Realization #156 – Merry Christmas and Well Wishing to Others





As Christmas approaches, so many are saddened by our society’s current viewpoint of ‘not wishing to offend anyone,’ by stating ‘Merry Christmas,’ to individuals to whom we may not know what their personal religion actually may be. Feeling uncomfortable to wish someone well must never be an experience when feeling joy towards another!

The salutation, ‘Merry Christmas,’ is wishing someone well, as we ‘feel’ gratitude and Love on a Universal level; in other words, a connection somewhat, to express good wishes to them from one Soul to another.

To be offended if someone wishes you well, is simply a lack of awareness. God is Love and whatever religion one may choose, it is a matter of honoring the one who wished well to the other. It is THEIR wish for you to be ‘Merry; ‘ happiness, joy, laughter; all things good.

Whether we celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or another religious holiday, (or even none at all), it may be now time to seek the deeper understanding of another Spirit, whom is having a human experience and their intention in wishing you well.

For if one understands and chooses to be aware, we would always HONOR that person and their religion, who wished us well.

After all, Love is about enhancing the other; if we all did this, we would all feel Loved.

Many Blessings for a most Merry Christmas, and a most Holy Season to whichever way you choose to celebrate!

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