Realization #125 – Unconditional Love

Have you ever heard someone ask, “what’s the matter?” Usually this statement is asked when one feels something is not quite in balance with the other, and asks that question out of concern. Looking closely at this question, there is a more literal meaning of this statement than our society gives it credit, for as the question REALLY implies, “what are you manifesting, in other words, changing into matter/creating?

Our thoughts and most importantly, our feelings, literally take protons, electrons, and with energy, produce matter (of course, simplistically put)….creating a reality that we live, breathe and experience life. But also, and most importantly, within that reality, are countless outcomes that are possible (Quantum Physics) and that we are able to experience by our feelings; an outcome within that reality will manifest as a result of how we are feeling and what we are focusing on.

People are manifesting every moment of every day…it is always happening whether we are aware or unaware, and whether we are desiring it, or not. And we then experience these ‘choices’
by literally entering into a dimension with the outcome that best match our feelings.

Feeling bad? You will find in your reality more things to feel bad about. Feeling good? More experiences with those feelings will surface and transpire!

Since Love is really the truth of who we are, there is only unconditional Love, meaning that we cannot possibly place a condition on whether we feel or not feel for someone…it just IS. Any conditions placed on a Love relationship is NOT love, but a need, and that never will manifest Love nor keep it in place. Love will still exist, as that is all there really is, but it will not be experienced; instead, in a sense, it will be somewhat ‘blocked,’ from our experience of it.

Love and fear cannot stand in the same space, meaning that fear blocks Love, but never overpowers or removes it. One can feel pretty much out of the Love frequency, but all that means is that our feelings are temporarily manifesting an outcome that is blocked by Love, and can appear at times, very fearful and ‘hellish’ at best. Love is still there, but blocked and the only way to release it is to DECIDE to be aware of the Truth of us all, meaning that there is really only Love, and that awareness immediately heals everything, for it causes fear to disperse, meaning the blockage removed.

Therefore, feelings of trust, respect, enthusiasm, and Love will start those protons, atoms, etc., to manifest a dimensional reality that feels GOOD; as does the opposite of those good feelings.

And how is this possible? Because all there is. IS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE….anything else is a misnomer, meaning that there is no such thing as CONDITIONAL LOVE, for Love never has, nor ever will have ‘conditions.’

One either Loves or one does not. And experiencing unconditional Love is to have the experience of what God truly is, and also what we are, for there is really ONLY ONE Being siting here, one energy, called Love.

Remember, .how you feel, determines what reality you will create, and thus, experience.


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