Realization #130 – A Constant Re-Run

Are you living the same dream called life, over and over again? Do you find the same partner in different people that you meet? Example? Maybe you marry a gambler, then an alcoholic, then a sexaholic, then a workaholic, etc? Do you find that the same dramas keep showing up?

If so, you are vibrating on the same frequency….the ‘scenery’ may have changed, but the outcome is the same. Are you feeling the same…scared, anxious? Feeling like it’s the other person’s fault? Think AGAIN! Everyone and everything is YOU, (Meaning we are all One); therefore, you must change YOU to change it all!

HOW? Seems hopeless at times; for we do not feel that we are making progress….but we are! Just that you now KNOW this is happening, and that you are creating it (you see the pattern of the re-runs in your life) is a step in the right direction to change it…for once you know something is YOUR responsibility, then you CAN change it, because you have taken back that POWER, that before, you gave away to someone else through blame; reason being: when you blame anyone or anything for your unhappiness, you are giving away your power to change it; for now they have the power…not you.

BUT, when you CHOOSE TO DECIDE that it really is ALL ABOUT YOU, (meaning only how YOU think and feel), then you become the powerful, sacred design and Being of the Universe that you Truly Are….

Fear Not…face whatever is occurring…of course, you did not consciously create that abusive relationship; that car accident, that illness, etc….BUT on a Soul level, sub-consciously, you are creating your life and every single event, by your thoughts and your feelings. It’s all good, as our younger generation states, as we all go Home, eventually and are always safe. And best of all…we CAN at any time, with your change of feelings and thoughts…First step? CHOOSE to Believe that…and most importantly, KNOW THAT!

A Master blesses, therefore, all of it…for what better way to proving Mastery then by a challenge to see how we handle it? We are ‘fine-tuning ‘ ourselves with each challenge; and with that challenge, as we stay centered in Love, knowing and choosing to be aware of the TRUTH OF OURSELVES, which is that WE ARE GOD IN PHYSICAL FORM; staying in that truth will ‘set us free.’ For as Jesus stated that Truth, so it is. The Truth shall set you free…to BE that truth; holding fast to Being Love…all reality changes. (And remember, when you are BEING LOVE, fear cannot enter into your experience.  That is why a Master always reacts the same to everyone, and to everything. Nothing is allowed to interrupt that Peace..that is what is called “Christed.”

Let therefore, that re-run, serve you to become aware that all you need to do is to BREATHE…relaxing into the All of Who you Really Are (some ways to achieve this possibly are meditation, BEING LOVE, etc.)….your reality will transcend into whatever is going on inside of you…Peace reflects Peace; Love Reflects Love*. However, this state of BEING does not imply that you stand idly by while you or another are being abused…remember, sometimes a peaceful man/woman must go to war to create peace again.

It does however mean that you stay true to your conviction that All IS WELL; that God IS taking good care of everyone, including you….and that thought; that FEELING, will create a reality that reflects THAT.

For the New Earth, is not a place we will travel to or enter into….the New Earth is here now; we must only match that vibrational frequency that the NEW EARTH is vibrating to, and as we match it, it will then be OUR EXPERIENCE!

Remember, Einstein stated, ‘….everything is energy; match the vibrational frequency of the reality you wish to experience, and you cannot help but get that reality…there can be no other way….this is not philosophy…this is physics…’

Blessed Be.

*”Love Reflects Love” a phrase by Mary Baker Eddy, from her Book, “Key to the Scriptures.”

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