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Oct 10




The devil fools with the best laid plans…’

How many times have we thought, we had it all going our way, but something happened and it didn’t work out as planned? The ‘devil fools with the best laid plans,’ is an old quotation for that which represents the thought of when things don’t work out, and we just cannot figure out why; hence, some blame something ‘sinister,’ such as a ‘devil,’ for messing things up when we planned so carefully.

This concept not only stops us from taking responsibility for ourselves, but worst yet, it keeps us powerless, supporting a feeling that there is just nothing we can do about it, because it’s someone else’s fault, and we cannot control them or that situation!

In truth, there is ‘no devil,’ except in our thoughts that something outside of us is causing a problem for us.

For discussions purpose, let us for this moment look at this quotation in a different context: why not perceive the notion that when things don’t go according to plan it is representative of our own Higher Self protecting us from what really wouldn’t be the Highest and Best outcome for us. Usually and eventually we ‘see’ why it was good for us that whatever we had originally planned didn’t workout; and that is usually when we THEN say, instead of ‘the devil fools with the best laid plans, we will say, “God was taking good care of me for THAT not to happen!

This could come in the form of not marrying that person, not investing money into a certain company, etc…..sort of like, “thank God for unanswered prayers…” That quote is the same thing, in that what we feel is the best plan, or pray for something we wish would make us happy, many times really doesn’t. And when we do not get it, we blame the ‘devil,’ for messing it all up, or we blame God, for not answering our prayers; that is at first, until we see the ‘big picture,’ and we then realize that it was a blessing it didn’t happen at all!  That is where the term, ‘thank God for Unanswered Prayers,’ originated!

What if it is all just a matter of our own personal Guidance System, (Our Higher Self, God, Universe, The Great I Am, etc.) taking good care of us, instead?
When we thank God/Universe/All That Is for taking good care of us, isn’t that all the gratitude we really need to express? Doesn’t every Master know this? Isn’t that why a Master is always calm and happy no matter what is happening? It is because they know that whatever happens is the Highest and Best for their own personal evolution and the evolution of All, and that it is all sent to them, by THEM (their Higher Self) for only GOOD.

With this realization, can there really be a ‘devil’ ever fooling with the best laid plan? No, or course not! There is only Good; and if something doesn’t happen that we think we have the perfect plan for, it really means it’s not really ‘the best laid plan!’

What is really happening, is that there is something better that we must decide (yes, that is, to CHOOSE) to trust that we are being given opportunities endlessly; to evolve into the Highest, Grandest, Greatest Version and Vision we ever had of ourselves; (for more information, please read ‘Conversations With God, Book 1,’ by Neale Donald Walsch) and that no one can neither destroy our ‘best laid plan,’ nor can prayers ever go unanswered…not when God is on our side; for truly God is on everyone’s side, always, in all ways; for there is only God/Universe…Love.


Aug 28

So often it feels as if we do not have a connection with God. We stress about daily problems, fearful sometimes of impending possible doom upon us even before it happens; thinking so hard about negative possibilities that have not occurred that it often feels as if they have already happened.

To think about the good that can come is often not a thought. We are usually afraid to think positive because we somehow think it cannot be true. Why is that? Why do we go to the negative outcome first?

We come into this world to some degree, asleep; asleep in that we do not remember from whence we have come. We do this on purpose. We create a ‘relativity field’ and literally ‘play.’ We play make- believe. We imagine, and then it appears. It does not appear immediately (that happens in a different frequency in another dimension), but we definitely do imagine (image) and create. This ‘playground’ can seem very real at times, and if we allow ourselves to be ‘in the world’ too much, it can sometimes become very scary indeed! But we create this ‘amnesia’ so that it CAN seem real; how else could we, so to speak, play the game with such intensity, enthusiasm, and innocence?

When we tire of this ‘game,’ we desire freedom, which comes in the form of many avenues; for freedom is Peace, serenity, abundance, Love, etc. The statement, ‘to be in the world, but not of it,’ (as the Christ stated) is an experience of enlightenment, which brings about all those higher aspects of life, experienced and enjoyed.

