Realization #101 – From Within to the Outside

Many times we are threatened, scolded, and victimized by those on the ‘outside,’ meaning others in our reality. What those others are forgetting is that they are doing this to themselves; they are forgetting their connection to All…that we are All One, and as Jesus The Christ had said, ‘…what you do to my brethren, you do to me…’ In other words, what you do to another, you do to yourself.

What the one whom is BEING threatened or victimized is forgetting is that they are doing this to themselves also. They are creating an ‘outside’ reality of chaos and insecurity due to their feelings about themselves and their experience of life (which is most likely insecure for whatever reason!). Many times both sides do not look at each other as connected, even the one whom is being victimized…they usually do not see the connection to the perpetrator.  What each has in common with the other  is that both of them, ‘perpetrator and victim’ have  experienced intense insecurity, and therefore, forgetting THEIR connection to ALL THAT IS/GOD.

What the ‘perpetrator’ must remember is that threatening someone is trying to do something from the ‘outside’ of themselves, which only results in that person whom is doing the threatening to eventually experience fear themselves. They may either eventually be ‘threatened themselves’ with ill health, a failed relationship, losing someone they love (child, friend, spouse, etc).  In other words, something shows up that ‘threatens their happiness,’ as they have done that to another, so it is eventually done to them.

The one whom is being threatened, must see this as an opportunity for growth, in that they must heal that part of themselves that is not trusting that all is always good, that all change is good, and that any opportunity, even negative experiences are brought about by SELF to help SELF heal any false thought that they are not ‘always safe.’

For the truth is this:  there is enough: there is nothing we have to do, and we are always safe. All Change is for the good, and that everything showing up in our reality is a result of our thoughts and feelings about what is going on inside.

If you are victimizing or threatening someone, remember that you will eventually experience some kind of victimization or threats to yourself in another form, be that ill health, lost loved ones, financial stress, etc. Heal this by being grateful for all in your life; be instead, Love; be patient and all good will come to you in your experiences.

If you are being victimized, remember that you are safe, that all is good, that change is always good, and that in remembering that this is an opportunity to experience TRUST and unwavering FAITH; that God is always taking such good care of you, and everyone else too!


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