death/transition occurs.

The best way to stop illness is the following:

First, and most importantly, look for the feeling and thoughts that you have now, and have had just before you got sick. Look deeply into Self, and do all you can to correct this feeling. It could be anger, grief, depression, or any other negative thought and feeling you have been carrying for quite some time. If you cannot do this yourself, seek help, either through a Counselor, or Spiritual teacher.

Secondly, do all you can to change your diet to pure foods that are rich in nutrition, and free of all chemicals, hormones, etc. Lastly, find someway to keep your body moving, whether it’s yoga, stretching, or just plain walking, swimming or moving your legs and arms. Meditation is important as it will keep your thoughts away from worry and stress.

Above all else, know that you are always being taken good care of, and watch for proof of that by whom comes into your life, and whom may leave.

Finally, remember that even if you are to pass on, it is a transcending, rather than a death; that we are all the most Sacred Energy, called Love, and that this Energy never dies, it merely transforms.


Sep 15






Many times we feel bad, and now if we do understand the law of attraction, we tend to get scared, because we feel that we cannot control our emotions.

But, there is a way.

We hear that gratitude is the best thing we can feel to change our life….but WHY?

In my life personnally, I have always found it easier to apply something in my life IF I understand the reason why….even when raising my sons, I would never demand anything without also explaining to them why it was necessary.

It helped.

So looking at Gratitude, we must understand that when we are grateful, we are saying it is so. We are noticing a situation and demonstrating a feeling that it is there and we are happy about it. The feeling of that we already have it, which is why we are feeling grateful, is CREATION itself. For when we say something is there, and because we are THAT powerful,  it starts to manifest by way of the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction states that ‘like attracts like.’ The Observer, which is US, expects or focuses on an outcome, and the molecules, protons, and electrons in the Universe respond to our expection…bringing forth WHATEVER we are focusing on…..good or bad…..but why?

Because WE ARE THAT…..we are those protons, electrons, molecules, etc.

And stating simply, there is actually no separation between us and everything and everyone else, because there is only ONE ENERGY, called LOVE/LIFE/GOD, and we are that …all of us connected as ONE BEING, separated into individual units of that energy, called Souls.

Therefore, when we focus on ANYTHING, it expands, because it is a part of us and of cousre, it will respond to our emotions, which are actually ENERGY IN MOTION.

Reason being, this ENERGY, called GOD/Love/LIFE is an intelligent CREATIVE ENERGY…and there is really nothing else.

Gratitude is stating what IS, and since we are THAT, we are in creation mode, which IS GOD/LIFE/LOVE…everything….because God is CREATION, itself.

Being grateful is the first and only step necessary to having and being whatever you wish to experience. We literally tap into that power the moment we are grateful.

There is nothing else you have to do….but BE GRATEFUL…and it always manifests.

But remember, you get what you focus on always and all the time, no matter how you are feeling…negative thoughts and feelings will also bring what you are focusing on…as well as positive thoughts and feelings.

Gratitude is expansion of something good; ingrattiude or not being aware, or negative thinking and feelings will push what you wish for away because by not focusing on it, or saying it is not there, you are also creating THAT outcome.

A lack of awareness is the same thing. And that is why so many Love relationships fail, in that they no longer produce what the two people came together to experience, because they either start focusing on only what they don’t want or like in that person, or they give no awareness or attention to that person as they once had when they first met.

If we wish to uplift and improve oneself, another, or a relationship, it is only necessary to focus on what you like, desire, want, and become aware of that person….and magic happens….it does not matter what state the relationship is in…it truly is all about you, meaning what you are personally focusing on.

The other will ‘respond to your song,’ so to speark…..and your reality and/or situation will improve in any area……There can be no other way….why?

Because, it is LAW.

Many Blessings,

Jul 31

We are told that we all have free will. It sometimes is sadly used to impose guilt such as in telling someone that when they make a mistake, it is their ‘free will,’ in that they could have chosen better.

When this happens, the other often deep inside feels badly, because it causes the obvious question to Self, if I have free will, why would I choose to be That?

