Realization # 168 – All you Need is Love



All you need is Love…a message that has been around since the early 1960’s….most remember it from the Beatle’s song, but looking a bit deeper, the meaning becomes crystal clear, and more significant than every before!

We have been told, or the ‘message’ seems to have been saying, that we must give…that is the key to Love, and that is true, but not for the reason portrayed.

Giving Love is giving to Self…for we are all One; therefore, as The Christ had said, what you do to my brethren, you do to me.” It is because there is only One Energy here, called God, split into countless units of Energy, called Souls.

When we Love another, we are Loving Self; that energy is enhanced, and therefore, so is the One whom gives Love to the other. Of course, the one receiving the Love/Energy is enhanced, but the GIVER of that Loving Energy is enhanced as well!

Both are enhanced….hence, the message of “All you need is Love,” in it’s deepest sense is about giving to Self!

This is NOT about being Selfish, in only caring about Self; that term means to be Self-centered (which is ONLY caring about Self and no one else). But this term of being Selfish, means to take care of Self, (to ‘fish’ for oneself, so to speak); consequently, in the strongest and deepest sense, Loving another IS loving Self.

Therefore the saying of “All You Need is Love,” certainly takes on a more advanced and complete meaning; the term, ‘Love is all you need,’ is for both the other and Self….we are All One, and that Realization can and does both heal, cleanse, and help us all live ‘Heaven On Earth,’….both the Giver and the Receiver!

For there is Only One….God…and …..we are ALL THAT!

Many Blessings!

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