Realization #180 – I AM THAT I AM

I have been studying St. Germain’s Teachings/ Ascended Masters, and especially Jesus and his teachings, and I find that we are all on PURPOSE here; to become and BE that CHRISTED BEING, ASCENDED AS THEY ARE, which is our natural state…God In Action through US all!

Many experiences have occurred to assist in the transformation with many, including myself.

We are all and have/had been, in a process of that transformation; I feel I have completed mine in many ways, and we are forever evolving to higher and higher states of BEING….that explains all the past pain and trauma, and now the Utopia (New Earth) that is occurring and HAS occurred….being NOW ASCENDED.

One wonderful “Utopia/Euphoric ‘tool’ is to ‘know’ deep inside to BE HAPPY; feel GOOD, and enjoy LIFE….that keeps one in a frequency of good health and abundance, happiness, and Love…..all states, aspects, and characteristics of God.

I have come to a good outcome in my relationship with EVERYONE, and I AM SO GRATEFUL, because it has now affected my health in such a wonderful, good, and positive way; it IS all about ME…and I don’t mean that it was my fault in that I was the ‘problem;’ or in anyway self centered… I mean that all I see is ME…in all different forms and I realize that staying in my State of Perfection, BEING Love to myself and all others (Which IS the Mighty I AM PRESENCE/God, in all of us; to be conscious of that, of WHO WE REALLY ARE, produces that same perfection outside of myself, called ‘my reality. ‘ Truly Love IS reflected in Love….BECAUSE Love is PERFECTION, and when experiencing LOVE on the INSIDE, the Perfection of Love, manifests on the OUTSIDE (our realty…Perfect Outcomes; peace and harmony).

This may sound pretty unusual, but when you really read my words, I know that when you connect to your Higher Self, you will know this to be TRUTH.

And that is why Jesus The Christ, stated, “..the Truth will set you free……all you need is Love…and I can of my own Self do nothing (outer self). …for the Father is Within…
To stay CONSCIOUSLY in that PERFECTION, which is GOD/the GREAT I AM, does produce that same perfection in every area of our outer ‘reality.’  

That I know for sure…


There are many ‘tools’ to help one to CONSCIOUSLY connect back to that Perfection. One is to state, “I AM!” That statement is the Highest form of declaration, the Mighty Presence of God In Action, within us; that statement “I AM” transmutes all negativity, all errors of feelings/thoughts, and transforms it all into Love…into Perfection. With that statement, your inner Self is Love/Perfection, and holding that ‘frequency,’ your world will reflect that State of Being. Patience is all that is required, and a willingness to be CONSCIOUS of what one is feeling/thinking.

For more information, there are several books that are available through the St. Germain/ I AM Foundation, and online; the most documented authority are the books by Mr. and Mrs. Ballard.

Many Blessings!

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