Realization #137 – Make a Wish

The other day I was asked that if I could make one wish, what would it be. At first, like all things, one feels they know EXACTLY what they would wish for….money, good health, Love, etc….but I suddenly found that I just could not make only ONE wish!

So many thoughts ran thorough my head regarding what would be the BEST WISH! I first thought possibly money would be THE wish, for without money to buy things and take care of ourselves and others, many ruin their good health and even lose their families because of a lack of food, shelter, etc. But of course my next thought was how even though countless people do have money, many are completely miserable (sometimes even committing suicide!), or overdosing on drugs due to their addictions because of their unhappiness; so difficult and sad their lives seem to be for them.

Suddenly good health seemed the wish I considered, and then I realized that even with good health (and money), most people are so lonely without Love. Love then seemed to be the one thing I would always wish for; in other words, to Love and to be Loved. BUT, suddenly  I realized that even with Love, if money issues and/or bad health are present, how could one even enjoy Love to the fullest? Most importantly, it certainly would be much more difficult to enhance another’s life if one was in bad health or lacked financial means to keep both themselves and their Loved ones, stress-free.

A realization then occurred,  and I gratefully understood why this was all so difficult to decide!  And the reason is this:

We cannot be satisfied with one wish!  The interesting part is that it is not for the reason one would think (selfishness, being confused, etc.). Rather it is because we are a three in One Being…we are Mind, Body, and Spirit! And in that we must have all three in balance to be happy. For our bodies, we must have good health to enjoy our lives to the fullest. We also must have financial security of some kind in order to eat, have shelter, and to enjoy experiences in our lives such as holidays, vacations; even buying our loved ones things that enhance their lives, which helps keep our mind in a state of peace. And then, finally Love, for our Soul, for without that, the others cannot help us reach that state to make our health and financial security worthwhile.

Life is balance, and when all three aspects of our Being are in balance, so are we….as quoted in a book, called ‘The Secret,’ by Rhonda Bryne, some say they are spiritual, but they are sick and broke, and that is not wealth nor spirituality;  nor is it balance. We must have all three aspects of who we Really Are satisfied, and the only way to experience that is to declare it as a truth that we deserve it. Why? Because we BREATHE! We are ALL magnificent, sacred designs of the Universe, and are born with that right!  We are also three in one, and the first step to balance is to acknowledge THAT!

So, remember, never be afraid to give yourself EVERYTHING you have ever wanted in your life. As God is All Love, in truth, there is really no other way that it would, or ever could be!  All are worthy to be in balance, to be happy, and to have ALL their ‘wishes’ come true!


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