Whether it is consciously or unconsciously that we create, depends upon our own personal evolutionary choices; for we create regardless of whether we realize it or not! It is simply a matter of Awareness.  And Awareness indeed brings upon Remembrance; remembering Who We Really Are! (for more information on this subject, please read “Conversations With God,” Book 1, by Neale Donald Walsh)

We create, sending ourselves messages in the form of people, situations, and yes, even writings such as these! We are all capable of remembering who we Really Are (Spirit), and we are all capable of receiving the messages that truly come from within. Therefore, we are all capable of Enlightenment! No one is left out, for that is what we ALL are up to!

It is simply a choice as to when this will occur in our reality.

To remember, therefore, is to make a choice; to decide to allow that Awareness to become our experience.

When Jesus Christ said, “ask and it shall be received/answered; knock and it shall be opened,’ that was in reference to choosing. Creators are what we ARE; Awareness is a choice; how we create and what we create is just a matter of whether we do it with purpose; what kind of feelings (negative or positive), and deciding to become aware of what we are choosing to create.

What is your intention? What is the feeling you are experiencing? That will tell you what you are in store to receive from what you are now ‘creating.’

This is more than thought; this is about FEELING. We must actively and on purpose (being Aware) make a choice, and then a decision to Be Awareness. Allowing yourself to ‘remember’ who you Really Are; what you are truly capable of, and in remembrance of the Blessed Being of Light we all truly are is a CHOICE….a choice to be in a state of REMEMBRANCE..

For to Be in that state is to remember, for as Jesus had said, ‘to do this in Remembrance of Me, meaning, when you honor yourself you will choose to remember who you Really Are, and in Being that, you honor Self; you honor God.

Therefore to ‘Be in the World, but not of it,” is to know yourself, which IS to KNOW GOD….and ‘Heaven On Earth’ is then experienced, here and now.


Aug 7

I read in Neale Donald Walsch’s book, ‘Conversations With God, Book 1,’ that blessed are the Self-Centered, for they shall know God, and at first I could not understand; how could that possibly be true? That statement went against everything that we are taught!

I started to ponder the thought he then suggested in his book, which was:

What if everything we thought was true, was not? And what if everything we thought was not true, was?

What would happen to our reality as we know it?

What I believe would occur would be a shift in our perspective, and that would change EVERYTHING! It would most likely produce a sudden awareness; but what does this all have to do with being Self-Centered? EVERYTHING! For It is all about focusing on Self. So often we are focused on the other; what is the other being, doing, having? What is the other wanting, needing, desiring?

What happens to ourSELVES? We somehow lose who we are when in a relationship, because somehow we thought we would become MORE! Instead, we become LESS; less fulfilled, less capable and oftentimes, feeling less loved. (also from Neale’s same book mentioned above)

Self-Centeredness can be looked upon as being very selfish and not caring about others, but that is NOT how it is to be understood or used in this context. Self-Centeredness in the highest sense, is to be centered on Self. What is SELF BEING in relation to a certain situation? Is Self being Love or fear? For there is no other question that ever needs to be answered. If one decides to be Love, everything heals and is resolved, whether we stay in a relationship or leave; in whatever decision we make about ANYTHING!

As Mr. Walsch states in ‘Conversation With God, Book 1,’ the question comes up with this: If deciding with Love, who is the Love for? We have been taught that it is to Love the other; to sacrifice oftentimes our dignity, integrity, even our joy for the beloved other. But this is NOT Love, for it is not love of SELF, and one cannot Love anyone, if they do not even Love themselves!

Many will use this information of it being ok to be self-centered to justify wrongful deeds, whatever one may see as wrong. But when deciding from the HIGHEST statement of Being Love, ungodly acts never are conceived of, nor done. And why is this true? It is because the Love of Self becomes the Love for another, for we are ALL ONE.

The point of this text is to identify what Self-Centeredness really is, in the purest sense. It is actually the ONLY WAY TO TRULY LIVE…Every Master knows this and has done so. Always deciding what they wished to be, and then choosing LOVE.

In our highest, grandest, and greatest version and vision of ourselves, isn’t it really the most loving way to always come from a place of being Centered In Self, which IS LOVE, and to BE that Love that we all are; to come from a place of THAT when interacting with OTHERS!? Can you think of any other way to really live?

