Realization #123 – True Healing

We have incarnated on this planet and most are raised to believe that to heal implies seeking outside assistance in the form of some sort of a physician. Yes, there is of course, a place for that help, and it is usually when we cannot seem to do it for ourselves. Whether it is a diagnosis of a life threatening disease, or merely a cold, many run to take medication, seek doctors assistance, and some even to an emergency room for help.

It is called ‘seeking attention,’ for whatever seems to ail us. Seeking this ‘attention’ has much more truth to it than we realize, for in seeking attention, we are really, (and most likely, unknowingly)seeking Love.

When one places their attention on anything, it manifests. That is why so many spiritual healers tell us to only focus on what we wish for, and not on what we do not; reason being that anything we give our attention starts to move protons, electrons, and molecules of matter into becoming our reality. This is not philosophy, (as Einstein stated), this is physics.

Whatever we give attention to (positive or negative attention; for it does not matter which one) matter begins to form. As stated by Neale Donald Walsch in many of his “Conversation with God” books, when we ask, “what is the matter?” we really are more accurate than even WE imagine, for what we are really asking is, “what are you imaging/creating (turning INTO matter)?”

Healing therefore, truly takes place at the metaphysical level, and then eventually begins it’s work to re-balance the physical structure. And that is why, as many Masters have stated, Love Heals Everything, and All.

We can look at even a small child. They may fall and hurt their arm and immediately they extend it to be held or kissed by a nurturing parent. A small newborn will immediately be consoled by their mother’s voice and being tenderly held. The root cause of this child calming down and the pain stopping? It is the Love that is FELT. Love is an energy; it is healing, it is necessary for good health and happiness, and most importantly, it is WHO WE REALLY ARE.

When one gives positive attention (Love), healing starts to happen. A massage given with loving intention, produces good health results. Stroking, hugging, kissing, tender caresses, etc., done in Love produces a healing that is beyond any treatment in terms of success, for it not only heals, but keeps the person in perfect health; it is NOT a temporary fix. It produces lasting results. We read that our immune system is uplifted just by receiving a hug, yet to ask ourselves the question, why?….that is truly what this article is about. The intention here is to make it so clear as to how we heal; for in that understanding creates the healing itself.

To heal anyone, including ourselves, we only need to Be Aware. For in being aware, we feel gratitude, and in feeling gratitude, we feel Love. Therefore, deciding to be aware of that person; feeling gratitude for the opportunity to assist them in their healing, and feeling Love for them, either the Love for a child; romantic Love, or feeling Love for them as they are all part of the Oneness that we also are; that is the process of how any healing is to take place; the decision, the choosing to give Love, helping that other to love themselves; and also to love ourselves enough to ALLOW it into our own lives as well. That is what produces a healing that is complete, whole, and permanent.

In doing so, as we heal another, we are also healing ourselves…it is then truly a creation inspired to produce a win/win for all.


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