Realization #104 – Struggle

Everyone is struggling with something or someone. We use our intellect to logically do our very best to ‘keep from struggling,’ which only brings it racing towards us.

In manipulation of our life circumstances, we work so hard to alleviate stress and strain, only to produce more of the same.

What IS the answer? It’s more simple than we can imagine.

It’s to Stop, just stop; it’s hard though. We stop and our mind just keeps on going! You almost want to yell, ‘hey, wait up!’ We stop and we can often and literally feel our heart racing, almost like a race horse trying to jump the gate waiting for it to open.

Stop does not mean to stop in this case. Rather, ‘stop’ implies in this situation, the ‘Art of Letting Go.’

We do not like to let go of a person, place, or thing. In a sense, we have a rough time letting go of ‘nouns’ (in other words, the idea of something).

The reason?

Because we are living an illusion of separatism (all of us in ‘separate’ bodies), that feels so alone at times! Is it any wonder that it is so hard to stop and LET GO? Combine some past memories of being abandoned emotionally or physically, and is it any wonder why we cling so? We just can’t seem to stand an ending, a loss, or a change, even if it’s in result of giving something up, such as a bad habit.

The Art of Letting Go….what does that imply? In other words, how to do it? The answer? By GIVING. For in giving to any situation, with your heart, you fulfill it, and hence, you fulfill yourself. And, what do we always do when we are fulfilled? We move on, WE LET GO.

Loving others; loving oneself. Gratitude is another form of Giving, which is also letting go, and that brings about the end of struggle.


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  1. Gary Whitt Says:

    Struggles show uncertainty in ones self or the ability to stop the struggle. I had a friend who was in AA. I attended meetings as to support him to soberity. It was during the first meeting that the “Serenity prayer was said.” I have used it from that point to today. God grant me the serenity to accept those things I cannot change. And, the courage to change the things I can. And, the wisdom to know the difference. It is of course the last stanza that defines us. And, draws us closer to our Father, who tells us to give it ALL to him. The Good, the Bad and the ugly.

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