Realization #124 – Starship Earth…Ascending into the New Earth

So much talk about transcending into the New Earth…but how? So many ask, wondering how do we actually do so? What IS the SECRET? The secret is this: it is a matter of remembering that we are energy…vibration, and that all we have to remember is that transcending is all about vibration….matching whatever reality we wish to experience. As Albert Einstein quoted…”Everything is energy…match that vibration to the reality you want and you cannot help but get that can be no other way…this is not philosophy…this is physics…”

Our Planet Earth IS the Starship…the SPACESHIP to get to the New Earth.

…and this is because everything vibrates at a certain frequency, with Love the ‘highest vibrational frequency of all.’…..we must match that vibration; in other words, whatever the frequency of the New Earth is, all we have to do is match it, and we will transcend. When we are a match, our physical bodies will adjust to that vibration, and we will experience, ‘Heaven on Earth,’ or rather, the New Earth.

How to do this? Love. Love Self, Love others as Self. Now that seems difficult, or at the very least, very challenging at times. But if we start with gratitude; with feeling GOOD for what we do have, we are on our way to that frequency we refer to as Love; for that energy, that vibration is what the Spiritual Teachers and Masters have always referred to when asked for the ‘Way.’ That ‘Way’ we are referring to is Spiritual Enlightenment, or as some refer to what we call, ‘The Christ Consciousness.’ It is what we refer to in the Christian Bible, as a time when ‘Christ will walk with us on Earth.’ This is in reference to the NEW EARTH, and that dimensional vibrational frequency is the frequency of Love.
There will be more than one Being… more than one Christ walking, for all that enter the New Earth, will be Christed.

The Planet Earth IS that ‘vehicle’ to arrive into the dimension we refer to as the New Earth. Fear, hatred, greed…in other words, all that we are NOT, must be ignored….or not focused on any longer. The easiest way is to first understand the Universal Laws, such as we are energy, and that energy vibrates, and that WE ARE THAT. We do this with our feelings and thoughts, and there is no other better or faster way than to monitor our feelings, rather than our thoughts. Feelings are the ‘guidance system’ to achieving the Christed State. Feelings are therefore, the igniting force that creates our emotion, or rather, ‘energy in motion.’ Fear based feelings and thoughts slow or lower our vibration, and that vibration does NOT match the vibrational frequency of the New Earth. Rather, the feeling or the ‘fuel’ is Love… that will get this ‘Earth Ship’ going into reaching that destination, which is actually ‘here now.’ We are NOW sitting in the New Earth; it is but a different dimensional frequency that we must resonate into, rather than a place we need to ‘go’ a distance in order to reach.

Vibration is everything. Love places us in that frequency and we then transcend. That is why all Spiritual Teachers and Masters have said…’Love is the answer,’ and ‘All you need is Love.’

Start with gratitude, no matter where you are, what you have, or where you have been. Thankfulness for everything you have been given is the start…thankfulness for whatever you have now, or what you did not get, is also important. And then, with a grateful heart, just watch; watch and see, feel, and experience the wonders of our Universe, and of YOU.

Planet Earth is vibrating at a certain frequency. To help it ascend, we must decide, or rather choose to be an active part of that transcending. We must first be aware that we DO MATTER…that what we think and feel, literally DOES TURN INTO MATTER!

It is only a question of WHAT we decide to materialize as our reality….do we create another Earth to live on, as is the state of this one, or do we decide to materialize a NEW EARTH?

As always, the decision, the choice,  is …the ‘free will part…’ so to speak.  It is both our birthright, and our responsibility to know this, in order for this transcending to occur.

All is sacred; all are blessed; we can take as long, (or as short a time) as we think and feel it will take.

But remember, it IS happening NOW…it has and always will be happening right now. Our decision is to make the choice of ignoring it or becoming aware and participating in helping our Planet Ascend, and when we do so, we personally will experience an ascending/transcending into the New Earth as well.

Planet Earth is Ascending…the ‘countdown’ so to speak,  has already begun!


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