Realization #11 – Changing Your Reality

And how do we get to OZ?

So many times, we say to ourselves…why, why, WHY? Why do I still keep creating and repeating the same old ‘story?’ Why do I keep on running into the same kind of people? WHY do I keep SUFFERING? What brings about this feeling of ‘being stuck?’

Basically, to experience the same re-created experiences, one must keep thinking the same thoughts…how many times have we all thought…”I hate this…I hate him/her/my job, etc.,….I don’t want this anymore!” And guess what, you keep getting the experience of “hating this, hating him/her/my job, etc., and not wanting this anymore!” In other words, you are experiencing what you are focusing on….everything you DO NOT WANT!

To change your reality, change your thoughts and feelings about it….yes, I know, how can we do THAT…I mean, emotions are US…part of who WE ARE….Not so! They FEEL like they are, but they are not you…they are a feeling you get from your thoughts…nothing more. And the more you ‘feel’ these thoughts, the quicker they become your experience in your reality.

So, what is the solution? First of all, do everything you can to keep your ‘creation machine,’ (your mind) healthy and in balance. Yes, that means, addictions of all kinds, from food, to gambling to sex, to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc….decide again…meaning, it’s all a choice. Yes, it may not feel like a choice, but it is….Proof? If you passed on right now, would any of these addictions follow you? None. Because they are temporal….not “real” in the sense of “permanent.” And because they are not real, you do not ‘need’ them. You were born without need; you have come here to this planet with everything you do need, and all that is needed is your realization of the connection to Spirit, to MIND, which is God, Higher Power, One Mind, etc. When you realize that you are a Spirit having a HUMAN EXPERIENCE, all suffering and misery stop, because you know who you Really Are, and that you are truly without need of any kind, including any person, place or thing. This brings on a sense of Peace…and that is the true Peace of a Master, the Christ; to be Christed.

Everything you wish for is here, right now. HEAVEN is truly a state of Mind, rather than a place. There is only Heaven, and that Heaven is here on Earth…HERE NOW. All Abundance, all Love, Good Health, and Peace come from your state of mind, from Awareness. Gratefulness brings about Heaven, because being grateful is stating that you have something that brings you JOY, and the Universe then responds with more things that ‘bring you JOY.’ Basically the Universe is like a giant copy machine…just keeps giving you more of what you tell it to give you (by your thoughts and feelings)…literally.

Now to erase any fear, it will not give you anything with just a few thoughts or feelings about it…we do live in a “time delayed” reality…meaning that what you think and feel does not manifest instantly, but if you ‘keep thinking and feeling something,’ that ‘something’ will show up….It is Law.

So as the saying goes…’Be careful what you wish for, because you just may get it…” meaning, be careful what you keep thinking and feeling, because you WILL get it (experience it), literally.

And remember, as Shakespeare quoted, “to be or not to be, that is the question.” In other words, what you decide to BE is completely your call, your choice, and only YOUR CREATION.

And whether you think you can, or can’t, either way you are right.

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