Realization #105 – Turn the Other Cheek

I remember hearing the term ‘turn the other cheek;’ this came from my religious formal education as well as from my Mother. My whole life through (until recently), I have always perceived that it meant to allow someone to get away with hurting; more to the tune of a ‘grin and bare it’ attitude. In other words, we must hold in our feelings and allow this to happen to us, and worst yet, not display any anger or resistance to it.

Recently I heard the term used completely in a different way. I was listening to a CD by Abraham-Hicks, titled, “Money and The Law of Attraction. In this disc, the term, ‘turn the other cheek’ was mentioned, but this time I realized quite a different meaning than before that moment.

What I perceived and received was this: in order to create what we desire, we must ‘turn the other cheek’ AWAY from what we do NOT desire. Another way of saying this? DO NOT FOCUS on anything except what you DO WISH TO EXPERIENCE AND HAVE; turn away from anything else.

When The Christ stated this, he did not mean to take abuse; he simply meant to refrain from giving what you do not desire to experience, a thought. Simple as that!


Therefore, let us all “turn the other cheek’ and only feel and focus on ALL GOOD.

Blessed Be!

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