Apr 3





We are all afraid to be diagnosed with a disease. We feel it threatens everything we are, making life hard and painful.

It is natural to feel this way. We all wish to continue our good health; in order to be free of disease, we must realize how it manifests.

The first ‘thought’ or feeling that begins a disease is to be in a state of ‘DIS- EASE.’ In other words, to not be AT EASE. Emotions such as feelings of being DIS-heartened, DIS-couraged, DIS-appointed, DIS-missed, DIS-contented, etc., all lead to DIS-ease….disease.

Feelings are everything. We often dismiss them, hide them from others and from ourselves; cover them up, self medicate (in the forms of alcohol and with both legal and illegal drugs), to not feel them, deal with them, etc., but they are STILL THERE. How do we know that?  Because they come back.

Feelng powerless, hopeless, and feeling what’s the use, are all forms that also bring an outcome of disease, for these feelings also put us in a state of ‘not at ease.’

In our true and natural state of Being, we are Pure Love; that is our vibration and the energy we are. We are God/Love/Energy in physical form, expressing and experiencing in this dimension as a human…. for a little while.

When we feel these feelings of ‘not at ease,’ there are several ways to turn this around and feel good.

The first thing is to address why we may be feeling ill at ease. We can blame others for our negative emotions and feelings. We can expect them to ‘make us feel better,’ but the truth is we actually do have all the power to change how we feel. It may not feel that way, but it is the TRUTH of our BEING. No one can do anything to us (metaphysically speaking) that we do not allow. I realize that this is a big step to acknowledge, but it is TRUTH. We may not consciously be aware of this, but nevertheless, we are responsible for everything in our life and how we choose to experience it.

So to start feeling better is often difficult, and you may ask how can I do this? How can I feel good when I do feel so bad?

Always the first step is to DECIDE. A conscious decision to feel good is essential. It is all a matter of choice and discipline. If you feel you do not have this discipline, then just by finding something to feel grateful for starts this process of feeling good, and eventually leads back to wellness if consistent with your intention.

If it’s hard to find something to feel grateful for, then it may even be that you have the eyes and sight to read this page.

There are times, however that we can feel grateful and still have feelings of abandonment and feeling unsupported, which can lead to those same feelings of discouragement, discontent, and eventually manifest into disease.

It is important to stop these feelings and one way is by knowing that the perception of feeling abandoned or unsupported oftentimes may come from our ‘domestication,’ and is a learned reaction and behavior; it can be unlearned. It is to change our perception and instead to realize/know that support is all around us, and abandonment is and can be nothing more than seen as an opportunity to BE with oneself and to make a decision to flourish.

If a loved one or someone close to you is displaying this type of negative behavior towards you, and these feelings arise, looking deeper into THEIR behavior will always reflect that this treatment towards you is nothing more than someone who has experienced this abuse to the point that they disconnect, and cannot feel how others are perceiving their behavior. It has nothing to do with us or our value. Finding that place of ‘not taking it personal’ brings a sense of peace and feelings of being ‘at ease.’  (for more information on this subject, ‘The Four Agreements,’ by Miguel Ruiz is a good book to gain deeper insight into this subject of ‘not taking it personal’).

The most important emotion is to feel Love…..Love is always the answer; Love of SELF, Love of another.

Loving Kindness towards others is Loving SELF, for we are ALL ONE.

If you are having a difficult time doing this for yourself, do it for another, and it will be done onto you….why? Because we are all the same energy, therefore what we do affects us as well as others.

Strive for EASE….ease into the flow of life; do what you Love; what brings you joy, and causing those good feelings for another will also become your experience of feeling good.

Bring understanding and clarity to another, and you will have and experience the same for yourself.

All are blessed…..The Light of Love shines all the time….any darkness in our life is just as a cloud blocking the sun…the sun is still there, as is always Love/God/All That Is!

With that knowledge comes relief, freedom, peace,….. and EASE.

