Realization #127 – Am I Really in Love?

Oftentimes, (and age, financials, social class, ethnicity, or gender makes no difference) when one may not be ready to Love or accept Love, we accept this as ‘normal,’… however it is not natural….the danger in that is when we find Love, we may take the chance of losing it, and missing it so much later on in life…I cannot pretend to know what brings on those negative feelings…relationships are amazing and help us grow and develop, but honestly, relationships in their HIGHEST and GRANDEST state and purpose are for the other person…in that Relationships purpose is to enhance the other…AND they to enhance you. If you are in it to see what YOU can get out of it, then it is not Love…for truly Love is always wishing to  ENHANCE THE OTHER’S life, and they must be in it for the same reason, TO ENHANCE YOURS….

Anything less than that is need, not Love.; therefore, it may serve one to choose and make the decision to stay in a relationship based on how much you wish to enhance the other’s life….if you do not, find the one you DO wish to BE THAT…, and it may serve you to ask them why they are in this relationship with you…if their answer is because of how you make them feel and what you do for them, then they may not be aware of what Love really is and why a relationship is meant to be experienced; however if they say it is because their desire is to cause you to be happy, then you are on the right track.

I know this because that Love, true Love is unconditional. If you have decided to bring a child into this world, or to care for a child, and/or a pet, you have had no other reason to have taken on that responsibility but to give to them, to enhance their life….Love is Love, whether Love for a child, for a pet, or Love for another in a romantic way. And of course, we must always include….. Love for Self.

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