Therefore, as Neale Donald Walsh wrote, blessed are the Self Centered, for they shall know God.

In other words, they will then see GOD in all, for there IS ONLY GOD.


Jul 21

Aging; a process we create because we think that is just how it has to be.

How can we not? We see aging everywhere; from our parents, peers; even our pets; everything appears to age.

We watch trees get larger; homes showing wear and tear; cars depreciating, and any other material/physical creation we may observe.

But what is aging? Some call it a process that is ‘natural;’ that it is inevitable; others address the chemical structure of why, and most basically just accept it as what it appears to be; a mystery.

I have watched many people grow old (both physically and emotionally) and what really strikes me is how so many either ‘age’ before their time, or seemingly stay emotionally immature! Very few age ‘well,’ or just not at all!

Some don’t even seem to age in that they behave the same as when they were young in years. I know of one friend I met in 1974, when I was in college, back almost 41 years ago and I can see the physical changes somewhat, but the Spirit; that laugh and the glimmer in his eyes cannot hide that the person I met back such a long time ago is and always will be, truly timeless. It is our nature; when we see the TRUTH of who we Really are, that is when we see the Spirit, which is the TRUTH OF US ALL!

Yes, we may gather wisdom; certainly life experiences, and some heartaches to go along with that life experience; life may impact us somewhat, but is that really what it means to age? Physically perhaps, however, the Spirit is still strong, youthful, vibrant, and wise…AGELESS; for truly we are all timeless.

It has been stated that with age comes wisdom, but that is not always true either. I have witnessed many whom are older, but none the wiser; behaving as if still in high school, playing childish mind game, as if they had all the time in the world. And sadly, still afraid to give, afraid to let go; still living as if they had just ‘arrived.’ And then, it’s all suddenly over.

So really, what is aging? Maybe the best way to look at it, to perceive aging, is not to give it a thought at all! We are not speaking of resistance, for that will just keep ‘aging,’ in place. Rather, why not look at it straight on, seeing through it for what it is, which is an ILLUSION.

Remember, illusions can be seen, but are not real, as nothing IS real but an all Loving Energy, called God/Love/Source/All That IS/The Great I AM. Aging is therefore an illusion as is everything else we see with the naked eye.

This is not an argument for giving up on people and situations if you feel stuck or if you feel that since it’s all an illusion, why try? Rather let us choose to view people and situations with new eyes; to perceive them as more than they are appearing to be will only produce that result; It will only serve to enhance our experience of them, and of Life; for as we perceive everything and everyone as MORE, so shall they become THAT.

If one chooses, Aging can be thought of as a process of enhancing the life experience; for to age brings WISDOM, SERENITY, COURAGE, and most importantly, if choosing it to be perceived as an opportunity, it CAN be used also to decide and declare who we wish to be in one’s HIGHEST, GRANDEST VISION AND GREATEST VERSION ONE EVER HAD OF ONESELF; it is an opportunity to enhance LOVE; both Love of Self and of others.

The kindest and most beneficial way to look at life is to realize that all of us are aging, but to decide to perceive it differently and positively.  And how would that be?  One way that is both useful, fun, and life enhancing is to choose to perceive ourselves and others as ‘the Wisdom Gatherers.’ We are all THAT! We come onto this planet for to experience LIFE, and we usually start with such anticipation; ripe with enthusiasm, and longing for experience! Somewhere around 45-60, many lose their passion, and settle for so much less, whether it be regarding a relationship, career, or just for life in general. (excerpt in part from ‘Conversations With God, Book 1, Neale Donald Walsch) And isn’t that what aging is truly all about as most view it; one that has lost the drive and passion to live?

It is said we all have to ‘age,’ but that usually means that we are expected to eventually give up on life; to no longer find the joy and laughter; the beauty in Love.

That never should never, nor does it ever have to be that outcome experienced.

And as always, it is a choice we all get to make.

So, let’s end with this question; a good question that will help stop ‘aging’ in it’s tracks:
(at least in the heart and mind)

How old would YOU be IF you didn’t know how old you were?


