Realization #136 – Complaints and Blessings

How many times do we complain? How often do we choose to look at what we do not have, rather than what we do? So many of us do this unconsciously, and I mean that figuratively…We are unconscious in that we know not what we do. (in other words, what we are bringing to ourselves).

It is interesting to realize that complaining is not just saying what we don’t like…it can also come in the form of just not being happy about what we do have; telling people our problems, telling our children we can’t afford something; feeling hate or boredom for the government or our job; in other words, in general not focusing on our blessings; all this is complaining. Feeling lack and limitation is also a complaint in that we are vibrating that we are not happy about something (not seeking the good in what is), and this only creates not only it staying in place, but also in attracting more things to complain about!

We are ‘all Sorcerers,’ in the sense that we are the SOURCE OF EVERYTHING; therefore, when we complain, we literally place that which we do not want into motion, for we ARE that POWERFUL! And do you know why? Because we are THAT POWER….we are Gods! Has the Christ not said, “Ye are Gods?”

Sadly, we do this by default, in that we do not do this with the intention of making it worse; however complaining causes us creating more things to complain about, and that is exactly what we are doing, that is until we do not.

Why do we complain? Most will say it’s so whatever we are complaining about will change and/or get corrected. We are always told to express our feelings because we are told that is how situations will improve. And so the argument (for complaining) goes something like this: (How many times have we heard), ‘I am not complaining…just telling you my feelings…’

Let’s look at that statement; is a complaint really expressing our feelings? If we really look at a complaint, it is NOT telling our feelings, but rather it is telling someone how much we don’t like something. The most important part of this is to SEE the difference, which is that stating our feelings is not focusing on what we don’t like, but rather it’s how that particular issue brought us to feel. A good example? We can complain how our spouse never helps us clean up, or never allows us a night out with our friends. That is just a complaint. However, saying our feelings about that issue, such as, ‘I feel I am being taken for granted, which makes me feel trapped and unloved,’ is a statement of what IS at that moment, our perception.  The difference is that the complaint has no solution nor asks for one; however, stating our feelings always will leave a way for a solution to appear because no matter how it is taken, it must be accepted. Why? Because expressing feelings does not demean another, nor does it criticize.  it is merely an expression of what one is perceiving in a situation, and thus, relieves all concerned of feeling DEFENSIVE.  And with that, a compromise or a solution can more easily and LOVINGLY be reached.

Every compliant is basically a statement of a lack of gratitude. It is also a practice of focusing on what you don’t want, and thinking negatively.

Without gratitude (as stated in The Magic, by Rhonda Bryne), for those who lack gratitude, all will be taken away and they will get no more; whereas, those whom have gratitude, they will keep what they have and more will be given to them. The reason is that when we give, we receive; when we receive, we must give in order to receive again. This simple law of the Universe is stated so clearly in Issac Newton’s physics law, ….’for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction…’ Therefore, when we TAKE something for granted (no gratitude), we must GIVE something, and if we don’t we will be,  so to speak forced to GIVE back, rather than with our own feelings of GIVING thanks.

It is so simple once understood and known. And the simplest way to cancel out a complaint is to be grateful; an easy way to feel gratitude is to state our blessings; that will bring about a feeling of what we are grateful for and what we acknowledge as a blessing in our lives.

Also, as stated in the Magic by Rhonda Bryne, if you complain, you must think of 10 blessings to cancel out the complaint or it will manifest (be made real) in your reality. Reason being that after approximately 70 seconds, our thoughts and feelings start to push electrons and atoms into motion to create the things we are complaining about or, (if feeling grateful) it will start to create more things to be grateful about. If we are complaining, then feeling and thinking of our blessings and feeling grateful in the form of at least 10 blessings, will keep us in that state longer than 70 seconds, and will then cancel out that complaint and begin the manifestation of blessings in our lives.

Simply stated, what we focus on (create), whether we desire it or not, will happen. For the Universe does not give us what we ‘want,’ (as the true definition of the word ‘want’ means ‘lack.’) but rather the Universe gives us what we CREATE, and we do this with our thoughts and feelings.

Complaining is TAKING things for granted; focusing on our blessings, is GIVING thanks…

Which one will you choose to focus on? As always, it’s all about what do we wish to Be; TAKING things for granted, or GIVING thanks; the choice is always ours.


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