So many believe that Time is ongoing and that there is a ‘past, present, and future,’ but in the absolute, which is the only “REAL” reality, time is not. There is only NOW, and that concept has been a source of confusion and contemplation for years.

The truth is that everything is happening at once. The best and (most likely) easiest way to understand this concept is to picture an elevator. Each floor looks the same, but different situations (outcomes) are happening. Imagine that on floor #1, it is very hard, in other words, many challenges are occurring.
As the elevator rises, each floor becomes more interesting, happier and peaceful in it’s situations/outcomes. The top floor is considered “Heaven,’ in that all is well in every way, and the bottom floor or basement, is considered a kind of hell, where all outcomes are very negative and hard.

Now to make this ‘elevator’ rise to the best outcome, all that is required is to get on the elevator (our reality), and feel good. The more we feel good, the higher the elevator rises, and when we step out onto a ‘floor or level,’ (creating our reality through our feelings), all good is experienced the higher the we climb (raising our frequency). If we happen to start thinking negative thoughts, which has an influence on our feelings, the elevator drops, letting us ‘out’ on a level or floor that is harder, challenging or just plain boring, where unhappy situations or outcomes are experienced.

It’s all going on at once. Our reality is a product of our thoughts, but most importantly, our FEELINGS. Considering this information is basically the foundation for Quantum Physics; in essence, that every possibility and outcome has already been done, AND concurrently does exist; that by merely monitoring our feelings, our vibrational frequency matches an outcome that carries that same vibration…we then match it, hence we experience THAT particular reality.

We are THAT, being we are THAT POWERFUL.

Be conscious (aware) of what you are feeling. It is the easiest and most amazing ‘monitoring system’ of the coming attractions of your life.’


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