Jun 22

Discouraged? Heart-broken? Shocked at someone whom you thought would always be there for you, and seems so alien you hardly recognize them? How do we handle that? When these situations arise, it can be so hard…so challenging to go through. We remember all the Love that was there and wonder (if already aware that we bring to ourselves EVERYTHING) what were we thinking??? And most importantly….What were we FEELING?  We must remember foremost before anything else that we did nothing wrong in terms of our thoughts and feelings; we are where we are in our own evolution, and everything is for our grander good.  It is all a process, so to speak, and most importantly a grand and glorious opportunity to display and experience who we REALLY ARE, which is a Spirit, having a human experience.  And what we wish to BE in relation to it all, is the whole purpose of any relationship, whether platonic or romantic.

But we do all understand that there is pain, and how to address this ‘opportunity,’ as it sure doesn’t feel like that when it is going on, does it!?

We must first address the feeling from all these negative emotions brought about by what we perceive as someone else’s actions; it ultimately brings about a feeling of LOSS. We feel empty, alone, and sadly; hence, very unloved. Unity seems shattered, as does hope of it ever being better, or that feeling of connection ever restored.

What DO we DO? It is more a question of what do we wish to BE about all of it! So many offer encouragement such as it will pass; give it time, and probably the one we fear to hear the most, which is that we just must accept that things changed. How hard it is to hear that or conceive that it will never be the same again?

Neale Donald Walsch wrote several wonderful books, ‘When Everything Changes, Change Everything.’ and ‘Home With God,’ Basically, it is offered that Change is ALWAYS GOOD, no exceptions to this rule. Change is growth; change is evolution, and thus, Change is LIFE.

I no longer believe that we must heal from anything, as if one looks closely, VERY CLOSELY at EVERYTHING, there is nothing to heal because we cannot truly ever be damaged. It is all an illusion coming from a perception of how we CHOOSE to view any situation we may find hurtful.

Is change necessary? Absolutely! It is the one constant…truly a Divine Dichotomy, as change must happen for us to grow AND, it is the only thing that we can truly depend on. Consequently, that is where we find our Peace.

Whatever is happening in our life, we must embrace it; no matter how painful;  it is leading us somewhere, and that place is evolution. Even being hurt, we are to remember, no one can experience forgiveness, unless there is someone to forgive. (From another wonderful book by Walsch, ‘The Little Soul and the Sun‘).

Moving forward is just that…we must MOVE; move in the direction of our dreams; choose JOY, no matter where we are or with whom. We will eventually experience another change; a change that will bring hope, peace, and always Love.

It just is the way it is, as there is really only Love. We sometimes can pinch ourselves off from it pretty well, but it is always there, as the Sun sits behind a cloud. Wait for that ‘cloud to pass;’ never give up hope, for remember, change is always good, and truly Loss once again will transform into gain.

That is Universal law; for as Issac Newton, the great physicist stated, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore, wait for that opposite reaction from the change and the pain that has happened, to occur.

Change IS always good! Embrace that, and fear, pain, sadness WILL transform. Remember to recognize the pain; that usually is all it takes to move away from it. Pivot your emotions during this trial by asking oneself, what one truly desires,  and focus on that. (Information from Abaham-Hicks)

The transform will and always does eventually occur.


Jun 2

Recently it appears that so much information has been published on being an Empath; it seems to have become the new ‘in’ word, when basically all it really is doing is giving a label to the ability to feel. The truth is this: we are all Empaths; all feeling Beings, for we are God, it’s just that some block this natural state, through fear.

Feeling involves emotions, and many do not wish to go there. Painful memories lead to emotions and feelings that many do not wish to address, so blocking is one way to defend ourselves from feeling.

Empathy places us in a position to feel another’s pain, and how can we do that, when often we cannot even stand to feel our own? What is the solution to ‘re-membering (becoming a member once again) of the connection to the All that Is, which is God/Universe/Love? (for more information on this subject, please view the Conversations With God trilogy, by Neale Donald Walsch).

Moreover, how can we expect to BE empathic to others when so often we do not even display that for ourselves?

It is much more loving and simple to view Empathy as connection. We connect when we feel safe; we disconnect sometimes out of fear, sometimes out of habit, but always from neglect. Somehow our connection to someone was neglected (usually by another individual) and we close off so as not to feel the disconnect any longer. Sadly, those that close off are always in a state of being disconnected, and it becomes comfortable but not in the sense of contentment; rather a settling into a pattern. An analogy would be as one sits on ones’ leg and it falls asleep; for a while we may not feel anything, and then when trying to get up and walk, one can hardly stand on the leg.

