Realization #151 – Appreciation and Gratitude; What is the difference?




So many spiritual teachers stress gratitude as the ‘key’ to creating a reality that is both joyful and abundant. It is stressed that without gratitude all will be taken from us, and that no more will be given. This is not to argue that point, but merely to add to this equation.

After viewing some work done by Ester Hicks, of the Abraham-Hicks writings, it has come to my awareness that there is something even more fine-tuned in our creating the reality we wish to experience.


Gratitude, I have realized, still has a bit of ‘struggle’ left in it, in that when we are grateful, we are remembering a time when we did not ‘have’ what we are now grateful for.

Appreciation however, is seeing the beauty of every situation, even the ones where most would criticize and complain. Instead, it is to see everything in a light of appreciation, free of the struggle or memory of lack or limitation. We see a flower and appreciate it’s beauty for what it is. We see or experience an illness or loss and instead appreciate, realizing that it gave us a new view on what, and who was (and is) important in our lives.

Appreciation is something that just is. We do not however, (as with gratitude) have to have lost something to feel it, nor to receive anything to feel it. It is something that being the Awareness we Really Are, we automatically appreciate all that is in us and around us.

Appreciation is therefore the totality of our Being. It is Being God, for what more does God really ask of us but to breathe, and by doing so, God experiences through us.

Appreciation is therefore, God experiencing Life, rather as an experience instead of just a concept. It is long past giving out or receiving; it is just what IS, for it is complete Awareness.

And WE are that vehicle, that Awareness, that causes our Soul/Life/Love/God to experience Life.

In Appreciation of all is the State of Being of our Highest version and our Grandest vision of ourselves, and we are all really THAT. We are God manifested in physical structure to experience all of Life.

True appreciation is without need or want. It is just Being that Awareness as the most highest vibration of Love. When one looks at the world with that clarity, one is called Master, Christed…Awake.


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