Realization #111- LOVE – Happy St. Valentines’ Day!

St. Valentines Day….a day that we as ‘humans’ have created to celebrate LOVE! Many are disillusioned with this day because they feel it is just another way for the card, candy, and florists to take advantage. But what about the fact that cards, candy, and flowers help us to feel GOOD? Isn’t it perfectly ok for a business to flourish, and in doing so,  helping others to feel happy?

I realize that some people buy all these things out of obligation, and that is NOT LOVE. There are relationships that are put to the test, challenged, or worst yet, completely broken over one of the partners not being ROMANTIC on this day. Ignoring a loved one, on a day dedicated to LOVE for the most part, feels hurtful. Those that say ‘it’s just another day,’ most likely feel that about other holidays as well, but especially about this one….why? Usually it is because the Magic/Love has not been felt in that particular relationship on all the other days of the year…so why should this one be any different, is their logic?

It feels hypocritical to celebrate a day that one is to honor Love and that special person, when the feelings are just not there, or there IS LOVE, but its been covered by fear, doubt, criticism, or anger.

Love is Love; true Love is unconditional and always there. And it is true, it is patience and kindness.
But how to get to that place again?

Let it be said that those that do not wish to honor this holiday, need healing LOVE most of all. If someone does not feel like this day is special, it is only because they are not feeling very Loving, and giving Love is the answer. To love someone whom seems to be unlovable is what Love really is, because we are THAT. We are Love, and Loving someone brings that manifestation to their reality.
It is “Namaste…” …(honoring the divinity that is in you, that is also in me…’)

And what happens when you give Love? It is returned to you (if not by that person, then another, or just helping someone feel special is often enough for someone who truly loves to be enhanced someway by that giving of Love).

This day IS just like any other day….what we wish to BE IN RELATION to it, is once again, always
our choice.

Blessings for a most Loving Day!

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