Realization #120 – God and Prayer

It occurred to me the other day, (Realization of course!) that we all pray to GOD; so many religions have been formed by mankind, and they all have the same commonality; we all pray to a BEING CALLED GOD…(of course, some are called ALLAH, etc.), but the basic meaning is the same….

Praying to God is basically going to the ‘BOSS”….’  In other words, the “all in all…”  You can’t go any higher, so to speak….and why is this?  Why does it WORK?  So many instances and situations prove that it DOES WORK; that a prayer to God, and when done with others, is magnificent, and rewarding….. the reason is always, well, because it’s GOD we are talking to!

The truth is that prayer works when we are speaking to GOD because, (and this is SO important!)  when we pray to GOD, we are actually calling  ALL ENERGY, in ALL FORMS, to our aid and assistance!  We are calling forth the entire POWER OF THE UNIVERSE, in other words, LOVE, to our ‘rescue.”  It can best be explained very simply… we are calling the whole world to assist us in our prayer, rather than just one person/Being.

For God/Energy/Love is in All, and is, in fact, the trees, the moon, the stars; every Being on this planet, including every creature, animal, plant, etc., AND includes all in every other solar system,  galaxy, universe…all are summoned!  All Angels, Saints, departed Loved ones, etc….all are called when one calls to GOD, for God is ALL, in ALL; every living thing…the Alpha and the Omega….God is Everything and Everyone…for God is an Energy, called Love…and WE ARE ALL THAT!

Therefore, a true prayer, is a prayer of Gratitude, rather than supplication; a prayer of gratitude produces what we are grateful for….a prayer of need, produces more need, and a prayer of gratitude for Love and All good, produces that to which we are indeed grateful for, and in such magnitude, when bringing forth the Power of GOD….for when we do, we are bringing the power of ALL THAT IS.

May you prosper, evolve, and Love as you all journey onto your connection with the rest of YOU….through meditation…through PRAYER!


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