Realization #181 – Seeking God and No Place to Look

Everyone to some extent, is seeking God, but there is NO PLACE TO LOOK! Why is this? Because God is EVERYWHERE; there truly is NO SPOT THAT GOD IS NOT! Therefore, God is EVERYWHERE, right in front of us, and yet we walk around seeking, when everyone and everything IS GOD….It’s like asking a fish where the water is? IN, AROUND, and THROUGH!

A realization such as this can be life transformational, for if there is no place to look, it means that God is ALWAYS there….everywhere!

I remember seeing a poster that read…’Some people look for God, as if HE could get lost.’ I smile now to think that the Truth is so simple, yet we tend to oftentimes miss it….. that is, until we do not.

To say you are ‘seeking God, really vibrates the message to the Universe that you have not yet found God, and that is a lie about who you REALLY ARE. For we are all God in Physicality; all Divine, Sacred, Magnificent Designs of the Universe. It does not matter what you have done, been, or experienced, for no one is NOT GOD. However, the act of ‘seeking’ God only keeps us experiencing exactly THAT….SEEKING God and not KNOWING God.

It is not blasphemy to say we are God; rather it is the highest praise of GOD, for God is all Love, and we are all Divine aspects of that Loving and all Encompassing Energy. This IS stating a bigger, deeper, and more complete expanded feeling and knowing of what God really is, which is Love…. and in everything.

Aspects of behavior that we judge or deem ‘ungodly,’ are merely aspects of ourselves that the LIGHT/SOURCE/GOD within has been blocked, and it is we who block this loving Source; not entirely….. but enough to FEEL disconnected. God is still there, but so much of the highest and grandest characteristics of our God Self are blocked, until we ask for assistance; until we go WITHIN.

There is no one, no thing, and no place that God does not exist in, through, and around…not in Absolute Truth of GOD….for God is ALL in ALL…the Great and Mighty I AM PRESENCE which is in, around, and through, not only us, but in the SPACE IN BETWEEN. This is a much more accurate description of God, demonstrating that there truly is no Separation. The idea of separation is the GRAND ILLUSION.

This illusion is necessary to some degree in order to live in this world, called our ‘reality,’ but if you do not remember WHO WE REALLY ARE, it can at best feel so lonely, and worse yet, at times very scary indeed.

But the truth is this:

…there is really only ONE BEING HERE….That is God, separated into countless energies, inhabiting and holding together a physical structure that seems separate from others, to create an illusionary reality of experiences, called LIFE. And that IS necessary to experience ‘life.’ But that PRESENCE is always with us, because IT IS US!

Why have we been created and why are we alive and here in our reality?

The answer? To observe, to know itself (GOD) in its’ own experience of everything that God is…and that is the reason for so many different aspects of God; for the energy of Love/God/Source/IAM PRESENCE then has the experience of knowing itself, as before it embodies in physicality, It only knows of Itself as a concept of the characteristics of God.. We, by vibrating at a frequency that produces a physical structure, all of us (All GOD) then get to experience GOD/Life, through the infinite number of different aspects of life forms. Hence, we all have life experiences in order to experience EVERYTHING.

However, our natural State is that PRESENCE: the essence of God, which we all are THAT. And that is why free will exist; to experience the many aspects of the Divine. However, because you must have opposites to experience, there are experiences that are unpleasant. Fear is the illusionary opposite of Love, just as we must have ‘cold’ to know ‘hot.’ Reality is set up to experience the highest aspects of our true Divinity, and we can only do that if the opposite exists, in this contextual field called ‘reality.’ And that is why reality is really subjective, in that, it’s all ‘how we look at it.’ We must have this contextual field in order to experience.

Sometimes it feels so remote from what we are being…so detached, that we question all we think we know, but the Truth is that SEPARATION is an illusion; for we can never be apart from God, because WE ARE THAT/GOD/SPIRIT/SOURCE/MIIGTY I AM PRESENCE.

When we become/decide to BE that Perfection, then we experience God in the HIGHEST, GRANDEST, and GREATEST sense.

We often oscillate back and forth between different states of Being…and that is what we are all here to do; to Master Our Reality, meaning ourselves. When we have mastered our emotions, (not in resistance) but in understanding who WE REALLY ARE, we will self-correct (meaning not reprimanding ourselves), but transforming back to our MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE. That state of perfection (if you are patient), will produce the perfection outside of ourselves, into our ‘reality,’ called our LIFE.

With this Truth lies the greatest peace and contentment, for then we are without need. And that expression; that VIBRATION, of ‘being without need,’ produces a life that is without need, meaning all good/God which then naturally becomes our life experience…for as Jesus the Christ stated, ‘As you saith (Speak, feel), so shall it is!


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