Many Blessings!

Feb 24

(This is the next step in creating Reality; please read the previous information of Realization #155 regarding beliefs below to have a better understanding of this article.)

Paradigms are basically a program in our Subconscious. They are considered a ‘mental program;’ a BELIEF that has almost exclusive control over our habitual behavior, and ALMOST ALL of our behavior IS habitual.

A Paradigm controls our Perception. And through our perception, we use our time, get in touch with our creativity, experience our effectiviveness, our productivity, use logic, and control our ability to earn/create money.

In other words, the Paradigm we all carry (and it is different for all of us) controls our vibration.

We choose thoughts that match the Paradigm we carry, and those thoughts keep us in the same vibration.

Studying Quantum Physics, and remembering Einstein’s statement, “Everything is Energy; match the frequency (with your vibration) of the reality you want, and you cannot help but GET it! There can be no other way; this is not philosophy, this is physics…’ Searching for a deeper level of understanding and knowing how to apply it, through our feelings which produces our vibration, we create our reality CONSCIOUSLY, and thus, our life opportunites. We can create life as both challenging or joyful; the choice is always up to us.

Several years ago, there became a new thought movement that our thoughts create our reality, and while this is so, there is more to it than that. What most writers did not give information on at that time is this: it is our PARADIGM that influences our thoughts, and FEELINGS, and through that, our vibration is set, creating our life. That is why so many people have misunderstood and misinterpret the message, AND why also so many do not believe our thoughts do create our reality. It is because to just try to change our thoughts is so challenging at best. Most people give up or disbelieve this information because it is not clearly explained or understood. There is a deeper level of information to manifest than just changing our ‘thoughts.’

So getting back to creation, let’s look at a Paradigm. It basically goes back to our basic beliefs. And where do we get these beliefs we have? Usually from our domestication in how we are raised. We come into this life in a state of some call “amnesia.’ We don’t remember where from we came, and therefore have the experience of life as something very pure, fresh, and untouched with past thoughts of another time. This provides a very pure experience, as an artist with a clean, white, and new canvas.

Our beliefs are mostly based on what others have told us as THEIR ‘truth,’ and we have for the most part, taken and adopted their beliefs as ours. But how many of our beliefs are really just our own, free of any outside influence? If you really examine your own personal beliefs, you will discover that probably not many are originally your own in that they come solely just from you.

If your life is not as you wish, it may be time to look at your beliefs. For that is how we change our Paradigm. The first and most important question in changing any belief is this: how many of our beliefs actually serve you? How many are producing happiness, peace, and Love? How many have produced what you desire in life? There are many Paradigms, and remember, in them are beliefs about money, our ability to logically look at a situation, managing our activities, etc.

The first step in changing our Paradigm, is to ask oneself, to really THINK, what are my beliefs and do they serve me (meaning am I happy and experiencing the life I really wish to have)?

If they do not serve you, we all have the power to change our minds, literally….to change and choose a different way to think and believe. Once we change our beliefs, our Paradigm will change. Once that Paradigm changes, we will change our feelings, and with that, change our thoughts, thus changing and creating a different and more joyful reality.

My information comes in part from viewing a video on youtube.com, which helped me to know and develop a deeper undertanding in how we manifest our reality; our life situations, opportunities, etc.

It was conducted by Bob Proctor, giving information in part in basically shifting Paradigms, and I encourage all to view it. There are many videos by this writer that are available on this subject, and I encourage you to take some time to view them.

Many Blessings for creating a most wonderful life filled with Joy, Peace, and Love, Always in All Ways!

Dec 23





As Christmas approaches, so many are saddened by our society’s current viewpoint of ‘not wishing to offend anyone,’ by stating ‘Merry Christmas,’ to individuals to whom we may not know what their personal religion actually may be. Feeling uncomfortable to wish someone well must never be an experience when feeling joy towards another!

