Realization #182 – Self Correction to Perfection

I realize how temporary all this is…meaning the ILLUSION of our reality…not illusion of LIFE, because Life always goes on forever and ever, for all eternity….because WE ARE THAT. But I write of the shift that is happening now in our World, and in many people’s reality…..ASCENSION IS NOW and A New Earth IS appearing.

So, how to get to that place…called ‘Ascension?’ And what does Self Correction mean in this case? How ARE they connected?

The first step is to decide to become awakened to certain negative ‘patterns’ that have repeated in ones’ life.

I believe we MUST pay attention to the repeated patterns, whatever they may be, in order to dissolve them. We are shedding lifetimes, (yes, LIFETIMES) of negative emotions and deeds in the form of resistance, fear, anger, avoidance, etc., and when they surface, they must be consumed. How? First we must always look to LOVE/GOD/SOURCE/I AM PRESENCE; for that is a sure way that they permanently dissolve.

We will only keep them in place if we avoid or resist looking at what may show up in a negative form or way. Without realizing, when we avoid anything, we are saying ‘It’s there and I will ignore it!‘ Meaning, when we are in part thinking/feeling, or saying ‘IT’S THERE,’ that vibration keeps IT THERE!

AVOIDANCE IS ACTUALLY PURE ACKNOWLEDGMENT THAT IT’S THERE, (but that we won’t look at it!) and so it MUST STAY in our life experience/reality.

Substances such as alcohol and any drugs is an ‘outer’ tool used for AVOIDANCE; some find it so easy to do, excusing the use as ‘social.’ But in truth, it IS a technique for avoiding, which brings one to nowhere, regarding spiritual evolution. This is not a judgement; it is an offering of information. We all must decide what we wish to be in relation to it all.

I have realized that all adversity comes as a GIFT/OPPORTUNITY to force us, so to speak, to turn our attention to back to SPIRIT/GOD; in other words, to our MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE (God in Action -within us). We are all to become CHRISTED BEINGS, for that IS our natural state of BEING….GOD IN PHYSICAL FORM. JESUS THE CHRIST had shown it was possible. His message was clear in his statement, ‘…what I can do, so can you, and you shall do even greater things than I…’

The only way, is therefore, not through avoidance, complaining or judgment, (which we all have done), but instead turning to God for help, by asking for these negative feelings to be CONSUMED and TRANSMUTED into LOVE; deciding to actively BE that will eventually stop this pattern, as we rid ourselves of these feelings of disharmony forever. Only with Love; Love of Self and BEING the PERFECTION (GOD) that we truly are, will this occur.

And the reason for this writing? To assist in giving information to obtain and to KEEP that Perfection, which is the MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE/GOD/SOURCE/LOVE.

I have also come to the understanding that when we do say the words ‘I AM,’ we “light up/turn on the electrons in the atoms of our cells; our ‘vibration’ then raises, which causes our Being to match the CHRISTED STATE, and with enough attention given to that, it is TO STAY.

With this practice, ASCENSION, COMES THROUGH US, not ‘to us.’


The NEW EARTH is a dimension, and through ASCENSION it is reached; we match the vibrational frequency and once we do so, through us the NEW EARTH appears. That is what Jesus meant by ‘He will come again, and there will be 1,000 of Peace.’ For I have come to understand that He meant THE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS,’ not just Him coming back, but all that are ready to “ASCEND,’ (to match their Vibration to the New Earth; that we ALL become CHRISTED).

Many feel that they are ‘working’ towards this ASCENSION, but please remember, for Jesus the Christ also stated, ‘As you saith, so shall it is,’ meaning that if you feel you are ‘working’ towards ASCENSION, you will only experience ‘working’ towards it, and not ASCENSION, but the working towards it. Feelings are literal in that they match and create the experience of EXACTLY what we feel; nothing more and nothing less.

Therefore, the wisest and fastest way to experience ASCENSION is to first FEEL this statement:

‘I shall now decide, at this moment, to KNOW and to be SO GRATEFUL that even the ‘working towards ASCENSION IS NOW OVER; for I know and choose now to KNOW AND EXPERIENCE BEING ASCENDED!’

It is difficult to connect to this line of thinking and feeling when patterns from past emotional and physical trauma get in the way. Most of us, in some way or another in the past have experienced patterns; many of us have even felt angry with OURSELVES, for when those patterns had kept happening, we realized that we were doing this to ourselves!

It is so important now to NOT be angry with SELF any longer, because to be in a State of Perfection, means that we must allow ourselves to BE..and that Is LIFE. To be gentle with Self is the first step towards Mastery; Loving Self, and all others.

