Realization #131 – Appreciation Erases Fear

What to do when you are so far ahead and then slip behind….?

On your way to Mastery? Or is it just an ongoing process……FOREVER???

Are you thinking that you have reached Mastery, and then feel fear…..AGAIN?

What is going on?

First, tell yourself that you NOW KNOW, and so shall it be~

It really is All Good, …and I KNOW this truth is TRUE….meaning everything is in Divine Order. (For that statement creates THAT experience….the experience of KNOWING!)

So why the fear?

Fear comes from creating the opposite of what you wish for, in order to then create what you wish to see show up….(Something like you cannot have hot without cold; up without down).

The answer is APPRECIATION! Appreciation serves to prevent this problem…for when you truly appreciate EVERYTHING, then there is no need to create the opposite first, as appreciation brings that for what you wish IMMEDIATELY. The reason being that it is a statement that knows that it is already there…In appreciating, we are happy, and more things will manifest to keep us happy. It is focusing on what we do wish and what we have, rather than what we do not.

If we are happy and something shows up that could potentially bring one down from that happy frequency, merely appreciating the problem…(yes the problem!), will eradicate it immediately….for all Masters know this, and therefore never do they ‘curse’ the darkness.

In appreciating what IS at that moment, happiness continues, and however things may change, all paths eventually lead to an Awareness, which brings accepting change (for when in the state of accepting change, all possibilities are seen), which then brings forth Evolution. Therefore, CHANGE IS ALWAYS GOOD; it is Evolution, and that is why we are here…to EXPERIENCE ourselves as the Grandest and Greatest vision and version of ourselves we REALLY ARE!….and you cannot do so without change and therefore, evolution.

By APPRECIATION (we allow thorough our awareness, acceptance, which allows change), and we begin the process, or rather, we flow with it, rather than resist it; fear becomes then the illusion it is, and one that we are free of showing up in our reality.

Therefore, bless the darkness and curse it not, for all is GOD, manifest to perfection through US; through Love, which is who we all Really Are. If you feel fear, allow it to be; free of resistance, look through it, and it will disappear. How? By appreciation; appreciation brings awareness, which brings acceptance, which brings forth gratitude, and Gratitude brings us to a frequency of Love, where there is only joy, abundance and peace.


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