Disconnect is like that; it may seem ok for a while, but it’s hard to stand alone without feeling eventually it’s difficult to even go on. True disconnect can even sometimes lead to suicide in extreme cases. No one that ever felt connected committed suicide.

On another level, new information reveals that all addictions come from a lack of connection. How else could it be? If one feels disconnect, they withdraw, and drugs/alcohol provide some temporary relief from feeling disconnected and alone in the world. However, the truth is everywhere; in every book and lecture that every Master has even written or said: we are never disconnected from our Source, which is the energy of Love; some call this energy God. It is US and we are THAT.

That knowing will produce an AWARENESS of a connection that never dies, for it/we are eternal, sacred, magnificent Beings of the Universe and to be Empathic only means we are allowing who We Really Are to be made manifest in this physical form, through only one Source….Love.  (For more information on this subject, please view Neale Donald Walsch’s book, ‘Conversation With God, Book 1).

Empathy therefore is another aspect of God, expressed.

To be an Empath is not a talent that some have and others do not; rather it is a choice to let go of the fear that is blocking this gift that we all are, which is Love.

As the Christ said, ‘….be a light onto the darkness, so that all may see…’

Empathy is that Light.


May 5

As we Love, we (become privy to) the knowledge and the wisdom of all; as we Love all, we BECOME all, in that we are consciously connected through our Spirit/Energy. Even though we are always connected (as we are all One), the difference is that once we Love all, our connection is made manifest, i.e., we become awake to that unity.  We are then conscious of it, and when that occurs, all wisdom of the ages and all experiences become ours.  Please note: this is not on an individual level, but on a level of collective consciousness.  When this occurs, you will know it, as you will feel completely elated, joyful, and also could not hurt anyone, for one will then see all as who they REALLY are, which is that they are US.

It is not so much remembering, but a CONNECTION MADE CONSCIOUS!  This awakening of being connected, brings about a Unity that produces us to experience the complete Loving Power of God, meaning we become consciously awake to  the Universe working through us, (as it always does) but this time, we are fully aware of it! Why does it work through us? Because we ARE THAT UNIVERSE. When this occurs, we sometimes use the term “Christed,’ to explain what we are then consciously having become transformed into; basically speaking, WE ARE AWAKE; awake to our true nature…our true God Self….contained in physicality, but not of it. Never are the words now so crystal clear as Jesus’s statement, ‘….Be in the World, but not of it….’  (for more information on this subject, view ‘Enjoy the Ride,’ by Frank Daly.

Being in this state of  consciousness, we are then Loving all, and when that occurs, manifestation is effortless. WE are completely in a state of Loving peace and harmony, for what other state on a natural level, is there? For there IS ONLY LOVE. We are then a physical entity, but completely aware of our connection not only to ALL, but AS ALL!  Experiencing this knowledge AS ALL, is what some call NIRVANA.  The ascension and decension is nothing more than a transcending….meaning as our vibration changes, a new dimension that is HERE NOW (HEAVEN/The New Earth) appears, and we then experience THAT!  We can then ascend and descend at will!

We are all there already…it is just a decision to open up as Love, and to Love All. This awareness brings us that clarity and this transformation is then made manifest; in other words, consciously experienced in our reality.

This is the teaching of every Master whom has ever walked the Planet, which basically states, ‘…all you need is Love..’

Love Self and Love all As Self, for there is no other, but ONE….

…and all of us are THAT!



Apr 14

How often do we seek approval from others? Sadly many of us value the approval of someone whom hardly ever gives it. We somehow value their approval over someone whom freely demonstrates how wonderful we are; what good we have done, or basically that we are loved unconditionally.

As the old saying goes, “I would never want to belong to a club that would have me as a member..”

In other words, if you accept me, then something is wrong with you, because I am not good enough, and therefore, neither are you…” Sadly, when one is treated in a way that feels we are not valued, if our self-esteem is low, we will often try even harder to get that negative person’s approval.  We do this because we somehow think that if their approval is given sparingly, then somehow it is more valuable and it will mean more to us. The sad truth is that this is really the opposite of what is going on!

