Realization #110 – “Allowing Money”

Money issues; money problems…how many say, “I have enough?” Just the connotation of saying such a thing oftentimes causes fear, as once one states that, they usually think, “Oh no…now someone is going to ask me to SHARE! And…I have enough for me, but not everyone else…”

That thought alone; that FEELING of “I don’t have enough..” starts that experience coming right to you!

“Allowing Money” means to basically ‘let it happen.’ Its already there. Now for some that is a very hard concept to understand. The reason is that we don’t ‘see it,’ AND that usually means in our own bank account. Yes, we may see it in other peoples’ lives, and usually feel envious or at the least, we start asking ourselves, “WHY not me?” “Where’s MINE?”

Everything vibrates at a certain frequency, ALWAYS, in ALL WAYS; we too are included.

Vibrating at a frequency of ‘where is it?’ implies we do not yet have it, and we then live that experience of ‘not having.’ Allowing Money is all about FEELING. Yes, that is what it is; even before a thought! Feeling leads to experience!

So now you may ask, “HOW DO I CHANGE HOW I FEEL?” How I FEEL, is how I feel and that’s it!”

The answer is to perceive money a different way. Let’s start with this question: Why do we wish to have a lot of money? If you answer, as most will, to buy things, to have things, to help someone else have things and/or buy things…to feel secure, then that is the reason money is not always there. To clarify this statement, the term, ‘to want,’ implies a statement of lackt, for ‘wanting’ is to lack something, such s ‘wanting in manners…’ The purest reason we should really wish to have money is to show gratitude for what we have received; in other words, to exchange money for a service. Yes, I know you may wish to give to others, just because you wish them to be happy, or to take care of them, etc., but the real reason money was first even ‘created’ in our society was to pay for a service.

How many of us receive a bill and am THANKFUL for it? Bills come and the usual response is, “Oh no…another bill!” Some even HATE bills! Yes, that is because we are not being grateful for what we have received to have the bill sent to us. (And, this even holds true for people who have more than enough money to pay the bill!) 99% of bills are sent AFTER we receive the service, product, etc. Whether someone comes in to clean our home, repair our car, provide water and other utilities…why even eating food in a restaurant, (at least a sit down restaurant), many never stop to think that that person/company deserves to be given to, in return for what we have received.

GRATITUDE…it is the KEY to RECEIVING. As Rhonda Bryne mentioned, in her latest book, The Magic,” the physicist Issac Newton stated, ‘for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction…’ Therefore, one must GIVE THANKS, to RECEIVE more.

And to FEEL grateful for that service, allows more money to pay that bill.

Stating “thank you,’ for the money; even writing ‘thank you,’ on a bill, is a wonderful way to ALLOW MONEY. (another idea from that same book, ‘The Magic,’ by Rhonda Bryne!)

The moment one is truly grateful for the services provided, the more money we will ALLOW.

That is a Universal Law. Once again, all abundance is basically a thankfulness and that statement of gratitude, replays in our life, once again, as Abundance, MONEY, or whatever else you feel abundance is; there are many forms of abundance: Good health, Good Friends, Good Food, and of course….


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