Realization #184 – The Puzzle of Manifesting

So many of us are becoming aware of our True Essence…to know and understand that our Life Force IS God, for that essence is called the MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE (meaning ‘God is in Action within).

Yes we are Beings of Light ….WE are all One Light….The MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE, which IS Divinity, and …..We all are THAT in physical form, expressing that Light in infinite ways through
The Universe. Fort is God the MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE that beats our hearts.

Manifestation, to quote Eckhardt Tolle, “can best be understood in one phrase, quoted from Jesus Christ, which is this: “Ask and believing you already have it, you will receive it.”
This is not about praying for it, but praying with a gratitude and KNOWING that you have it already….for it is all about FEELINGS…. For feelings are the ENERGY that causes MANIFESTATION!

And how to FEEL that? It is to acknowledge your Divinity, which IS all good, all abundance,
and all Love. With that knowing that you are THAT Presence, without need, encompassing all, you will know yourself to be free of lack, and will only know the truth of your Being, as the abundance you truly are; remember, everything is already done what you wish for is already existing in another dimension; we must only match that frequency to experience that reality.
For as Einstein stated, ‘….everything is energy; match the frequency of the reality you wish to experience, and you cannot help but get it. There can be no other way; this is not philosophy, this is physics..’

There is only one other step in this process, and it is this:

Once understood who you REALLY are….you will KNOW…and that FEELING of KNOWING creates manifestation… so it is basically feeling certain as you visualize.

To understand and to know that we make real (manifest) with our feelings; to feel that knowing, and visualize what you wish for, it will bring you to a vibration that will match your visualization and feelings, and it will then appear, becoming your reality.

But….remember, your feelings control your thoughts, so we MUST monitor and control our feelings, especially if negative and/or reactive,

Many do not get what they visualize and that is because they do not FEEL the feeling of gratitude of already having it. Instead, they feel doubtful or negative and then wonder why their ‘visualization’ is not producing what they wish to manifest,,,,it is because they are consciously or subconsciously, feeling uncertain as to if their manifestation will occur, and therefore it does not…. Due to the fact that the feelings are contrary to the visualization that they are desiring to manifest.

Visualization is the tool that is a crucial part of manifesting, for it pushes out an emotion (which is Energy in motion), and this energy attracts the particles In the atmosphere, to which they come together to form our ‘reality.’ That formation of atoms and electrons, turn into particles of matter, and is what some refer to this process as Sacred Geometry; hence, an ‘outcome’ is formed. We call this our ‘reality.’ BUT the FEELING MUST match the visualization. So sadly, when our visualization does not come true, or maybe something less, it is because our feelings did match our visualization, which means that you may have started out visualizing what you desire, but then you started feeling that it couldn’t happen, or asking how it could happen (doubt), and therefore the negative feelings change the visualization into either less than what you wished for or it does not appear at all.

One MUST FEEL it for that visualization to manifest.

For what you place your attention to will expand and appear in your life. We attract what we
are BEING (feeling), not what we want. We attract with our FEELINGS, Again, you attract the State of Being you are….ie., worry attracts more worry; happiness attracts more things to be happy about.

We can compare the concept of how we manifest to that of a puzzle….all the pieces fit together to form a picture…and so it is for manifestation, instead, only with our feelings and thoughts, those so called ‘puzzle pieces’ change into any form of whatever we feel, think, and visualize….and then meld together to form the pictures we have been visualizing in our mind…and, becoming our ‘reality,’

This picture (our reality) reflects our feelings, which can be horrific or filled with elation and happiness…it’s all what we feel and visualize with those feelings that create our reality and hence, the outcome.

Many proclaim that they DO visualize and it just doesn’t happen. And it is because the main
focus of our thoughts and most importantly our feelings, must be that it is ALREADY DONE….
In other words, that we have already received it, (no doubt) as stated through countless manifesting books, and the messages of many speakers, Jesus Christ said it as clearly and as concisely;

“As you saith, (think, say, and FEEL), so shall it be….”

And now, to remember, (that is to become a member one again with God; to know your true
essence and then to visualize….FEELING certain…..think of what you can BE and manifest now!

Many blessings!

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