The salutation, ‘Merry Christmas,’ is wishing someone well, as we ‘feel’ gratitude and Love on a Universal level; in other words, a connection somewhat, to express good wishes to them from one Soul to another.

To be offended if someone wishes you well, is simply a lack of awareness. God is Love and whatever religion one may choose, it is a matter of honoring the one who wished well to the other. It is THEIR wish for you to be ‘Merry; ‘ happiness, joy, laughter; all things good.

Whether we celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or another religious holiday, (or even none at all), it may be now time to seek the deeper understanding of another Spirit, whom is having a human experience and their intention in wishing you well.

For if one understands and chooses to be aware, we would always HONOR that person and their religion, who wished us well.

After all, Love is about enhancing the other; if we all did this, we would all feel Loved.

Many Blessings for a most Merry Christmas, and a most Holy Season to whichever way you choose to celebrate!

Nov 22


How many are told that our thoughts create our reality? Well that is correct…..and yet not quite accurate in it’s entirety, for as we think, those thoughts come from somewhere. We can say they are based on our feelings, and that too is accurate and a great Truth, but where do our feelings come from? One may think they just ‘are.’

If one goes back to the beginning, before we were aware of our feelings and then our thoughts, (as they do come in that order through our emotions), it becomes a wonderful realization to discover that it is really our BELIEFS that is a key factor in this whole process in creating our reality.

When we first enter into this incarnation, we come with certain beliefs…even before we ‘arrive.’ They are the sum of all we have evolved to through our own ‘journey’ as we go into many experiences of life. We may however, not remember them, but they do shape our perception to some extent AND our responses to outside stimuli.

It matters not the form or the experience, but we do have beliefs that have been stored in our ‘memory/genes. Our genes/dna are nothing more than pure energy which have adjusted to a vibration so that they may be visible, producing the body we now have,  and moving around in to experience life.

Is it any wonder that we hear the words of Spiritual Teachers, (and it just sometimes seems so hard) as we read and listen to many whom are stressing to us to change our thoughts? At times, it seems IMPOSSIBLE, as our thoughts are our thoughts, right?! But looking deeper, if we decide to go into our BELIEFS; well now we have a plan!

By examining our beliefs, we will recognize how our thoughts appear, seemingly out of nowhere! They arrive usually through others whom we have been experiencing life, and usually they are the ones who were here first! We then naturally respect their ‘viewpoint.’ Hearing someone’s opinion, and especially when they seem so ‘sure’ about how ‘right’ or ‘true’ what they have to say is, we tend to value their beliefs, adopting them as our own. How many beliefs are actually yours and yours alone? How many of your beliefs are in fact brought about only by you? Probably none, or if some, not many.  And sadly, we often choose to believe someone’s else opinions and beliefs even when we don’t agree or respect them…that is how easily and innocent we appear at times!

Our beliefs also are based on what we hear, what we see, feel, touch, etc., in other words, by our 5 senses. But the world is made up of so much more, and so are we! Many work only from their 5 senses, and because of that, the world looks very ‘real.’ This illusion can take on a nightmarish quality, or a Heavenly one, all depending on our perception and perspective.

Our observation/awareness forms our beliefs and that leads to forming our perception, which leads to our perspective of life. We then feel what we feel (emotions) based on that (which sets our vibration), and our thoughts materialize, producing our life experience.

So let’s back track; belief is basically and can be thought of as the ‘first thought.’ It is the ‘Sponsoring Thought,’ (as Neale Donald Walsch wrote in his wonderful book, ‘Conversations With God, Book 1,’). So, how to change our beliefs?

We must first examine them. How do they serve us? What do we get from that particular belief? Do we feel Love or fear? What other lesser emotions does that belief draw from our psyches? Guilt, remore, etc., or joy, Love, and peace? And what thoughts come from THOSE feelings? For remember, as we think those thoughts, our reality starts to take shape.

