Realization #114 – Feelings

So much of our information regarding metaphysics is based on our ‘thoughts.’ While it is true that our thoughts do create our reality, there is one step (prior to that process) that has been overlooked. This step missed (or not included in much information that has been published) is all about our “FEELINGS.”

For those who have read the book, (or have viewed the DVD)  of ‘The Secret,’ by Rhonda Bryne, in the very last scene, she is writing in the sand the words, ‘Feel Good.’  Many missed this important message.

In another extraordinary book entitled, “When Everything Changes, Change Everything,” by Neale Donald Walsch, the process of creating our ‘feelings,’ is being addressed as the basic ‘kick-starter’ to the creation of our reality.

Basically our prospective of a situation starts; this shapes our perception of the world, which leads to an emotion, producing a feeling. Our feelings then become our thoughts, bringing attention to a certain outcome, and hence, bringing forth our ‘reality.’

Because of this knowledge, what is most important (and such GOOD NEWS TOO!), is that we do not have to monitor our thoughts (that would be exhausting!). Rather, to accomplish the art of ‘consciously creating’ is to be aware of our feelings. (A wonderful CD by Abraham-Hicks, entitled, “Money and Abundance,” addresses the issue of how we create with our feelings in wonderful detail!)

We have an ‘automatic’ barometer or ‘GPS,’ within. Basically our feelings about anything tell us ‘where we are going,’ in terms of creation and the outcomes we are to experience IF we keep feeling a certain way. Feeling good? Keep feeling that and more things to feel good about will show up. Feeling bad? Do all you can to change that, as more things to feel bad about will start to manifest if you stay on that ‘frequency.’

As Michael Beckwith mentioned in the movie of ‘The Secret,’ by Rhonda Bryne, thankfully positive thoughts and feelings are infinitely stronger than a negative
thought. So, no need to worry, as in this realm, there is a ‘time delay,’ and as long as you change that bad feeling to a good feeling, the outcome will change in accordance with ‘your song.’

Awareness is everything. Be aware of all your feelings, and the quickest way to change any negative feeling or emotion or thought? Once again….Gratitude.


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