Realization #103 – The Breath

Following the breath when meditating; watching the tides roll in and out, hearing about the Universe contracting and expanding…what does it all mean? There is a rhythm, a lulling, a rocking to and fro, back and forth, in and out, as a Mother gently rocks her child to sleep. Even as adults, we feel comforted in being ‘rocked’ when we are held; that swaying somehow calms us, and why? And if we learn of the reason, will it even make a difference at all?

We hear that there is an ‘Ascension’ occurring right before our very eyes; that we are ‘entering’ the New Earth. We also hear that our Dear Planet will uplift into a new frequency, a new dimension and that as all this is happening, all the inhabitants on different planets, in different galaxies and Universes are watching, praying, waiting in complete and utter joyful anticipation for this wonderful, first-time event for Planet Earth and for her inhabitants to occur! This Ascension is to happen because it is TIME. It is time for that breathing in and breathing out to complete yet another phase of our Evolutionary Process of developing and expanding.

That expansion and contraction IS the breathing in and breathing out of GOD/Universe/Love/The Great I AM. As it is stated that the Universe and all it’s matter started out small enough to fit on the head of a pin; then so expanded needing light years to cross, so we are in a constant state of contraction (breathing IN) and expansion (breathing OUT).

We also breathe, which is a microcosm of God, breathing in and out, contraction/expansion, forever more. Why do we do this? Why is this happening? Because Life is LIFE; a constant moving, a gentle rocking, a breathing in and out; alive FOREVER, and all Love; for that is all there is, and all that will ever be……and so too, WE ARE THAT!


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