We are Spirit, having a life experience as Human, for a little while. What we wish to BE in relation to all these beliefs, situations, feelings, and actually all of life,  is our choice. And what we decide to BE is in the LONG RUN, always Divine, for it all leads back to Source, and in that moment of whatever we decide to be, we must remember, that it really is ALL GOOD, for it is our path to evolve and become enlightened,  for that IS the Joy of LIFE!

In examining our beliefs which is necessary in order to change our feelings and our thoughts,  will help to change our reality!

It is what all Masters know, and decide to Be…CONSCIOUSLY creating!

Many Blessings!

Oct 6

Competition; one of the surest ways to cause suffering. We seem to value those whom participate and win, but it is a true double-edged sword, for as we cheer for the victor, we disrespect the one who did not succeed in achieving that recognition of  ‘being BEST!’

And the word BEST is such a relative term, for to be the best indicates that someone else is not. More misery has come from ‘feeling not good enough’ in every circumstance, and especially where competition is concerned.

Yet we constantly strive to instill in our young the desire to be competitive.  Many do this in the hope that it will somehow cause our children to excel in their academic endeavors; that the feeling to be the ‘best’ will somehow make them want to learn and succeed, when usually it creates the opposite feeling, and instead instills a feeling oftentimes of wishing to give up!

Feeling not good enough is usually a result of being placed into a competitive role, and somehow not measuring up to others’ standards of achievement and recognition.  We place ourselves and our young in that role, and then wonder why motivation, creativity, and curiosity diminish in many more than we tend to pay attention to, instead of just giving them our unconditional support and care.

Raising our young and wishing for them the best is natural; what is not is so many parents with well meaning intentions and attempts, deciding to instill a drive to succeed by pitting them against each other to achieve that goal.

Competition is in truth a mark of a very primitive society, for it produces unrest at the least, and even violence when brought to an extreme.  How many otherwise peaceful children, cultures, nations, etc, would thrive if instead of competition, they were treated with the respect and dignity that we are all One, accepted by our differences, and honored, instead of being treated in a way that they become offended and merely tolerated at best?

The only way to succeed in anything is to Love what we are doing.  Competition oftentimes creates a silent hatred for the hobby or activity we once held so dear to our hearts.

If one wishes to compete at all, merely competing with oneself, dedicated to an intention of doing OUR best, overcoming obstacles, and excelling to the Greatest, Grandest version and vision we ever had of who we Really Are, is ‘competition’  enough.

For there IS only ONE, and we are All That.  To go against another part of ourselves, in the form of another, only leads to separation, and with that comes suffering.  In a highly evolved society, one would never cause another to ‘lose,’ for they know that the other who ‘lost’ is also them.  They would never instill competition in anyone because it is teaching to go against Self, and this they would never do.

True Love for Self is always Unity, and with that comes Peace.

Many Blessings!

Aug 19


I once heard that the true definition of ‘Courage’ is to be afraid, but to do it anyway.

For myself, that quotation always helped me, because many times when I was afraid, I became upset with myself  with self-critizing thoughts for feeling that fear.  I didn’t understand about fear and how it oftentimes will spur us on to actually face life situations out of a commitment to be ‘unafraid.’ (How many children do something on a dare, just to show they are ‘brave?’ )  Adults also do this.

I also did not know that feeling fear was just focusing on False Evidence Appearing Real. (Conversations with God Series, by Neale Donald Walsch). And that it was ok to feel it, as long as I reminded myself that it literally cannot turn into anything, unless I keep giving it (the fear) that attention.

I remember long ago, I was asked by my late husband, Frank, when we were dating, what was I most afraid of. He wanted to know about me, and somehow the way he asked, I knew it was to help protect me from whatever it was. I told him at that time that I was afraid of being sick, and to my heart and soul’s joyful delight, he responded with, ‘don’t ever fear that, because I would take care of you.’