We are also told that God gives us ‘free will’ and that all we choose is up to us; therefore, if we do something wrong, (whatever that may be, relative to belief systems), it is solely our fault, and we must be punished for it!  Many religions thrive on this so called ‘rule,’ to impose guilt, shame, and blame.  What kind of free will is that, if we are punished for choosing other than what someone else desires?

In the ‘eyes’ of God, we can do no wrong. (That is a very radical statement, IF one looks at it on the surface). But if viewing from the perspective of seeking clarity and looking deeply at free will, we find that it is a truth. For how can God punish us for giving us a choice? And if we are to only follow one rule, then what kind of choice/free will is that?

For in the eyes of God, we are all on a journey of evolution; free will is merely a tool to create Reality; without it, there would be no choice, and no opposites from which to choose from. As in the book, “Home with God,” by Neale Donald Walsch, everything is always a choice, even after we ‘transcend.’

Free will allows us the experience called life. Free will also allows us to grow from our choices. Without free will, there is nothing, for free will implies that we may choose from an assortment of behaviors, creating many possible outcomes. If you do not have choice/free will, you cannot choose, and therefore have nothing to choose from…hence no reality of opposites to experience life.

Free will is a blessings, no matter which way we choose, because God lives through us, and therefore can only experience life through our choices…Free will is therefore choice, and can never be judged…it just IS, which causes an outcome, an experience, called Life.

When one chooses something that does not serve them well, it still is an opportunity for growth, which is what the Soul is up to…observation, choice, experience, evolution….and no matter the outcome….this IS LIFE.

Therefore, curse not the darkness as the Masters tell us, for to have Free Will is the greatest gift ever bestowed upon us, and necessary for our experience called life, no matter what outcome shows up.

Because we all have free will to choose in this reality, whatever you choose, whatever the outcome, accept the Now as it is, and strive to LIVE a life with meaning, clarity, determination, and expansion …through your free will, all is possible; hence through God, (Love/free will/life) we exist as something, and thankfully through that choice, we can CHOOSE to experience the Greatest, Grandest version and vision of who we Really are….unless we don’t; but either way….it’s ALL GOOD!  God lives through us; the question is, how do you decide to Live this life that you have been given?  All is opportunity for evolution in our experience called LIFE.

Many Blessings,

Jan 4

I have made an absolutely wonderful discovery and wish to share this with all:

Health is our true wealth….so many are suffering today and feeling their only hope is to look outside of themselves, going to doctors, paying BIG PHARM to get them back to wellness. It is understandable, and while allopathic methods have their place, we ALSO have a healing system within our bodies, minds, and our Soul.

I have been introduced to a wellness device that I can personally attest to works!

I have had a sore throat, cold, chest cold, etc., and all the signs of the flu, and running this device for 8 hours, I awoke completely recovered, with absolutely no signs that I had been ill.

I have a friend who has such bad arthritis that her knuckles were swollen and she could not play her musical instrument. I ran this frequency device on her for l l/2 hours and the next day she texted me that not only did the swelling do down, but she played, pain-free, and has been that way ever since.

It is called the GENIUS INSIGHT HEALTH APP, and can be run on an IPAD or Android device. It sounds incredible, but can be basically called ‘Frequency or, ENERGY MEDICINE. It runs by frequencies of our bodies and helps us bring ourselves back to wellness, as we match the wellness frequency it emits and raise our emotions, we bring our physical structure back to the frequency that is NATURAL, COMPLETE health and balance.

WE are doing this OURSELVES, by matching the frequency it emits to regain our natural state of good health and well being.

While it is normal, but not natural to be skeptical, it is understandable. Please consider how this works; here is a simple yet good comparison:

We have a wireless cellular phone. We can call Japan from this device. The phone number or FREQUENCY, goes into the air, hits a cell tower, bounces to a satellite, and then bounces from that satellite to a cell tower in Japan, and to the EXACT cell phone, and ONLY THAT CELL PHONE WILL RING. Yes, in the whole world, that phone number is the ‘frequency’ for only that cell phone.

This principle is a very simple explanation in that this device works the same way. We all vibrate at certain frequencies, and based on our emotions, will vibrate, matching either illness or wellness.

This device sends out a frequency just for that individual that is scanned, using only voice and photograph. It measures your ‘frequency,’ giving information on what is not in balance, and then can be set to send a vibrational frequency to help one balance back to wellness, by matching to what is being sent.

