Realization #112 – Death and Dying – A Dedication to Frank M. Leo

I have recently experienced the transition/death experience with my dear husband Frank this past January 23, 2013. Aside from the emotional aspect of it, it was an experience that has enhanced me as a Soul on their journey.

My darling passed after living with Leukemia for the last 13 years. He was diagnosed during our dating in 2000. Thankfully, he was well until last year, and with his passing now, I have realized how grateful I am for the moments I had with him.

The ‘death’ experience, as we call it, is not death at all. The consciousness expands to the point that others in different dimensions are then seen by the one whom is transitioning. During this process, which Frank had called it himself when symptoms of ‘death’ first began, he saw his father, and then later on within a few hours before his passing, told me he saw 6 people standing in the room with us. I asked if he knew them, and he replied, “nope,” with a touch of curiosity and a bit of anxiety, as it was so new to him, (and probably, because I could not observe what he was seeing).

He spoke constantly during the last stages, even while he was free of all drugs for those last 8 hours. He talked in conversations that he had throughout his life, and in all stages of his life. He would then come back to full consciousness as soon as I called his name or asked him a question, apologizing for his somewhat temporary conversations with others in what seemed a different dimension.

When the pain got severe, after almost 7 hours of drug free processing/transition, he asked me if it was ok to get some morphine to ease his pain, and again, told me he was sorry but could not go through anymore suffering. I immediately told him I was perfectly fine with his decision, and he gently passed while I held him in my arms.

I do my best to ‘feel’ him around me….I miss him so much. I have meditated and have experienced his presence. I have also heard messages from him, (during meditation/prayer in my ‘minds eye…’ to which I was ‘told’ that he does not miss me, as I am with him, and that what we do not realize is that when one passes, all Souls that are loved, (whether still ‘alive’ or passed on) are with the departed ones; he also mentioned that what we also do not realize is that our Souls are so BIG, that as we transition, our consciousness expands. He told me to “LIVE, LIVE, LIVE,” and that when I grieve and cry, he feels it, and cannot/will not leave, until I am ok.

I am comforted in knowing that he is still living; just not as we know it.

I am doing my best to be happy, so that I can live, as he asked of me, and that he can also then live as he wishes, too.

May this article serve all those whom are grieving, and for those to appreciate all those we love, whom are still, thankfully, here in this dimension with us.


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