My fear disappeared from that moment on, even after it came to pass that it was I who took care of him, as he was diagnosed with Leukemia 2 weeks after that talk. He lived 13 years, and I have realized so many things about myself, life, and about courage from him.  What I believe I have realized the most is that it is important to recognize what we are afraid of, and in that way, can come to a place of courage to face it.

I am eternally grateful; for if ever there was a man who was fillled with Courage, it was he.

And now presently, I look at the world, and see so many courageous individuals. In actuality we are all so brave to have even decided to incarnate on this Planet Earth at this specific time in our evolution!

The fact that each one of us have decided to be here, is courageous enough.  And just because we sometimes are afraid of whatever we may be confronting both personally and on a global level, to address that fear is the start of having the courage to walk through it.

We must know and live the truth that we all ARE on a path to Becoming the Grandest, Greatest Version and Vision we ever had about ourselves. And to be here, facing everything going on and still with hope, Love and kindness (which IS always a CHOICE to BE that…and by the way,  I DO see and experience courageousness from so many individuals, communities, cultures, etc.), I know that only good will come from all of this.

We are all evolutionizing, transforming, and creating situations to make that outcome happen, and at least in the long run even though it may not seem that way at face value, everything is unfolding as it should towards are own Enlightenment and Evolution!

There IS only Love; fear serves it’s purpose to help create a relative field from which we get to choose everything, and Courage is one of those positive feelings, that when magnified it will produce an experience and expression of Love. It can be in the form of merely self- expression, or can be even pushed to the point of sacrificing one’s own life, in saving someone else’s life, as heroes often do. It can also be used to save one’s own life from quiet desperation, abuse, or simply becoming courageous enough to look at oneself with Love.

See yourself and all others in that way, and only good will manifest.

It is Universal Law.

For as in the ‘Science of Getting Rich,’ (which was actually the book that inspired Rhonda Bryne to write ‘The Secret,’ it states (paraphrased): ‘There is a thinking stuff, that when man with his thoughts and feelings, visualizes what he wants, it imprints, and produces that which he visualizes as his experience…’

This also goes for feeling Courageous;  for it helps with the manifestation of that outcome you may wish to make real in your reality, as it unblocks and allows Love.

Think only of what you wish for, not any of which you do not. As is the case right now, with our election in the United States coming this November, so many candidates get elected by default (as stated in ‘The Secret’) because the opponent is getting all the attention (energy).

Therefore, the wisest, and kindest thing we can do for ourselves, and all others, is to think only of what we wish for, not what we do not, in every way, and watch our life change for the betterment of all.

Be Courageous enough to think and feel only GOOD, and all else will manifest to that highest choice!

Many Blessings!

May 24

Everything is Vibration, which leads to a frequency.

Now the interesting part is that we are always vibrating, and every emotion (which is energy IN motion) sets off a certain vibrational frequency, and that frequency catches/matches other frequencies that are the same…other vibrations can also match that and start vibrating to a certain frequency…sort of like joining in a choir and adjusting your vocal chords to match the sound they are producing. When they match, and others of the same ‘vibrational frequency’ continue to match, they produce an ‘outcome,’ or what we call our ‘reality.’

Healing is based on the same principle. An example would be if one was having eye problems. As we literally speak, ‘I see the world with Loving eyes, ‘ this thought, turns into an emotion, in this case positive, and that emotion has a ‘vibrational frequency.’ The eye will literally start to match that positive frequency on a molecular/sub-atomic and quantum level, and start ‘matching’ that thought…(Of seeing the world so lovingly and clearly)’ hence a healing occurs.

Herbs have their own vibrational frequency but can only go so far to heal, for even if they affect the cells ‘frequency,’ for a time and produce a healing, it is only temporary if the EMOTION of the patient starts vibrating, let’s say, in a negative way. The vibration will eventually affect the cells, and they will what we call produce a ‘relapse’ into illness.

The foundation to this is that All is first thought, which produces our FEELINGS; these feelings produce an emotion, which sets off a certain frequency, and most amazingly, and yet so subtly, all these vibrations, are basically Energy, a most Loving Energy, which some call God.