The more that realization and loving self happens, we get stronger to LOOK at it our patterns and self, rather than avoid. So my question right now to all of you is this: ‘Has avoidance in the past, caused you to have stayed in something that you had not wished to? Is it something that you are still doing?’

I do realize that avoidance one of the worst behaviors we can do, because it keeps ‘it’ in place, (whatever ‘it’ may be), and with NO chance of it healing and going away; the same as having a problem and ignoring it….it never goes away, does it?

Sometimes things resolve on their own, which is tricky, because it sounds like I am saying ‘get into it,’ and yet NOT. I believe things only truly resolve when we stop looking to others to solve them for us…meaning that blaming and thinking “if someone changes,’ then I can be happy, is somewhat avoiding our power that we are creating ALL OF IT! And remember, until you ‘own’ it, you can’t ‘it give away,’ (meaning anything that you ‘don’t own.’).

Acceptance of our Self and others is always the solution. But acceptance of others does not mean we accept abuse. Acceptance in this case means that we look at something, and accept our responsibility of having placed it in our lives.

Usually, we just have kept hoping and looking to OTHERS to be nice or to fix thing to help us to be HAPPY!

Wow, think about THAT! We have a hard time changing OURSELVES…so how can we expect others to change? We keep thinking, if they didn’t do this or that, then I CAN BE HAPPY…..this definitely is a pattern, isn’t it? Have you noticed this in your own life?

A good feeling/thought to have is this:

‘I am GRATEFUL to NOW be free of these patterns.’

Once we are ‘on our way to ASCENSION,’ we will realize that we cannot leave a situation feeling bad or needy, (or seeking to have someone fix or save us) because as long as we still have been carrying that feeling of looking to the “OUTER self” and world for that happiness, often in the form of ‘someone, we are missing the vibration to ASCENSION, for it MUST come from inside of us.

As Jesus The Christ stated, ‘….the Kingdom of Heaven, is Within…’

In that level of understanding, is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Many confuse unconditional love with ‘tolerance.’ But the two are quite different. Tolerance is basically putting up with something unpleasant; Unconditional is staying in your perfection, regardless of what is going on, but it does NOT mean to ‘tolerate’ anything that brings sadness or abuse. You can love from afar, so to speak.

When we are so calm inside that whatever is going on, we STAY In that PERFECTION of the “MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE;” then of course, everything BALANCED and GOOD comes to us, and we give to another out of wishing to also enhance their life. This is not tolerance, but seeing through to the Perfection of the other.

And the more we feel that loving calm inside and ABOUT LIFE, the more we stay in HARMONY INSIDE, keeping THAT PERFECTION INSIDE, so it MUST reflect back to us, forming our outer reality.

I suppose PATIENCE is all that is really necessary in this process; that, and SELF CORRECTION. So rather than be impatient, if we just stay in that Perfection, all that is imperfect will ‘vibrate’ out of our reality, and only Perfection WILL show UP in our LIFE EXPERIENCE.

Looking at something doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do something, but it does mean awareness to the problem; SELF CORRECTION, leads us back to our state of Perfection, whom we REALLY ARE…Spirit, The Mighty I AM PRESENCE, GOD….

Be all you can to be/feel PERFECT peace and calm inside; meaning happy; balanced; serene, poised, but not from avoiding, but rather see it all as the illusion it is.

The Master, Jesus The Christ, stayed in that vibration of Perfection inside; that reflected outside into what is called his reality; it was how he lived, and showed His way and state of BEING through his sermons and miracles.

We must realize and know that every disharmony, adversity, and discordance is merely an opportunity to turn back to our Source, to ‘allow’ God/Source/Mighty I AM PRESENCE to guide, guard, and lead us to the most magnificent outcomes.

So how do we ALLOW?

By STAYING in that Perfection.

And how do we STAY in that Perfection?


SO, here are some ‘tools’ for SELF CORRECTION,” (But please remember, when I speak of SELF CORRECTION, it does NOT mean harsh punishment or self condemnation to ‘snap’ ourselves back in place), but in this case, SELF CORRECTION means to bring ourselves BACK to our NATURAL STATE of PERFECTION, so that everything outside of ourselves (Our Reality) will return to that state of Perfection/Good Outcomes, to us in the form of experiences in our lives.)

The following are some ways that work to SELF CORRECT:

Some DECREES I have learned are as follows; they help if said in this order, all at once, or separately… and whether sad or happy:







If you think these WITH FEELING, or say them out loud every time you feel discordance, disharmony, anger, sadness, or any negative emotion, I AM THAT I AM means “GOD IN ACTION WITHIN, and it WILL improve immediately and bring you back to your PERFECTION; it will transmute and consume, raising your vibration back to PERFECTION, which is really our ‘Natural State.


Many Blessings!

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