Realization #126 – Creating Our Reality

Creating Our Reality We are everywhere at once….it can be no other way, as we are all ONE energy called Love….we focus and we take on that “specific life or ” reality by our feelings and thoughts. That is how we go into dimensions… by matching the frequency of that dimensional reality (as everything vibrates at a certain frequency); we basically focus with our feelings and thoughts, expectations, and of course, our belief system; but really the root cause of our reality is from FEELING a certain way, AND THAT FEELING then turns into a perception, which becomes our perspective, which becomes our belief, producing a knowing; becoming a thought, which causes our Reality to appear. (For more information on this process, please read the books, “Frequency,”* by Penney Peirce, and “When Everything Changes, Change Everything,” by Neale Donald Walsch). Time is truly spiral rather than linear. Picture a spindle, circular. Now look down upon it and imagine it separated into segments, as if one sliced a pie. If we look at the spindle, standing upright, from it’s side, imagine that it is sliced into very thin lines, horizontally. Each of these ‘lines’ represents a time frame, ie., 500 BC, 1000 AD, 2014 AD, etc. We therefore, decide which one to ‘enter;’ meaning we enter our world (lifetime), choosing the time and place. That part is pre-destined, so to speak by US, before we incarnate. We choose the perfect opportunities for Spiritual Growth, and although you may not ‘like’ (your social class, ethnicity, parents, country, etc.), that you were born into, you did on a Spiritual level, choose it to Remember Who You Really Are, which is Love/God. Life experiences in this particular ‘line’ on this ‘Cosmic Spindle/Wheel,’ are then split into those ‘pie shapes’ I spoke of earlier, which we will call here ‘frequencies/dimensions.’ As Einstein stated, “Match the frequency of the Reality you wish to experience….and you cannot help but get it; there can be no other way…this is not philosophy; this is Physics…’ By our thoughts, and most importantly our FEELINGS, we go into a frequency that matches what we are feeling and thinking…these ‘pie shapes’ are different outcomes for the same situation, and we enter into and experience whatever we are feeling/expecting/thinking; that is the reason we are always told to ‘think positive;’ don’t let anything get you down, what you think about, you bring about,’etc. Every Master has said this in some way or another. The truth is always stated…just differently, so that everyone, in every state of mind and within  every level of Spiritual Evolution, eventually gets it; we all do, ….it just depends how long you wish it to take! So everyday in your life, feel GOOD…think good thoughts, and watch your life change; same situation, but a different outcome will be experienced, just by monitoring your FEELINGS…(The interesting thing about all these ‘frequencies,’ is that from looking into our ‘so-called’ everyday reality, they all look the same…just different outcomes appear!) Truly we are Spirits, called Love/God, experiencing our lives as humans (for a little while)…. and please REMEMBER, (that is to become a member once again, as Neale Donald Walsch mentioned in his Conversation With God series….we were, and ARE ALL meant to be JOYFUL!  Blessings!

*”Frequency,” a book by Penney Pierce,” can be found on Frequency Picture

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