One that berates and hardly gives approval is one that not often sees real beauty. And this does not mean in terms of seeing something that pleases the ‘eye.’ It refers to how they look at their world. One either sees the world as ugly or as beautiful; as good or as bad; as frightening or as safe. Therefore, the person who has a negative point of view in general, will not see the beauty in us or our behavior, and will instead, find fault, even though beauty is always present.  It is their perspective that forms their opinion, and unconsciously, they are choosing to block Love, which is always there.  Hence, they will see many things as negative, (in fact, one of  the acronyms for SATAN is Seeing All Things As Negative…as stated by author Neale Donald Walsch, in Conversations With God, Book 3).

Others whom see beauty in everything and everywhere are actually seeing the Ultimate Reality of what Really IS. Reason being, there is only God/Love, which is the Ultimate Truth. Sadly those people will oftentimes be taken for granted or mistook as being too easy to please, so to speak. They will not be valued for the unconditional Love and beauty they see in everything…..and in US.

But the truth is this: those whom see beauty everywhere are the ones that must be honored and valued, for they see the REAL person,  as they see LOVE, which is GOD.

As for those who are hard to please? They are asleep Spiritually and therefore, do not see beauty in everything, or hardly at all. They will in time, as all are ‘going Home;’ but for now, let us bless those still asleep on their Spiritual path, and let us value and appreciate those Beings of Light, who see in us,  what they also truly are, which is Love.


Mar 26

The other day I was asked that if I could make one wish, what would it be. At first, like all things, one feels they know EXACTLY what they would wish for….money, good health, Love, etc….but I suddenly found that I just could not make only ONE wish!

So many thoughts ran thorough my head regarding what would be the BEST WISH! I first thought possibly money would be THE wish, for without money to buy things and take care of ourselves and others, many ruin their good health and even lose their families because of a lack of food, shelter, etc. But of course my next thought was how even though countless people do have money, many are completely miserable (sometimes even committing suicide!), or overdosing on drugs due to their addictions because of their unhappiness; so difficult and sad their lives seem to be for them.

Suddenly good health seemed the wish I considered, and then I realized that even with good health (and money), most people are so lonely without Love. Love then seemed to be the one thing I would always wish for; in other words, to Love and to be Loved. BUT, suddenly  I realized that even with Love, if money issues and/or bad health are present, how could one even enjoy Love to the fullest? Most importantly, it certainly would be much more difficult to enhance another’s life if one was in bad health or lacked financial means to keep both themselves and their Loved ones, stress-free.

A realization then occurred,  and I gratefully understood why this was all so difficult to decide!  And the reason is this:

We cannot be satisfied with one wish!  The interesting part is that it is not for the reason one would think (selfishness, being confused, etc.). Rather it is because we are a three in One Being…we are Mind, Body, and Spirit! And in that we must have all three in balance to be happy. For our bodies, we must have good health to enjoy our lives to the fullest. We also must have financial security of some kind in order to eat, have shelter, and to enjoy experiences in our lives such as holidays, vacations; even buying our loved ones things that enhance their lives, which helps keep our mind in a state of peace. And then, finally Love, for our Soul, for without that, the others cannot help us reach that state to make our health and financial security worthwhile.

Life is balance, and when all three aspects of our Being are in balance, so are we….as quoted in a book, called ‘The Secret,’ by Rhonda Bryne, some say they are spiritual, but they are sick and broke, and that is not wealth nor spirituality;  nor is it balance. We must have all three aspects of who we Really Are satisfied, and the only way to experience that is to declare it as a truth that we deserve it. Why? Because we BREATHE! We are ALL magnificent, sacred designs of the Universe, and are born with that right!  We are also three in one, and the first step to balance is to acknowledge THAT!

So, remember, never be afraid to give yourself EVERYTHING you have ever wanted in your life. As God is All Love, in truth, there is really no other way that it would, or ever could be!  All are worthy to be in balance, to be happy, and to have ALL their ‘wishes’ come true!


