Realization #165 – Free Will

We are told that we all have free will. It sometimes is sadly used to impose guilt such as in telling someone that when they make a mistake, it is their ‘free will,’ in that they could have chosen better.

When this happens, the other often deep inside feels badly, because it causes the obvious question to Self, if I have free will, why would I choose to be That?

We are also told that God gives us ‘free will’ and that all we choose is up to us; therefore, if we do something wrong, (whatever that may be, relative to belief systems), it is solely our fault, and we must be punished for it!  Many religions thrive on this so called ‘rule,’ to impose guilt, shame, and blame.  What kind of free will is that, if we are punished for choosing other than what someone else desires?

In the ‘eyes’ of God, we can do no wrong. (That is a very radical statement, IF one looks at it on the surface). But if viewing from the perspective of seeking clarity and looking deeply at free will, we find that it is a truth. For how can God punish us for giving us a choice? And if we are to only follow one rule, then what kind of choice/free will is that?

For in the eyes of God, we are all on a journey of evolution; free will is merely a tool to create Reality; without it, there would be no choice, and no opposites from which to choose from. As in the book, “Home with God,” by Neale Donald Walsch, everything is always a choice, even after we ‘transcend.’

Free will allows us the experience called life. Free will also allows us to grow from our choices. Without free will, there is nothing, for free will implies that we may choose from an assortment of behaviors, creating many possible outcomes. If you do not have choice/free will, you cannot choose, and therefore have nothing to choose from…hence no reality of opposites to experience life.

Free will is a blessings, no matter which way we choose, because God lives through us, and therefore can only experience life through our choices…Free will is therefore choice, and can never be judged…it just IS, which causes an outcome, an experience, called Life.

When one chooses something that does not serve them well, it still is an opportunity for growth, which is what the Soul is up to…observation, choice, experience, evolution….and no matter the outcome….this IS LIFE.

Therefore, curse not the darkness as the Masters tell us, for to have Free Will is the greatest gift ever bestowed upon us, and necessary for our experience called life, no matter what outcome shows up.

Because we all have free will to choose in this reality, whatever you choose, whatever the outcome, accept the Now as it is, and strive to LIVE a life with meaning, clarity, determination, and expansion …through your free will, all is possible; hence through God, (Love/free will/life) we exist as something, and thankfully through that choice, we can CHOOSE to experience the Greatest, Grandest version and vision of who we Really are….unless we don’t; but either way….it’s ALL GOOD!  God lives through us; the question is, how do you decide to Live this life that you have been given?  All is opportunity for evolution in our experience called LIFE.

Many Blessings,

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