Realization #117 – Telling the Truth

Truth feels free. It IS FREEDOM. When we do not tell the truth, or rather, OUR TRUTH, we do not get a chance to evolve or help anyone else.

But there is so much more to this! BEFORE telling the truth, make very sure it is YOUR REAL TRUTH; in other words, YOUR HIGHEST TRUTH, and remember, the HIGHEST TRUTH is always LOVE. It never feels fearful, nor does it bring fear to another.

Therefore before making a decision, in being honest (which hopefully means that you are in touch with your FEELINGS), make sure that your decision is based on consciously CHOOSING THAT TRUTH, (the one you wish to express to represent WHO YOU WISH TO BE). For the only real Truth is what we decide.

So always tell the truth; that is not the issue. The important part of any truth is that one must make sure that whatever is decided as to what your truth is, must be YOUR truth and only yours; in other words, that your truth/belief/perception that you tell as YOUR TRUTH, is what you indeed REALLY WISH TO BE.

And of course, the HIGHEST TRUTH, is always based on Love.


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