Realization #128 – Rest Between Takes

Ever hear of the expression, “resting between takes?”  We usually refer to this in the movie industry, when actors are taking a break between scenes.
Looking at our lives, we are basically in one big illusion, creating the ‘Movie of our Life.”  This realization calls for an immediate ‘change of scene,’ so to speak; for when we decide to take a break between the ‘scenes of our lives,’ a wonderful experience and very important thing occurs…we re-group.  We set up our vibration to match a better outcome.
Remember, everything has already been done.  We literally vibrate in and out of frequencies all day long, (with all having different outcomes for the same situation) and while doing so, we usually do not realize such an amazing metaphysical experience is even taking place…until we do.
Being Christed, is Being Awake.  It is not only remembering who You REALLY are (which is a Spirit/God, having a Human Experience), but it is also remembering that everyone else is also THAT.
When we choose to be aware of this, we consciously decide to take a break, which does not have to take long…it can be whatever we wish it to be.  It can even last for as little as 10 seconds, but in that relaxed moment, we reset our frequency; we calm, we mediate briefly, and we then go into our next scene, or life experience, with a mindset of flow, rather than resistance. This ‘rest between takes,’ may not seem like much, but it makes all the difference in creating a life that has meaning, is in balance, and evolved.  It is what every Master knows and has done.
Remember, to rest is to re-create in our Grandest and Greatest vision and version we ever had about ourselves…it’s no small wonder that ‘recreation’ actually can best be thought of as ‘re-creating our energy.’
Give yourself  a chance to connect to Source….it’s who we all REALLY ARE, and this ‘resting between takes,’ is one way to achieve that bliss.


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