Realization #102– Giving and Receiving

Once again I have been questioning the idea of Gratitude. Every Master and Messenger has spoken of the importance of being grateful. At times we take for granted what we have, who we have in our lives, and the opportunities that are presented to us in many different ways and forms.

How often do we feel gratitude for waking? How often do we feel grateful for just being able to have our feet touch the floor as we get up out of our bed? What about walking to the bathroom and having fresh, clean water come out of our faucets and clean towels and soap to freshen ourselves for the day?

How many of us think to say ‘thank you’ for our bed, our clothes, our shoes, our dwelling place, or even the ability to walk?

This is not about being ungrateful, but rather the intention here is to help bring a clearer understanding to the idea of WHY gratitude is so magical and important.

Author Rhonda Bryne has just released a book she recently wrote called ‘The Magic.’ In this book she mentions that Sir Issac Newton stated a law of physics that states, ‘for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction…’ When you apply gratitude to that law, simply put, it is stating that as we GIVE gratitude, we must RECEIVE, for receiving is the opposite of giving. The degree to which we FEEL gratitude is in direct proportion to what we receive.

Feeling gratitude and giving without expectation of what we will or can receive is truly FEELING GRATEFUL, and by that law, we will receive. Giving gratitude or giving thanks JUST TO RECEIVE, does not help us to receive anything at all, because we are not really FEELING GRATEFUL.

The Truth is always clear and always simple.  The truth of giving and receiving is the highest form of loving, for BOTH are demonstrating LOVE; Love of ANOTHER and Love of SELF.


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