Realization #135 – The Soul

So many view our “Soul” as something within our physical body. As stated in the wonderful book, “Conversations With God, Book 3, by Neale Donald Walsch, our Soul is much larger than that. It is our Soul that houses the body, not the body housing the Soul!

It is like the air we breathe; the air is in our home, in each room and also outside our home; yet, it is all the same air. In truth, there is no separation from one Soul to the other; there is nowhere that one Soul begins and another ends. Why? Because there IS ONLY ONE!  And that ONE IS GOD!  Therefore, so are WE!

If we see ourselves as having a body that houses a Soul, then of course the confusion will give way to feeling separate from everyone else. And yet, it is very important to have the experience of ourselves as separate Beings, as this is necessary for the ‘illusion’ to continue. But we must “re-member; (that is to become a ‘member once again!’) we must remember who we REALLY ARE, which is God, manifested in physical form, to experience itself, through US.  WE ARE THAT!  And until we realize it, suffering continues, unless it does not; unless somehow, we live a divine dichotomy, which means that we can live two concepts that seem to contradict each other, yet remain in tact. (As Jesus Christ, the Master, pointed out, ‘….to be in the world, but not of it…’)  And the meaning is this: We are separate individuals, living separate lives, and yet all one through our True Selves, which is one Soul, split into different individual bodies, so that GOD may experience itself, all at once, in every form ever created.

And yes, this IS happening all at the same moment; therefore, we are everywhere at once!  The Soul is so big! However, we are choosing to focus on one lifetime at one time, so it appears that there is only this one life, happening in a sequence, taking days, months and years…..but in truth, all our lives are going on at once, and we only have to, and do, focus on the one we wish to experience. The best way to think and to understand this is to consider this example:  think about a disc with music burned into it. There may be 12-20 songs on one disc; they all exist on this disc at once, yet when we ‘choose’ one song to listen to, we can only hear one at a time, even though all the others exist at that moment as we are listening to that one song that is playing.

That is exactly what is going on regarding what we think of as “time.” The truth is our Soul knows only now, as that is all there is, and plays out what we focus on. If we focus on negative, that aspect, that Soul in another dimension having a negative experience becomes our reality/experience.  And, if we focus on good, that Soul in a good dimension with good outcomes, is what we then experience…why? Because we are everywhere at once; and why?  Because we are ALL ONE!  It is just a matter of focusing (with our feelings and thoughts) that produces the experiences we have.  (For more information, see ‘Home With God,’ by Neale Donald Walsch.)

Feelings bring us whatever experience they match. Einstein knew this when he stated:

‘…Everything is energy. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality….it can be no other way; this is not philosophy; this is physics…’

Understanding our Soul, will change our perspective of who we Really Are, knowing we are creating our reality; and with that, all things are possible, as Love is all there really is.  We are always LOVE, which is our true self; and being the Soul, we are therefore, truly unlimited!


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