Therefore, all is Energy, which is Love; Love is our true source of healing and, hence……All IS God.

There is ONLY GOD.  And with that, be at Peace.

Many blessings!

For more information on this subject, please read ‘The Secret,’ by Rhonda Bryne.

Apr 1




So many spiritual teachers stress gratitude as the ‘key’ to creating a reality that is both joyful and abundant. It is stressed that without gratitude all will be taken from us, and that no more will be given. This is not to argue that point, but merely to add to this equation.

After viewing some work done by Ester Hicks, of the Abraham-Hicks writings, it has come to my awareness that there is something even more fine-tuned in our creating the reality we wish to experience.


Gratitude, I have realized, still has a bit of ‘struggle’ left in it, in that when we are grateful, we are remembering a time when we did not ‘have’ what we are now grateful for.

Appreciation however, is seeing the beauty of every situation, even the ones where most would criticize and complain. Instead, it is to see everything in a light of appreciation, free of the struggle or memory of lack or limitation. We see a flower and appreciate it’s beauty for what it is. We see or experience an illness or loss and instead appreciate, realizing that it gave us a new view on what, and who was (and is) important in our lives.

Appreciation is something that just is. We do not however, (as with gratitude) have to have lost something to feel it, nor to receive anything to feel it. It is something that being the Awareness we Really Are, we automatically appreciate all that is in us and around us.

Appreciation is therefore the totality of our Being. It is Being God, for what more does God really ask of us but to breathe, and by doing so, God experiences through us.

Appreciation is therefore, God experiencing Life, rather as an experience instead of just a concept. It is long past giving out or receiving; it is just what IS, for it is complete Awareness.

And WE are that vehicle, that Awareness, that causes our Soul/Life/Love/God to experience Life.

In Appreciation of all is the State of Being of our Highest version and our Grandest vision of ourselves, and we are all really THAT. We are God manifested in physical structure to experience all of Life.

True appreciation is without need or want. It is just Being that Awareness as the most highest vibration of Love. When one looks at the world with that clarity, one is called Master, Christed…Awake.


Feb 18






I remember somewhere I had heard the expression, “….When things are falling apart, they are really falling together.” That was a wonderful statement to hear, as long as nothing was falling apart.

But (and this is crucial)  WHEN things feel or seem to, or ARE falling apart, how many of us can pull ourselves away, even for a moment, and think this way? Not many.  And the question is…..WHY?

Why do we let ourselves get wrapped up in the drama? Why do we let ourselves get caught up in emotional trauma that is not our ‘doing?’ Answer: it IS our doing. We create all of it, with our thoughts, and everything on the outside, is a reflection of what is TRULY going on within.

Hard to accept at times, isn’t it? Well unless we take responsibility for all of it, we cannot change ANY of it. We are pure reflections of God; we are Spirit, not matter. We are an Intelligent Idea in the Sacred Design of the Universe/One Mind/God/ All that Is. We come here for a purpose and everything that comes into our reality is because on some level, we desire to experience it.

When someone is in trouble, it is usually our natural state to wish to help. For the Truth is, what blesses one, blesses all. What you do for someone else, you do for you, for we are all connected….We are All One.

However, this is not to say that we choose ‘consciously’ to suffer or to be victimized; no one does, and that is why it is so important to help when asked.  It is because we get a chance to experience our own Divinity, and that other, whom is ready to end suffering, experiences relief and Love through us.   It is a decision on both our parts……a Soul decision, in order to decide what we wish to be in relation to it all.  That is why all holy collaborations are called “relationships.” (This is all explained in depth in two wonderful books; one is  called ‘When Everything Changes, Change Everything,‘ and the other, ‘Conversations With God, Book 1, both by Neale Donald Walsch).

If we look around us, many of us see that things are not the way we wish;  we sometimes wonder how others even handle their lives, and especially if it appears more challenging than our own. We often day dream about a better life than what we have, no matter what we own or whom we have to share our moments with.

