Realization #13 – Hurt


Many of us have had hurtful experiences during our lifetime. The whole problem with them seems that we usually do not feel we deserved them. We feel victimized, let down, abandoned, and usually in a state of grief. We wonder how this person showed up to hurt us, or how this situation could have happened, and oftentimes, usually unnecessarily, we secretly blame ourselves for this hurt that has hit us so hard.

Well, we are correct in that we created it through our thoughts, but incorrect in that we are to ‘blame’ ourselves. Now, you may be wondering, how can that be possible? I am either at fault, or I am not. Well, first of all, blame is never a possibility in the eyes of the Universe (God). God is pure Love, and therefore, without judgment or condemnation. To believe that you are judged by God, and that this experience of being punished or hurt is from God is inaccurate in thought. The reason being that understanding God as pure Love, it is not possible to be punished by God. Now, others may imagine that there is a “devil” whom brings bad things to you, but that also is not possible, simply because if you believe there is such an entity as a ‘devil,’ you certainly would not be punished for being ‘bad,’ as that is what we believe the devil would want, right? And, according to most religions, you are not to be punished for doing something good, right? That’s when you usually get rewarded by going to a “place” called ‘Heaven, Nirvana,” etc. So erase that theory.

The truth is that there is only Love…any other thought is an error in thinking.

So now, let’s look at being hurt, or more accurately, the experience of being hurt…sound like the same thing? Not really. For to ‘be hurt’ implies that somehow, someway, you can actually be damaged…and since you are REALLY a Spirit having a human experience, you can never really be permanently damaged or destroyed. HOWEVER, you can most certainly imagine it, to the point it FEELS that way, but the truth about you is that you are Eternal, an Energy, which is pure Love, and remember, energy can only transform, but never be extinguished.

Thinking thoughts of not being good enough, feeling the need for ‘punishment’ over something you may have done, feeling that you have to go through ‘tough’ times in order to grow…all those thoughts bring experiences of ‘being hurt.’ Countless other ideas and false beliefs from our societal upbringing will also result in experiences of being hurt. So UNCONSCIOUSLY, we may be thinking thoughts that bring these unwanted experiences; all the while thinking that we are victims, and nevertheless, bringing ourselves these hurtful experiences. Sometimes, just a thought of ‘this is too good to be true,’ will produce unwanted outcomes that are hurtful or disappointing.

The key is to more than believe, but to KNOW that you are deserving of feeling good all the time; that nothing has to be hard, difficult or challenging if it’s an uncomfortable experience….The expression, ‘no pain, no gain,’ (well, without getting into an entire book right now, which is on my agenda!),let’s just reserve that statement for only one thing, when we physically EXERCISE!

Think and FEEL the highest and best thoughts for your life, and it will unfold according to your thoughts…It is the Universal Promise….and the Universal Law, which is the Law of Love….just breathe; enjoy your life, and eventually no one will show up to intrude on your happiness, because you will not bring them into your life, with your negative thoughts. Only loving experiences will be yours, and loving people in your life experience.

And once again…how to begin…think of something to be grateful for, even if it’s just that you can read this page right now! Gratitude brings more things to be grateful about.

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