Realization #10- Peace and the Soul

“Peace is a Gift the Soul gives to a heart that is Sincere”

It is a loving thing to care for another’s welfare—however, one must not go out into the night and “tug” on the young shoots in the ground, to help them “grow” faster—Remember, why didn’t Jesus heal the whole world? He could have….But as a Master, he knew that everyone was on a certain path to God, and to intrude, when one was not ready or did not wish for it, was imposing on their free will, and on their personal mission and journey….A true Master knows this…never to intrude, unless asked….
…… One must trust the process. Everyone and Everything is ready in it’s own time. This accounts for a spouse that may be doing or ‘being’ something that the other spouse would like to see changed…..or….in a child who is not interested in the same things that a parent feels they “should” be; or, even, and especially in oneself…pushing and pushing to be something we are not really sure of, have lost enthusiasm about, no longer interested in, or ready for.
Letting go, is letting the Universe, (God) into our life…letting the abundance, truth, Love, to be the experience of our lives…it is always there; like a mountain or tree that you have walked past a thousand times, and then, just that day, noticing it was there, for the first time! God….Love…is always there, always, in all ways…it’s about us noticing….which once again, comes back to all about being Aware…being Awareness….and as stated before, it begins with being aware enough to experience gratitude…to find something to be grateful for, …remember….

…..just breathe…..Love asks for nothing else.
The truth is, ‘we do without doing, and everything gets done.’

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  1. Marilyn Barnhart Says:

    It's like the saying, "let go and let God"…
    As to gratitude–I like that quote hanging in my bedroom–"If the only prayer you say in your life is thanks, that would suffice".
    Can't wait for the book, Ellen!

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