Realization #115 – Youth and Aging

Our society is geared towards keeping our youth. Money and time is spent, and of course, anguish over the fact that we do not ‘look’ the same as we have earlier in our lifetime. We view pictures of times past and often wonder, ‘how did we become this?’

Our truth is that we are timeless. We appear to have aged basically because we believe we are suppose to do so. Hard to take responsibility for that statement, but nevertheless, if one does a bit of research, there is undisputed proof that we literally create our bodies anew, every 7 years or so.

We do so with our THOUGHTS and FEELINGS. Therefore, if you have aged or have (or are) experiencing ill health, it is because you are presently carrying the same thought about you, which is being ‘not at ease.’

As stated in the movie, ‘The Secret,’ by Rhonda Bryne, we have created our bodies through our thoughts and we do this with our feelings about ourselves. We demonstrate both ill health and perfect health by this method of creation.

Everything that shows up on the ‘outside’ of ourselves is really all about what is really going on with the ‘inside.’ Our perception of our reality; how we are treated, and what we decide to be about that brings upon endless possibilities, to which we ‘choose’ with our feelings and thoughts; thus experiencing that particular outcome.

We most often do this without realizing it. We blame other people for stressing us; we dwell on situations that are difficult to handle; or we complain about our society for providing too much stress to exist; we even point our finger at the government for altering our foods, causing a host of problems on a health consciousness basis.

The truth is that EVERYTHING is a result of our thoughts, and as Buddha has stated…”whether you think you can or can’t…either way you are right.” The same holds true for aging and youth, for whether you believe you are old or young; sick or well……either way you are right.

Love, which is all healing, all Good, and all there REALLY is, is what we truly ARE. When we Love, we literally create good health and youthful regeneration throughout our entire state of Being.
When in Love, changes happen immediately. They take on the form of affecting our physical structure, but most importantly, Love changes us from the Inside—-Out, by changing our ‘mind/our perception’ of our world, which gratefully, changes everything.

May your journey bring you to a place that presents the opportunity to Be Love….All good becomes your experience at that moment, including a healthy youthfulness to your step, to your walk…to your life.


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