Realization 12 – Acceptance


“To accept the things I cannot change..”….sounds like a powerless statement when first hearing it….cannot change? But can’t we change everything? Or is the questions really, ‘Should We?’….,Looking deeper we find that the peace in this statement is to understand that the REASON to accept is because everything is in perfect order, but that realization usually is evident when looking at it from The Universe’s point of view. And yet, from a personal point of view, given any situation, looking back on it you will find that acceptance of whatever had occurred…horrific or joyful…it’s always about acceptance that finally brings peace and closure….even the joyful experiences need acceptance in that they then can transform into other experiences…some Grander, some not so grand…but all in all, acceptance brings about transformation, and that is the true path of the Master….transformation leads to Enlightenment.
How to be in a state of acceptance?…Once again, Gratitude. Being grateful places one in a state of least resistance…remember, what we resist persists…..Practicing Gratitude keeps one in a state of acceptance because it stops resistance…Remember, resistance keeps acceptance away.
Sounds like this is all about a circle? Well, it is, for Love is reflected in Love, is reflected in Love, is reflected in Love, and the circle continues….Life everlasting, world without end…sound familiar? The truth is simple, and appears everywhere, all the time, whether we are aware of it or not….for Love, which is God, is always there…world without end….always in all ways!
Once again, the circle is complete.

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