Realization #118 -Misunderstandings

When we misunderstand, which for the most part, usually implies that we did not get what was said (‘get’ meaning the true communication of an idea, feeling, etc.) we usually blame the other. We feel many things in relation to this: we may feel embarrassed, angry, guilty or confused; in other words, all negative emotions. Our ability to understand is endless, as we are unlimited…so what gives?

Why are we ever in the mode of a misunderstanding if we are truly LOVE?

The answer is AWARENESS. We sometimes will block our good through fear and a lack of awareness (which really implies being ‘unconscious’).  We do this as part of our path, and the path of that person we have misunderstood. Yes, we DO this as a way of EVOLUTIONIZING on a Spiritual Level. We cannot have good without bad, or up without down, or hot without cold; hence, we cannot understand often until we have at first MISUNDERSTOOD. We do this for clarity, realizing, and to produce a closer connection, which is always another way to eventually experience and show Love.

We oftentimes will go to extremes to communicate that we have been misunderstood or feel misunderstood, and at first it may appear to be very negative, indeed. We may show anger, disconnect, non-compliance, etc., all to prove how misunderstood we feel. We also may give someone the ‘cold shoulder,’ hoping they will somehow notice a change and ASK what the problem may be in our difference in mood or demeanor. And usually, unless we truly make an effort, things will not get better, until ONE or BOTH decide to be LOVE.

The first thing to remember (and I mean this literally, to RE-MEMBER; to become a member once again), is to realize that a person may mean something other than what they just did or said. A better way to accept this is to know that no one really wants to be misunderstood or viewed as being thoughtless, inconsiderate, or rude. It is therefore, a lack of awareness on the part of the one being misunderstood as well as the one suffering because they are both feeling the result of that negative comment or abandoning action. Both must awake/become aware of the situation, and discuss how they are feeling, for FEELING is everything. Our feelings bring on life experiences and those life experiences become our LIVES!

If there is a misunderstanding it is important to address it with that other, and for that other to listen with their heart/with an awareness of whom that person means to them, and how much the relationship means to them also. What they both decide to be IN RELATION to the situation is what “RELATIONSHIPS” are meant for, and why they are sacred, for without them, we are not, meaning that we experience ourselves through what we decide to be in every grand moment of now, and you cannot decide to be anything in such a grand and magnificent way as completely, as when you are in a relationship with another. (For more information on this subject, please read the book, “Conversations With God, Book 1,” by Neale Donald Walsch.

Therefore, when misunderstood, or feeling victimized due to a misunderstanding, remember that this is a wonderful opportunity to decide who and what you wish to be in relation to it.

And as always, for the best outcome and fastest way to solve any problem, the most highest to be in relation to anything is always Love.



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