Realization #122 – Imagination

When we hear the word, “imagination,’ we tend to think of something that is surreal; in other words, a fantasy, magical, or something that is not real or really there. Imagination seems just something we think about, without any real outcome.

Imaging IS REAL. Imagination is THAT practice…it is the art of creating. And to ‘image’ is to start the process of creation. Yes, we image, and it materializes! The only ‘hitch,’ to this phenomenal undertaking, (that we do so effortlessly and usually sadly without a ‘conscious thought) is that most often, we use our imagination unknowingly….not realizing that we are manifesting an outcome…..creating our reality without understanding that we can change it!

Everything starts with a feeling, which brings us a thought. It is usually at that time we start ‘imaging,’ i.e., using our imagination.

The whole practice ties around what we consider “time.”  We give something a thought, and nothing seems to happen. We think it again and again, and even again, and nothing ‘materializes’ before our eyes, so we figure our thoughts mean nothing. But they do!

In our current dimensional frequency, time appears to be linear, but in fact, time is not.

Time does not exist. Everything is happening NOW; in the moment of NOW. Time is spiral and all outcomes are happening at once. To put this in a simple form, picture an elevator; all levels and floors are available. It’s only a matter of which one we exit out that ‘elevator door,’ to experience. The better we feel, the ‘higher floor’ we reach, and that experience is pleasant, etc. The worse we feel, we don’t climb up as high, and that door opening to that level, is unpleasant. Of course, this is a metaphor to describe what time is really about.

Getting back to imagination, we only need to image what we desire. We do not need to figure out how it will come about, for IF we do, we are then also imaging a resistance to what we desire, as we are putting out there, (so to speak), a second imaging, which is stating this must happen for THAT particular desire to be experienced, and then what happens is that the original dream/image of what we wish for is either delayed or stopped. Why? Because many times, the real way to get what we desire, is not brought about by how we think it could/should or would be made real in our reality.

Think about all the things we ever get that we truly wished about, prayed for, or sought after. Oftentimes, it is heard by many that they either didn’t plan it, or didn’t expect it or did nothing and it came to them….usually quite in a way they didn’t expect! Therefore, when we try to figure out how we are going to get something, it usually doesn’t work, because that ‘image,’ was not in alignment of receiving what is was we desired.

So here is the process in short:

We image. The Universe then basically ‘back-tracks’ and brings situations that support our experiencing the desire we imaged….. why and how does this happen? Because, everything HAS ALREADY BEEN created/done!

Only ONE important thing to remember, and that is this:

REMEMBER that the desire we ‘imaged/imagined,’ is already there…it is just in another dimensional frequency, that we have not yet entered into. We enter into it when we image, and because of the ‘time delay’ in THIS dimension, it seems to take some time and processing. (AND THAT is why, Jesus thanked before he even received….he knew it was already done/created in another dimension. Therefore, his gratitude brought it literally to him, as his ‘thanking,’ was saying he had already received it, and so it was done).

In Truth, it IS already done. Everything. In the Bible, it states, “God created the world in 6 days, and on the 7th, he rested. In other words, all outcomes have already been done. The process then starts to bring it to our reality, as we believe that there IS a process we must experience. If we truly understood and believed that it was there already, it would instantly appear, as we have seen magicians manifests seemingly, ‘out of nowhere.’ (Remember, “nowhere’ really means NOW HERE….it’s just a matter of moving the letters, or precisely changing our beliefs!).

As you choose to understand Universal laws, such as those stated in Quantum Physics, which basically states that everything is in more than one place at a time, then the understanding that every outcome has already been done, becomes very simple and understandable. Once that is clear within our thinking process, we only have to ‘image,’ and it WILL appear. It all depends on how we FEEL.

It is the Law.

Blessings for a most joyful and Lovingly CREATIVE NEW YEAR! And remember to please, FEEL GOOD!

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