Realization #133 – Creation

We are all creators, and we are all the created. There is nothing BUT creation. The formless energy some call God, Love, The Great Unseen, etc., IS THAT…IS CREATION!

We are working now within the 5th dimension, in other words, the New Earth is here now, but currently most are behaving as if they are still 3rd dimensional, which is due to fear. As long as we feel fear, we are blocking the experience of The New Earth. It is HERE NOW; however we only see what we want to see, so to speak.

Visualization helps bring it to us, but there MUST be a FEELING of contentment, peace, and most of all Love, free of judgment and condemnation. Only through that state of BEING, does the New Earth appear in our reality. In other words, we must ‘match the vibrational frequency’ of the New Earth, and it will appear. This was stated by Albert Einstein, which is: “Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality; there can be no other way; this is not philosophy…this is physics!”

God IS CREATION, and WE ARE THAT! We are therefore, the creation and the creator, and what we feel and say and think DOES manifest. It may not appear immediately, as we are vibrating a 3rd dimensional vibration match-up, so to speak, but if you’ll notice, what you do think and feel happens faster than it ever has before! And the reason is because the ‘veil’ to enter that frequency/reality is becoming thinner, as we are aligning with that new dimension.

We are the Energy that creates. Gratitude is literally saying, “I have it,” (for why else would you be grateful unless you did?) That statement moves electrons and atoms, and protons in to an alignment to produce the situations to give you WHATEVER it is you are feeling and thinking…..

…so, once again, FEEL GOOD, for whatever you feel will become your reality; your creation is always up to you. No truer words were said, than the expression, “If it’s to BE, it’s up to ME!”


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