As Einstein stated, “Everything is energy; match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get this reality….it can be no other way; this is NOT philosophy; this is PHYSICS.

Still skeptical? People didn’t believe X-RAYS could do what they do….😉Now, they are commonplace.

If you wish to private message me on Facebook, my name to find me is “Ellen Angelica Pendergast.” Private message me and I will give you more information and proof of how this does work.

I am also available to scan any individual, and can do this by SKYPE because it works from anywhere and can go to any place in the world….(just as you can place a phone call to anyone from your cellular device…it works the same way to send a wellness frequency).

Here is the link:



Dec 27

We have heard the term “Master.” We usually think of someone who is proficient in some field, such as a Master Carpenter…even a Master of Disguise.

But being a Master is much more than being ‘good’ at something, for to be a Master implies that one has overcome some challenge; there is an ease, a grace to their life regarding that field or subject matter.

So what IS a Master of Reality? Years ago, I believed that it meant merely ‘getting your way…’ having things GO your way, in your reality. But now I realize that it means something quite different.

To be Master of One’s Reality means that you now understand what reality really is (created by Self) and that you have made peace with it. In this state, one has come to the understanding that nothing (no-thing) really matters, and in that knowledge, becomes accepting of everything.

Therefore, a true Master of Reality is a Master of their OWN PERSONAL REALITY, and is completely aware that the only thing that is truly important is that awareness of their own creative power, which IS GOD, made manifested in our experience…., for to Master one’s own reality is everything.  A Master therefore blesses all and every circumstance, for they realize that THEY put it all there! A Master also stays calm; never appearing ‘elated,’ nor discouraged. A Master observes and accepts, and in this acceptance, remains in Peace.

This peaceful state creates a peaceful life……and all others then ask, ‘can you give me what you have?’

When one Masters their Reality, they no longer look for gratification, as their entire life is gratifying. And that is why in the face of calamity, they remain calm; in the celebration of life, they remain serene.

A Master understands that it is all an illusion, made up by himself/herself, and therefore blesses all.

You will know how close to Mastery you are when you stop reacting, either negatively or positively to any given situation. Acceptance to everything means allowing, and a Master will always allow what comes, for they know that ‘everything is ok in the end; if it’s not ok, it’s not the end.’ (paraphrased John Lennon).  They also stay serene during joyful times, as they know that everything is temporary and an illusion.  They may enjoy the illusion, but have no attachment to it or the outcome, no matter what it is concerning, and whether it is considered by others as bad or good.

How do you know you are on your way to Mastery? You start noticing you ARE reacting and you stop. (This in no way means you ignore or stop caring; you merely are comfortable and do not expect a certain outcome). Why? Because you KNOW that you created it all, and therefore, do not ‘curse’ the darkness. You instead become a beacon of Light in that darkness, remaining calm and serene.

And…still shining that light even when it is ‘bright’ in your life, as a ‘Candle in the Sun.’

Many Blessings for a most Joyful New Year, filled with Mastering One’s Reality….for that is Our True Blessed, and natural state!

Nov 14


How many times have we heard the expression, ‘ you have to give it all up to have it all…’

I have to admit that I had never understood that statement; it seemed contradictory somehow, and just didn’t make complete sense.

Not until a recent personal experience of loss did I realize what that statement truly means.

Letting go is ‘giving it up.’ Letting go means to let go of something that is blocking your highest potential to live your life; being happy and serene. It is a blockage of energy that one holds, and it usually sits in the ‘heart chakra.’ This has an effect on the lungs, heart, and breast.

This blockage of energy can be in the form of grief for a loved one who has left; a death, loss of a relationship, or even of one’s own youth. Holding onto these feelings of grief, sadness, fear, etc., is keeping a negative form of energy that blocks connection to Source, which is Love;  the flow of God/Life.

So, until you ‘give it up…’ you cannot have it all…meaning…until you release what is no longer serving you, you will be blocked to experiencing your highest good, potential, and a truly joyful life.

