Realization #116 – Out on a Limb

Do you remember the saying, ‘…to get to the fruit of the tree, sometimes you have to go ‘out on a limb…?’ How many times have we been told this in relation to our being afraid to undertake something that is considered a gamble? So many of us withdraw out of fear of being damaged, hurt or because we just don’t wish to take the chance of losing something or someone.

In truth, there is ‘no losing.’ We are always safe. HOWEVER, it sure doesn’t always feel that way. We scheme, plan, and often stress at possible outcomes that never come to pass…all because we ‘worry’ that we may ‘lose.’ Worrying, however, is actually ‘praying for what we DON”T want!’

We are basically creating the outcome we may dread or stress over, only because when we worry, we are focusing on what we DO NOT want, rather than what we wish for.  According to Universal Law, what we feel and focus on (and think about) manifests. Therefore, to be consistently afraid about a particular outcome is to eventually bring that outcome directly into our experience.

The term ‘Out on a Limb,’ now shows up with a greater meaning, for searching deeper, we find that going out on that limb means more than being brave. (Remember, bravery doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid…it just means you do it anyway!). What it really implies when viewing this term metaphysically is that to get what we truly wish for, one must place attention on what they WANT/wish for, rather than what they DO NOT WANT/not wish to experience.

It means coming up with the same answer again and again and again, which is:

“ENERGY FLOWS WHERE ONE’S ATTENTION GOES.”  For the truth is this:  going out on a limb (focusing on what we wish to experience, is what produces the ‘FRUIT’ on that ‘tree’… go out on a limb to get to the fruit of the tree is to focus our attention on what we want, which produces our dreams becoming our reality.  Remember, going ‘out on a limb,’ means putting your attention ONLY ON AN OUTCOME YOU WISH TO EXPERIENCE.

Remember, we ALWAYS get what we focus on…both bad and GOOD!

Which brings us to another saying, (for another ‘Realization,’ at another time), which is this:

‘Whether you think you can or can’t…either way you are right.’ —Buddha


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