Realization #109 – Falling In Love

Looking around? Searching for that special someone? Doesn’t matter what gender, age or preferences you may have, the vast majority, and well in fact, really everyone, on some level, wishes for Love in their life.

We are talking here about the ‘Love Experience.’ We all have a different conception of what Love means, is, and can be. We have heard or have first hand experiences of ‘conditional Love,’ relationship Love; Love for brother, sister, mother, father, etc. We may also experience Love for country, state, hobbies….the list can and does go on and on!

The experience of Love is usually the experience of feeling first we don’t have it, then we do. In other words, we are searching to ‘fall in Love,’ so to speak, for when we do, we feel a sort of ‘Spiritual Health.’ These feelings include, (but are not limited to the following): our step is lighter, sometimes feeling we are literally walking on air; our world seems brighter, and we treat everything and everyone we meet with a new found patience and kindness. Yes Love for another, does this for us and seemingly, TO US!

Why does this happen? Can Love really not be there and then appear? Is it something like a fire, that seems to come from nowhere and then go back to nowhere? We have all felt that feeling of Love, only for it to flee. That usually happens over something said or done that shocked, hurt, or disappointed us, and then we seem to return to ‘normal;’ in other words, that magical, top of the world feeling is gone.

The truth is this:  Love is always here—NOW. That ‘feeling’ that we feel when we ‘fall in Love’ is the Truth of Our BEING; WE ARE THAT! And Love is all around, always there. (As the Master, Jesus Christ said, ‘I am with you onto the end of Time…’) Therefore, falling in Love is just ALLOWING THAT FEELING;  in other words, allowing LOVE to enter into our experience for IT IS always here NOW.

The whole point of this article is to address the idea of ‘falling in Love.’ Yes, we are ‘falling;’ falling into another dimensional frequency. But not ‘arriving,’ as some would think. We are merely ALLOWING. When we are not happy in Love any longer; when we feel sad, disappointed, or merely as if we ‘fell OUT of Love,’ it is because we have pinched ourselves off from that frequency. The truth is that it is always still here. Why? Because that is REALLY all there is! There is only Love…all else, an illusion.

And therefore, to be more concise regarding ‘FALLING IN LOVE, we actually ENTER that dimensional frequency; in other words, we MATCH that frequency that LOVE ALWAYS IS, and then we experience what is always there.

We do this by OUR FEELINGS. We literally transform into a different vibrational frequency (in this case LOVE being the highest vibrational frequency of all) and when we match that with our feelings, we feel the magic that LOVE IS.

That is the reason it is so important to only enter into a relationship with the intention of what we can give, rather than what we can get. When we choose to ‘enhance’ the other, we are helping them to feel good, and that leads to both entering into that frequency to which LOVE is experienced. If we become self-centered, and only strive to be with the other for what we can get, we literally are pinching ourselves off, as being self absorbed is separation, which is a form of fear, and that prevents us from entering into a frequency of Love. (and if the other feels neglected or unloved, they also drop out of that frequency) because we are not focused on Unity, but on separation.

Some say they enjoy their solitude. They have lived so long alone, that they have little tolerance for another on a continual basis. While our society gives us the message that there is strength in ‘being able to be alone,’ the truth is that because we are LOVE, we only wish to unite; to BE with another. Sex is really a metaphor for Sexual Energy eXchange. It’s an expression of UNITY. And aside from the physical pleasure which is very temporary (meaning only for that specific moment), the true reason we wish for sexual contact, in the purest sense is to be united, once again, with Divinity. The feeling of Oneness IS our natural state, as we are All One.

To Love therefore, and to fall in Love is to unite, for that produces the experience of Love.

And when we Love another, it is the HIGHEST EXPERIENCE OF LOVING SELF, for as stated over and over again….WE ARE ALL ONE.  (and hence, the statement of “if you cannot love yourself, you cannot truly Love another…” for there is ONLY YOU!)

Therefore, there is no ‘falling in Love;’ there is only “ALLOWING LOVE INTO OUR LIFE EXPERIENCE…” Once again, all choice….and please remember,  ‘taking responsibility for all of it means we can change, at least, some of it!’

Blessings for a most Joyous and Loving New Year! Happy 2013!

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