Mar 13

How many times do we complain? How often do we choose to look at what we do not have, rather than what we do? So many of us do this unconsciously, and I mean that figuratively…We are unconscious in that we know not what we do. (in other words, what we are bringing to ourselves).

It is interesting to realize that complaining is not just saying what we don’t like…it can also come in the form of just not being happy about what we do have; telling people our problems, telling our children we can’t afford something; feeling hate or boredom for the government or our job; in other words, in general not focusing on our blessings; all this is complaining. Feeling lack and limitation is also a complaint in that we are vibrating that we are not happy about something (not seeking the good in what is), and this only creates not only it staying in place, but also in attracting more things to complain about!

We are ‘all Sorcerers,’ in the sense that we are the SOURCE OF EVERYTHING; therefore, when we complain, we literally place that which we do not want into motion, for we ARE that POWERFUL! And do you know why? Because we are THAT POWER….we are Gods! Has the Christ not said, “Ye are Gods?”

Sadly, we do this by default, in that we do not do this with the intention of making it worse; however complaining causes us creating more things to complain about, and that is exactly what we are doing, that is until we do not.

Why do we complain? Most will say it’s so whatever we are complaining about will change and/or get corrected. We are always told to express our feelings because we are told that is how situations will improve. And so the argument (for complaining) goes something like this: (How many times have we heard), ‘I am not complaining…just telling you my feelings…’

Let’s look at that statement; is a complaint really expressing our feelings? If we really look at a complaint, it is NOT telling our feelings, but rather it is telling someone how much we don’t like something. The most important part of this is to SEE the difference, which is that stating our feelings is not focusing on what we don’t like, but rather it’s how that particular issue brought us to feel. A good example? We can complain how our spouse never helps us clean up, or never allows us a night out with our friends. That is just a complaint. However, saying our feelings about that issue, such as, ‘I feel I am being taken for granted, which makes me feel trapped and unloved,’ is a statement of what IS at that moment, our perception.  The difference is that the complaint has no solution nor asks for one; however, stating our feelings always will leave a way for a solution to appear because no matter how it is taken, it must be accepted. Why? Because expressing feelings does not demean another, nor does it criticize.  it is merely an expression of what one is perceiving in a situation, and thus, relieves all concerned of feeling DEFENSIVE.  And with that, a compromise or a solution can more easily and LOVINGLY be reached.

Every compliant is basically a statement of a lack of gratitude. It is also a practice of focusing on what you don’t want, and thinking negatively.

Without gratitude (as stated in The Magic, by Rhonda Bryne), for those who lack gratitude, all will be taken away and they will get no more; whereas, those whom have gratitude, they will keep what they have and more will be given to them. The reason is that when we give, we receive; when we receive, we must give in order to receive again. This simple law of the Universe is stated so clearly in Issac Newton’s physics law, ….’for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction…’ Therefore, when we TAKE something for granted (no gratitude), we must GIVE something, and if we don’t we will be,  so to speak forced to GIVE back, rather than with our own feelings of GIVING thanks.

It is so simple once understood and known. And the simplest way to cancel out a complaint is to be grateful; an easy way to feel gratitude is to state our blessings; that will bring about a feeling of what we are grateful for and what we acknowledge as a blessing in our lives.

Also, as stated in the Magic by Rhonda Bryne, if you complain, you must think of 10 blessings to cancel out the complaint or it will manifest (be made real) in your reality. Reason being that after approximately 70 seconds, our thoughts and feelings start to push electrons and atoms into motion to create the things we are complaining about or, (if feeling grateful) it will start to create more things to be grateful about. If we are complaining, then feeling and thinking of our blessings and feeling grateful in the form of at least 10 blessings, will keep us in that state longer than 70 seconds, and will then cancel out that complaint and begin the manifestation of blessings in our lives.

Simply stated, what we focus on (create), whether we desire it or not, will happen. For the Universe does not give us what we ‘want,’ (as the true definition of the word ‘want’ means ‘lack.’) but rather the Universe gives us what we CREATE, and we do this with our thoughts and feelings.

Complaining is TAKING things for granted; focusing on our blessings, is GIVING thanks…

Which one will you choose to focus on? As always, it’s all about what do we wish to Be; TAKING things for granted, or GIVING thanks; the choice is always ours.


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