Realization #107 – Acceptance

To accept usually means that we allow; however it’s much more than that. We often hear that Masters are in acceptance of everything, everyone, and every circumstance. Why? How is this important as part of enlightenment? We all know that life situations are sometimes ‘not acceptable.’ Whether we experience first hand something we are unhappy about, or read about some situation that happened to others, we feel a resistance. We DO NOT wish to accept this situation. How do the Masters accept?

First of all, they know that what we resist will persist. Therefore, they never resist anything that they do not wish to experience. They ‘see through’ it and it disappears. Seeing through the illusion is the answer. A Master KNOWS that this is all NOT REAL, and gives it therefore not one single thought. A Master ALLOWS this experience to pass through him, and to not only accept it, but to be GRATEFUL for it. The reason being is that all experiences lead to CHANGE, and CHANGE is always GOOD.

It sometimes doesn’t feel that way as we are experiencing change. But when the outcome occurs, as it always does; the EVOLUTION shows up; the CHANGE happens, and we eventually see WHY this happened. And even if we will sometimes go through life, and not feel that we get it; that we don’t understand why something happened that may have been so painful, so shocking, or so tragic, eventually the truth WILL be revealed, (whether we experience the ‘realization’ during our lifetime or afterwards!). But the truth is this: We do not know what that Soul was up to, and that often includes ourselves!

The Master Jesus Christ, could have healed the whole world. Why didn’t he? Because they didn’t ask.

He knew that to heal the whole world was to intrude on certain Souls who had chosen to experience what they were experiencing for a good reason, and therefore, never healed anyone, unless they requested such healing.

Acceptance therefore is an understanding; it is an understanding that all is perfectly wonderful just as it unfolds. For the seeing through the ‘illusion,’ is seeing that there really is only LOVE. It is therefore being PEACEFUL in the experience of letting go; of trusting that all is ALWAYS well. There is a good reason why everything happens, and just because we can’t immediately see the journey for where it leads, it IS leading somewhere, and that somewhere will always be back HOME.


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