In truth, usually things appear as if they are falling apart because we have been trying to manipulate the Universe. We, within the confines of our physical structures, do all we can to ‘get our way.’ Oftentimes, we really don’t know what ‘our way’ really will lead to. We sometimes marry the wrong person, and live in quiet desperation, waiting to die, but afraid to. We choose a job we do not like because we went to school for it, and feel we cannot change at this late stage of our lifetime. We also close off from those around us, and instead, sometimes choosing to just numb ourselves by using either legal or illegal substances.

And we will do this until we do not.

But the Truth of who we Really Are is Pure Perfection; We are without need; there is nothing we have to do, and no where we have to go; we create every rule and regulation that we live by….and we so often do this to stop ‘Things from Falling Apart….’

Only problem is that it doesn’t prevent that at all. When we try to control a situation, we actually (and usually) cause the “Falling Apart.”

LISTENING with your heart; FEELING with your Soul; DECIDING what you wish to be in RELATION to it all, as your GREATEST and GRANDEST version and vision of yourself, of Who You Really Are (which is Spirit)…that is why we are here, and that is what causes it all to finally “fall together.”

And, if you cannot do this for yourself, do for another, and it will be done onto you as well, for we are all One Mind/Spirit.

Remember, …’Everything’s ok in the end; if it’s not ok, then it’s not the end.’

Blessed Be.
(Reprinted and revised from Realization #76 as per request)

Jan 4

The Ascension for all is here now; no one is left behind. We are closer to the All becoming One again! Such is to celebrate! And yet, many view what is happening on our Dear Mother Earth, and with those whom inhabit this planet as negative. The Media paint a dark future and yet, that is only one way to perceive and focus.

We create. We are both the created and the Creator; which means that we get what we desire if we focus on THAT positive outcome, AND we get what we DO NOT WANT if we focus on what we don’t. Reason being that we get what we FOCUS on all the time, and that is all there is to it!

We do not always get what we want because first of all, if you are in want of it, the Universe takes that literally to mean you are in the experience of WANTING it, not HAVING it…and so you keep getting THAT experience, which is the experience of wanting, but not having. We will always get what we FOCUS on, both bad and good!

Secondly, you may not get what you wish for, because even though it is something you would like, you may also be thinking, (and actually focusing) on all the ways it cannot happen.  And more indirectly, feeling that you cannot figure out how it could happen. With that thought your focus on that ‘it cannot happen’ is what you experience, which results in once again, not getting your desired outcome.

Lastly, you may wish for it, but FEEL you do not deserve it, or that it would be too much effort, or feelings of how can it possibly happen? This feeling just keeps one wanting it but not the experience of having it either.

The simple truth is this: focusing on ANYTHING will bring it to you, including things you do not want or fear.

How to stop your thoughts and feelings from doubt, negativity and fear? Start to think about how and why you carry those negative thoughts. Are they REALLY your OWN? Or are they learned behavior (things you have heard or been told)?

The first and really only step to begin is to start to UNLEARN your beliefs; for beliefs are just thoughts one thinks over and over again, until they become a belief. Strive for stillness; listening to your heart/intuition. And remember, any decision that is based in fear, will lead to more experiences to fear. A wonderful book to ‘unlearn,’ our ‘programmed thinking,’ is ‘Conversations With God, Book 1,‘ by Neale Donald Walsh.

If you find yourself feeling that you cannot achieve this fearlessness, affirm that you are FREE OF FEAR. State it; declare it; ask for assistance to the Universe, Spirit Guides, Angels; whomever you feel comfortable calling, and they must come in the form of assistance. It is Universal Law.

Remember we create everything with our thoughts and feelings.

Therefore, focus on what you wish for, and not what you do not wish to experience.

All are blessed this new year, 2016. And that focus is all that is necessary for all good to begin for everyone!  It already has!


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