How does one ‘give it all up?’ Many ways are possible for this to happen. Sometimes it is simply a decision. Something may happen for this decision to occur, or it can be a conscious choice. If it is a problem that has been ongoing, it may call for a deeper introspection. Counseling may be needed; journaling, speaking out about it; confrontation to oneself and the other, or in the case of deep grief, just having someone to cry to, holding you close for as long and as hard as you may need; this may help release the blockage.

Once the energy is released, the blockages will usually disappear, (it may take a few times to clear this, depending on how long one has held onto it). However, it will then help to allow and experience their truth; the truth that they are complete, whole, and a Sacred, Magnificent Design of the Universe, always connected to Source; this is true because we are all THAT.  This is who they Really Are, before the blockage appeared.

The infinite intelligence that permeates every part of our Being; all around and through us, is Love/God/Life, and releasing of any emotions that has caused a blockage will once again return us to experiencing that complete joy, peace, and Love that we all truly are.

It is much like a cloud blocking the sun; the sun is always there. Once the cloud passes, the sun will shine brightly once again.

Therefore, once we ‘give it all up,’ we can then ‘have it all;’ that ‘all’ is Joy, Peace, Happiness, and Love, which is who we all REALLY ARE!

And we are all here to experience that.

Many blessings!

Oct 30





So many of us feel alone; we feel that God is not there…we see and sometimes experience in the world so much pain, or feel that pain ourselves in the guise of not feeling good enough, feeling less, and/or feeling unloved….and wonder where God is…Prayers seem to go unanswered, and some feel both lost and alone.

But the truth of our Being is that we are God, being the true essense which is our very Soul!  Many of us have forgotten this Divine aspect of ourselves, for as the Christ stated, ‘I and my Father are One,’ and, ‘What you do to my Brethren, you do to me…’, for we really are ALL ONE.

I have read that if you cannot feel better, cause another to feel good, and you will also be uplifted. This is true and does work because ‘what you do for another, you do for you,’ as there is nothing else but you.

If we do not see the goodness and Love within ourselves, then we are blocked to see it in another. When we see that Light in ourselves, we cannot help but to see it in all others. When we see and Love ourselves, knowing we are that Sacred Magnificent Design of the Universe, we cannot help but to see God in everyone; we All Are Sacred; that is truly ‘knowing God.’

Therefore, to know God means to see God Everywhere; for that is where God is…God is in everything and in everyone.  The Truth is that there is ONLY GOD. When we Know God, and all we see IS God, that is the experience of ‘Heaven on Earth.’

There are many ways to ‘know God.’ One way is in honoring the Light in someone that you also honor in yourself; that is Namaste. This can be done in many ways and with many different relationships, whether romantic or not.

On a romantic note, one can ‘know God,’ by honoring their partner through a sexual practice called Tantra, which is done through the practice of Tantric Sex.

To learn more about tantric sex, Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson, authors of ‘Great Sex Made Simple: Tantric Tips to Deepen Intimacy and Heighten Pleasure,’ have opened us up to the real workings of tantra — and how everyone can use tantric techniques to take their sex lives to the next level with tantric sexual practices.

There are certain ways to help us to feel the oneness of a physical union, and thereby experiencing the ‘energy and sacredness of the Soul/God/Love ‘ through this practice.

In the classical sexual tantric ritual, the participants worship each other as embodiments of deities. It is encouraged for people to bring an attitude of reverence into their lovemaking and to all their interactions. The tantric approach has far more to do with your mental approach than with technique. It certainly has nothing to do with longevity in a session or ‘staying power.’

It starts by honoring the Divine Light/Presense of God in that person; and the easiest way is by also honoring Self.  For when you honor yourself in the healthiest and highest way, you would also honor your partner, because you would realize that there IS NO SEPARATION.

We are all one Energy called Love, and to honor that Divine Presense in the other and the Self produces the experience of TRUE CONNECTION.  Combining the physical act of sexual lovemaking, will bring upon both the experience of a complete union in all three aspects of Self:  Mind, Body, and Soul.

It is all about awareness: deciding to be aware of that person; their needs, desires, and who they Really Are, as well as your own awareness of YOU, and what they and the relationship mean to you.

In a romantic relationship, Tantric is that practice that may help in creating a Divine experience of connection through Love for both parties and of  Self, as Love is the only true connection that really exists.

Blessed Be.

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