Realization #132 – It’s All About ME!

To hold a picture of what is …. repeat this phrase…’….it’s all about Me.’

Now at first this statement seems just so selfish, and actually self-centered! But what we MUST realize is that we can only succeed IF we focus on Self.  Now before you mistakenly assume that I am speaking of not caring about others, you are indeed in error of what this message is indicating.

To be selfish is to, so to speak, fish for oneself; to take CARE of oneself….However, to be self-centered, is to ONLY think of oneself and no one else. All the suffering and all the problems in both our reality and indeed, in our world, are from focusing too much on what others are being, doing, and having. Greed, anger, frustration, violence…all have to do with focusing on others and not on Self. For when we focus on Self only, conscious of what WE are BEING, DOING, and HAVING, we then have taken our power back to change our lives….remember that saying, “all I can change is myself, but that is what changes everything..!’ (And actually it is much easier to change only oneself, than to try and change everyone else!)

Remember, there is really but ONE BEING sitting here, split into billions upon billions of infinite Souls, all the same energy. Some call this energy, God; others Love, The Great I AM, etc.

And that is why, all we have to do is FEEL, and Think and it just happens…But it has nothing to do with anyone else……It has only to do with ourselves….(that is, unless WE ALLOW someone else to affect our thoughts and our feelings!) Therefore, whatever I personally do… …feel…think…It’s all about ME! (And each one of us can say that! Why? Because WE ARE ALL ONE!)

So many times we allow others to have an effect over our own lives, controlling our own positive feelings, our dreams, and our daily lives. We learn to become reactive, instead of empowered. We place ourselves in the hands of those who tell us that they know what is best for us, when oftentimes we see they do not even seem to know what is best for THEM! The Truth is that it is only about Self; what Self is being, doing and having; only then can we aspire to our Greatest and Grandest version and vision of Self. (for more on this topic, please view the book, Conversations With God, Book One, by Neale Donald Walsch).

By choosing to stay centered on Self; focused on your choices that serve you well; be a light to all; for by taking care of Self, you then CAN help others take good care of themselves too, for as living your dreams do you help others know they can also live their dreams.  Remember, as the Great Master Jesus Christ said, ‘what I can do, so can you, and even greater things than I…’

Repeat this empowering affirmation and see what changes occur in your life, but remember, you must FEEL the statement rather than just a repetition of mere ‘words:’

‘As long as I keep true to myself; (meaning, I monitor my feelings)…And tell myself to feel good, I can have anything! I can be anything! I can do anything! This is all about ME, and always has been and always will be…life ever lasting…AMEN!  (Which by the way, AMEN in translation, means ‘ALL MEN….’ ….Women of course are included…really all ‘mankind!’)  Everything I’ve ever wished for is mine now, and this is true because there’s only really ME here now…and all these others in different forms are just many different ‘ME’S!  Therefore,  I can go into the New Earth now, and waiting in their highest form (as everyone is EVERYWHERE!) all I have ever known, and everyone I Love …I no longer have to wait for them to catch up with me, nor do I have to miss anyone, nor do I have to wait for anyone else…for everyone IS also here/there NOW!…..nothing can hold me back; nothing can stop me…!  Let us now CHOOSE to allow all Realizations from our Highest Self to appear in our mind and feelings; in this way we will now consistently experience HEAVEN, Heaven on Earth! We are all unlimited and always have been. It is NOW time for this transformation; blessed be; it is DONE…!’

And THAT is the power of the Universe for which we have all been created, and continuing to create. For we are both the created, and the Creator! There truly is only ONE…therefore, the statement serves it’s purpose in that, it really is ALL ABOUT ME!


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