Realization #134 – Love and Support

Many times we feel unsupported and unloved in our lives….even by people whom tell us they do feel such love and support for us in every way. Why? Why these feelings of emptiness in a world that is so full of wonder and Love/family and friends?

As we have realized, everything is a creation of our own, for as the saying goes, ‘If it’s to Be, it’s up to ME!’ What that implies is two fold…first of all, that we all are responsible for what we manifest; and IF we manifest what we desire. Secondly, that we are responsible for EVERYTHING we experience in our lives, including things we don’t like that occur.

So why do we feel unloved and unsupported? We do this by default…we start feeling bad about something, usually someone else’s behavior, (which only means they are being UNAWARE), and we start feeling the lack of something (love, support, etc.) that we wish to experience from that other, but they fail to give to us. We then make a judgment on what that means, and then assess the behavior, coming up with a feeling of either fear about it, or Love.

If we fear it, we bring to ourselves things to fear….if we feel Love (which can be in the form of understanding, empathy, or compassion), we bring more of that…it’s all about us, individually, all collectively creating our lives, both on a personal scale and globally.

But the intention of this article is to alleviate that feeling, so that we stay free of DIS-EASE!  For a body that does not feel supported or Loved, will suffer through wrong thought, (possibly many health issues) if not resolved. (A wonderful book to view on healing, is by Louise Hay, “Heal Your Body.”)

And how can we feel loved and supported when we perceive we are not, (or do not get what we wish to receive from others in terms of that Love and support we so wish to experience, especially when we Love and support those others so much?!) The answer is that we must remember who and what we Really Are…and that is THE UNIVERSE;  meaning we are so much more than what we ‘see in the mirror!’  The Love we feel we don’t have is an illusion, for WE ARE THAT LOVE!  We are Love, and to not feel it, therefore, only means that we are somehow blocking it with the illusion that we ‘need’ it at all!


And that is the same reason that one CAN cure themselves of any addictions, because the truth is, We are all WITHOUT NEED! The feeling or thought that an addiction of anything is simply an illusion is the start of freedom from it; the illusion that we must have something outside of ourselves to be happy or to live comes from (for the most part), ‘learned behavior.’  We imagine we somehow need something outside of ourselves (including Love, in order to BE happy), and we do not!

We are God, in physical form; our thoughts become our emotions, and our emotions are ENERGY EXPRESSED. To know we are Love, and that we are therefore always supported and Loved by LIFE itself, will change our thoughts and feelings about the illusion that we are all alone, unsupported and unloved. It will become our foundation, and actually IS OUR FOUNDATION that does and will continue to forever Love and Support us!  Why? Because in TRUTH, there is none other THAN US (meaning, there is none other than YOU! ) And therefore ….only one Being here, split into billions of energy units, called Souls, which are all part of the Great WHOLE, the GREAT I AM….US….GOD!  (for more information, please read “The New Earth,” by Echardt Tolle)

With that thought and most importantly, that FEELING, all and everything become that Love and support; for when we desire to feel and experience that only Love is around us and that only Love is always there….it is around, behind, up, down, and through…through everyone and everything, we then will feel we are ALWAYS SUPPORTED AND LOVED…there can be no other way!

And, as for those whom are being ‘unaware,’ all will be taken care of….for with Loving ourselves and realizing that we are the Love and support we ‘need or seek;’ by realizing we need nothing at all, for WE ARE THAT, we will eventually create more of that experience of feeling Loved and supported OUTSIDE of ourselves.  We will experience it in our reality, through situations and people that WILL appear in our lives! And the ones we Love, whom are currently behaving in an unloving and unsupportive way? They will either disappear (which can be figuratively or literally, and we will be FINE with this!), or their behavior will change, according to both our expectations of them, and what they decide to be.

Remember, we all CO-CREATE, but fear not, for everything is always in Divine right order; imagining, feeling, and knowing you are Love and without need, will bring about THAT experience!

For, as stated by author Mary Baker Eddy, in the book, “Science and Health, with Keys to the Scriptures,” Love will always reflect Love.

Blessings to all of you; for we are always Loved and Supported by Love itself….or as some refer to……GOD!

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