Realization #129 – Permanency

Nothing is permanent…we may think so, especially when we face a problem or major life change…we tend to think things will last FOREVER….we think the same about our relationships with others, especially with our Loved ones (Parents, children, etc.). The truth is there IS a permanence in life, but not as you may think….The ONLY permanence is an ENERGY, which we all are; some call it Love…others, God/Life/The Great I AM.

As we journey through our story/movie called Life, we sometimes realize before we pass on how temporary all things truly are in this reality. It starts to dawn on us when we one day look in the mirror and see an older person standing there; we do not feel that different and sometimes, not at all (depending usually on our health condition). As many have claimed, they still feel ‘young,’ (that is UNTIL they view themselves in that mirror!). The next phase usually comes when we see our children grow into adults, or for some, having a grandchild. For others, whom have not experienced having a child, it may come in the form of retirement, or just watching our parents age, pass on, etc. But sooner or later, we realize that nothing in this so called ‘reality,’ is permanent…not even our problems; not even our joys.

The pure ‘knowing’ of what Permanency really is comes as we Spiritually Awaken. We first realize that we ARE THAT PERMANENCE, and with that, comes our release from fear. We are the infinite; WE ARE THE ALL KNOWING, and if we choose to realize this before we pass on, we will then experience a life that we truly were meant to live when we first incarnated…And, that is Heaven on Earth, Being in the Christed form of Mastery.

And once again…how to do so? Start with Gratitude, which brings Awareness, which brings Clarity, which brings Knowing….a knowing of Permanence, which is God Observing God.


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