Realization #100 – Grateful and Thankful…What’s the Difference?

Thinking about how even the most elaborate language is yet so limited, the concept of ‘being grateful,’ and ‘being thankful,’ showed up to me the other day. What is the difference? Seeking a definition implied some doing, as many sources seemed ‘unsure’ themselves! A few examples are as follows:

‘The dictionary defines gratitude as a state of being grateful; thankfulness. Gratitude is a noun.

Thankfulness is defined as aware and appreciative of a benefit; grateful.
Expressive of gratitude. Thankfulness is an adjective.’

It seems gratitude is the state of being and thankfulness expresses that gratitude.

Finally after examination of both words, I have found that one is about ‘feeling,’ whereas the other is indeed about ‘expression.’

Many Spiritual Masters mention how important it is to be grateful. We then see this as an actual ‘thing. (It is truly a sign of  “spiritual good health.”)

‘We ARE GRATEFUL (noun). However, to demonstrate gratitude, to express that, means to BE THANKFUL (adjective).

Sound confusing? (This is by no means a ‘lesson’ in English grammar!), but it can indeed be perplexing, until we realize that both imply there definitely is a difference between gratitude and being thankful.

Thankfulness always has to have a receiver and a giver, something or someone who has caused this moment of thankfulness. Gratitude, however implies that we are just in that state of Being; the basic difference is that being thankful is always for something given,  while being grateful only requires developing that state of BEING….being grateful for WHAT IS.

With this thought in mind, are you grateful or thankful for all you are, and all you have? What connotation does this imply in terms of creation, regarding our thoughts and feelings creating our reality?

Understanding these two words imply much  more than just acknowledging definitions. Clarity on this subject gives us  a step in using our ability to accept all abundance and the good that the Universe/One Mind/God is always offering to us. For when in GRATITUDE we are truly BEING in a state of appreciation, in that we are FEELING it. And that is what creation is all about; more than just a thought, but a FEELING.

Gratitude, therefore, is the highest, grandest and greatest feeling, save Love.

Gratitude is the beginning of being in the highest frequency of Love, and only good is found in that frequency. Creation comes easily and,  most importantly, naturally when in this state of Being. (for more information on this subject, some wonderful books are: ‘The Magic,’ by Rhonda Bryne, and ‘Science and Health, with Keys to the Scriptures,’ by Mary Baker Eddy).

Yes, there is so much to be in Gratitude for; and to be thankful is a wonderful expression of WHAT IS!


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