Realization #121 – Giving and Receiving…One and the Same?

Gratitude is essential…it is the highest form of GIVING; for in ‘giving thanks,’ we are pushing out into the Universe/Matrix that all is well; we are thankful, and that most importantly, we are blessing another Soul…enhancing their life…..AND guess what??? When we do so, when we do THAT, we are actually giving to OURSELVES, for WE ARE ALL ONE… energy, one LOVE!

Therefore, there is no real ‘GIVING.’ All is receiving…we are constantly receiving Love from each other, whether we realize it or not…even when feeling lonely; someone, whether in this world, or dwelling in another dimension, loves us in some way; which means that when we give, we are always receiving as well, only in another form.

If the giving is real, with a sincere heart/intention, then one feels absolutely elated, enhanced, and blessed when giving….the act of giving produces feels of Love and fulfillment, as if…well, we were giving to ourselves! (Many whom have children, know this feeling, when giving to your child, the experience of joy, is itself, the reward……as if we were giving to Self, which we actually are!).

Any relationship where we do a kindness for another, without seeking a reward or something in return, always feels the best. Actually many of us have experienced that feeling that if in the process of giving, someone wants to return something to us (out of obligation), it somehow dims the gift we have just given, when given with unconditional Love.

Bless all; give gladly, for when you do not, you deny Self, AND when you do give, you give to YOU, for there is no other but YOU.


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